One of the more unusual sidelines of the 2021 NHL season’s Bizarroworld season was the ongoing mixing of Rent-A-Goalies with one of The Main Players Are Your Edmonton Oilers, the local club has no less than ten (10) different goalkeepers either Listed on his NHL roster or taxi roster as the roster was originally set the night before the season The newest is veteran Alex Stalock, who was called on Monday for exemptions from Minnesota

The cause of the chaos was a league-wide directive issued just before the season for all teams to promote three available goalkeepers, but without adding an extra roster seat or protecting their move to the taxi squad, and the result was a run on # 3 Netminders Put on Waivers Indeed, a clear majority (8) of the 15 previous waivers have affected a stopper As circumstances dictated, all eight such claims involved a team on each side of the Canada-US border, which resulted in some capable No. 3 More time spent in quarantine than on the ice Memo to the NHL: This kind of defeat defeats the purpose

These 8 allegations involved 5 different padded men, 3 of whom were claimed twice, 2 of whom were reclaimed from their original teams, while 1 completed the Milk Run from Edmonton to New Jersey to Winnipeg without even a minute of play time To see Of the entire group, 2 of them (Eric Comrie and Aaron Dell) played exactly 1 NHL game apiece, both for New Jersey Devils

For some of them, all of this activity meant an NHL paycheck instead of a minor league check being drawn up for a few weeks For others with one-way contracts, the new paradigm has brought chaos and inconvenience with little profit

The Oilers were more involved than any other team, participating in 4 separate waiver claims that involved three different tenders. The off-season loss of Anton Forsberg to Carolina on the eve of the season sparked weeks of uncertainty in that position, the may have been finally resolved this week when the club successfully claimed Stalock, with the club still having to wait a while for the newcomer to exit quarantine, return to practice the ice and work back on some kind of game form. More about him in brief

Oilers GM Ken Holland, a former goalkeeper whose own career can best be defined as “Organizational Number 3”, has competed in the Shell game on two occasions 3 in the hope of hiding his insurance policy against an injury to Mikko Koskinen or Mike Smith in the taxi squad and lost the player both times.In the meantime, the place has been occupied by every young goalkeeper who was under contract with the Oilers, a fellow of the little league and even some anonymous emergency substitute goalkeepers In total I count eight different padded men who were tied to Edmonton’s third goalkeeper seat, two of whom were dressed several times as substitutes and one even had a beginning

The Oilers won the only game either of these guys played in, but there may be a case that they were burned through the whole process. When Smith went down, Koskinen had to carry the load and started the first 10 games and 12 of the first 13 When a seasoned man No. 3 like Forsberg would have been available, he would certainly have got 3 or so and given Koskinen a much needed breather

After Smith returns and the immediate problem is resolved, Holland may have finally found the solution in the form of 33-year-old Stalock.Once he’s gone through quarantine and Holland isn’t trying to get him through waivers, he checks many boxes the point “deep goalkeeper”

A year ago, Stalock played a career high of 38 games in Minnesota, practically the same as Smith and Koskinen in Edmonton. Interesting to compare the three:

Stalocks The 910 percent saving was exactly on the league average in 2019-20, damn good for a backup, let alone number 3, some oil fans have voiced the thought that the newcomer could be an upgrade for one or both of the established stoppers

But at least one expert thinks differently namely Kevin Woodley, a goalkeeping guru who writes for both InGoal Magazine and the NHL com on location, is a regular guest on TSN 1260’s Jason Gregor Show, where he has a weekly masterclass on science, techniques, psychology, advanced statistics and black art the position offers Last Monday, he shared these and other insights into Edmonton’s latest addition:

Interesting information on Stalock’s aggressive style of play and how teammates have to play their positions differently, both when handling the puck and when he just tends to score. At just 6’0 he is one compared to Smith and Koskinen relative shrimp, but it sounds like he needs more space to play his game than any of those big stoppers, something to look out for if they ever get their chance

These adjusted numbers, courtesy of Clear Sight Analytics, add an interesting nuance as they take into account the varying quality of team defense the Wilds have in front of their goalie versus that of the Oilers, shifting Stalock’s results downwards and shifting upwards for Koskinen and Smith

Another immediate problem is the health of Stalock. He has not played a game this season as he suffers from an “upper body injury” the true nature of which he explained to Michael Russo, Minnesota writer for The Athletic, on Monday that day , on which he was claimed by the Oilers, Russo revealed wrote:

Sounds like he’s been a non-squad gamer for a while, even though he just passed a few physical exams from Wild and Oilers, but once he’s finally cleared for activation be sure to have Ken Holland seated for a third stopper on his 23-man active roster, the infamous “three-headed monster” may be the only way the GM can finally achieve clarity and depth in the all-important goalkeeping position. Once there, the newbie becomes at every opportunity received a game promotion to represent his case

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