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OTTAWA – Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan says Admiral Art McDonald has voluntarily resigned as Chief of Defense as he is under investigation on unspecific allegations

Sajjan said in a press release late Wednesday that the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service is conducting the investigation

Sajjan said he takes all allegations of misconduct seriously and continues to take resolute action against any allegation of misconduct made “regardless of rank, regardless of position”

Sajjan said as of Wednesday that he has appointed Lt-Gen Wayne Eyre as acting chief of the defense staff

He said he would not make any further comment at this point due to the ongoing investigation

Military investigators are investigating allegations of sexual misconduct against McDonalds and Eyre’s predecessor Gene Jonathan Vance

Global News has reported that Vance allegedly had an enduring relationship with a woman he was clearly superior to and that he sexually commented on a second, much younger soldier in 2012 before being named Chief of Defense Staff

Vance has denied the allegations made by Global and the Canadian press has not independently reviewed them

OTTAWA – A new poll shows months of controversy have not dampened Canadians’ strong support for expanding access to medical care in the dying

69 percent of respondents to Ipsos’ web-based survey, commissioned by advocacy group Dying with Dignity Canada, were in favor of removing the provision that only allows assisted death for people whose natural death is “reasonably foreseeable” ”

The Trudeau administration introduced Bill C-7 to bring the law in line with this decision. It would expand access to excruciatingly suffering people who are not near the natural end of their lives Dying with Dignity, a nonprofit , advocates widening access to the


The bill has been vigorously opposed by disability rights groups who uphold the repeal of the near-death requirements, which devalues ​​the lives of people with disabilities, some feared being enforced, either directly or indirectly through social attitudes and a lack of coercion support services – to end their lives prematurely

However, the survey found just as strong support for eliminating the foreseeable need for death – 68 percent – among respondents identified with a chronic physical or mental disability that significantly adversely affects their daily performance in activities

Only eight percent with disabilities were strongly against it, another 24 percent were against it

With long-term facilities for immigrant children nearing full, the Biden administration is working to expedite the release of children to their relatives in the United States

US. Health and Human Services on Wednesday authorized long-term facility operators to pay for some of the flights and transportation of the children to their sponsors’ homes

Under current HHS guidelines, sponsors can pay fees for these flights and must pay before the government releases children

These costs can sometimes be 1Exceed $ 000 per child An internal memo mailed Wednesday authorizes facility operators to use government funds for transportation charges if a sponsor cannot afford the commercial flight

Members of a group supporting Myanmar’s military junta have attacked and injured people who protested the Army’s February 1 seizure of power that ousted the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi

The chaos complicates an already insoluble stalemate between the military and a protest movement that organizes large-scale demonstrations every day

At least several people were injured in Thursday’s attack in Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city. Members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations urge the Myanmar military to make some concessions to ease tension

Social media giant Facebook announced that it would ban all accounts related to the military after taking over the army The ban was triggered by events such as “fatal violence” “

Facebook has already banned several military-affiliated accounts since the coup, including army-controlled Myawaddy TV and state-run TV broadcaster MRTV The bans also apply to Instagram, which is owned by Facebook

The Tragically Hip will be honored with this year’s humanitarian award at the Juno Awards 2021

The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences claims to have selected Kingston, Ont., rock band for their “timeless music and philanthropic activities” that have affected generations of people around the world

Known to many Canadians as the musicians behind “Bobcaygeon” and “Ahead By a Century”, hip has helped raise millions of dollars for various social and environmental causes

Among them, they have supported several charities, including Camp Trillium and the Special Olympics, and most recently sold face masks that have been used by more than 50$ 000 was raised for the Unison Benevolent Fund, which provides counseling and emergency relief services to the music industry

The late hip vocalist Gord Downie was also part of the band’s final Canada tour, which helped raise more than $ 1 million for the Canadian Cancer Society and Sunnybrook Foundation Downie died in October 2017 of brain cancer

The Hip will be presented as part of the Junos 50th Anniversary Celebration, which will take place on Jan. May broadcast from Toronto will be honored with the honor

A dairy farmer group in Quebec urges dairy farmers to stop feeding livestock palm oil or its derivatives as there is a controversial debate over how these supplements affect the consistency of butter

The Quebec Dairy Producers Say they will follow the recommendations of the Dairy Farmers of Canada’s new Working Committee investigating the use of palm oil additives in cow feed, and insist that current practice does not raise health or safety concerns

The research is in response to consumer concerns that butter has become harder However, some experts question whether distributability is a common problem

Calgary-based food writer Julie Van Rosendaal believes butter has thickened as farmers added palm fat additives to forage to keep pace with pandemic demand for baking ingredients

Alejandro Marangoni, professor of food science at the University of Guelph, says while components of palm oil in milk fat can affect the melting point of butter, there is no data to support “sensational” claims of severe cure

David Christensen, Professor Emeritus of Animal and Poultry Science at the University of Saskatchewan, says Canadian farmers have used palmitic acid products to increase milk fat production for about two decades

Christensen says if the consistency of butter has changed it could be related to palmitic acid levels or changes in the methods that processors use to make butter

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