A mysterious monolith has just surfaced in Toronto

A global phenomenon seems to be in Toronto, with the strange arrival of a slender steel monument on the shores of Lake Ontario

Monoliths have mysteriously surfaced around the world, including Utah, Romania, and California – and now apparently in Toronto

Monica Lerin of Humber Bay Shores told blogTO that she discovered the steel structure around 9:30 a.m. on Dec. 31 on a walk along the lakefront She went to a popular spot with a view of the Toronto skyline and saw the monolith It wasn’t there the day before, she said

“This morning I just walked the same path I went every morning and he was there. It was just cool,” she said, “I was just like, ‘oh my god it’s the things that you are into the news see ‘”

Lerin posted the photo on Humber Bay Shores’ Facebook group, where other residents said they saw the property as well. Someone has since posted the photo on Reddit

She suspects that it is about ten feet tall. The ground around the monument appeared to have been destroyed

Lerin was traveling alone, but there was at least one other person who took pictures

The monolith isn’t the first for Canada – one appeared and quickly disappeared in Manitoba this month

Although it has been speculated that the monoliths arrived via aliens, the CBC has tracked down the creator of the Manitoba monolith, the person told the broadcaster, “The goal of installing it is simple, fun and a little bit of constant concern about distract the COVID-19 pandemic “

If the Toronto Monolith is like others around the world, be there quickly if you want to see it

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A mysterious monolith has just surfaced in Toronto

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World News – CA – A mysterious monolith has just surfaced in Toronto

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