As Alberta in the province another 1Adding 549 cases of COVID-19, the chief health officer, Dr Deena Hinshaw said Monday she would advise the Alberta government on new recommendations for additional restrictions

“It is clear that we have reached a precarious point in Alberta,” Hinshaw said in her update, which was earlier in the day so she could meet with government officials later that afternoon,

Another five deaths were announced on Monday, bringing the death toll in the province to 476. There are currently 328 people in hospital with COVID-19, including 62 in the intensive care unit

“The number of deaths from this virus is growing,” Hinshaw said. “This is having an impact on care, not just for people suffering from COVID-19, but for a variety of other health needs.

“This is like a snowball rolling down a hill that gets bigger and faster, and it will continue if we don’t take strong action to stop we have to act

“If we wait longer, it will affect our ability to care for the Albertans for the coming weeks and months”

Hinshaw said she would meet with the Government Priority Implementation Committee on Monday afternoon to discuss options for tougher action in the province

Four of the five deaths reported on Monday were people in nursing homes or hospitals dealing with outbreaks

This included a man in his seventies at the Covenant Care Chateau Vitaline in the Edmonton Zone, a man in his eighties at Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in the North Zone, and a woman in his fifties at the Intercare Chinook Care Center, and a man in his 70s at the Peter Lougheed Center, both in the Calgary Zone

A woman in her seventies in the South Zone who was not linked to outbreaks also died

The number of active cases also has 13166 cases increased This is more than three times the amount a month ago than 3651 cases were active

Most active cases occur in or around Alberta’s two largest cities, including 5991 or 45 percent in the Edmonton Zone and 4845, or 37 percent in the Calgary Zone

Hinshaw said the province is currently facing a massive backlog in contact tracing due to rising case numbers

“The team has not been able to keep up with current demand,” she said. “This means there has been a slowly growing backlog of cases over the past few weeks where AHS has not yet received a call”

Hinshaw said she advised contact tracers to switch to a traceability method, starting with the most recently confirmed cases

Alberta continues to be subject to restrictions, which were introduced on November 13, originally announced for a two-week period to halt rising case numbers and prevent the health system from becoming overwhelmed.These restrictions included stricter rules on sales and closings of alcohol in restaurants and bars, the cancellation of group fitness classes and the request to no longer have visitors at home These measures will be in effect at least until November 27

In a letter to families and residents of support and long-term care centers in the province on Nov. 20, Hinshaw said she was “very concerned” for residents and urged families to continue doing everything possible to prevent the spread of COVID -19 to avoid in the facilities

“I ask for your help in protecting those hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Hinshaw. “The staff in the buildings in which you or your family member live are doing everything they can to reduce the risk of infection hold while staying as normal as possible

“But we urgently need your help. It is imperative that you remain vigilant in your actions to protect yourself and others around you”

Hinshaw said residents should avoid going out without “critical need.” She also said that family members visiting particularly high-risk areas such as Calgary and Edmonton “rate their need for physical presence” and focus on others Way should connect by phone or digitally

According to AHS, newly admitted residents of long-term care centers will be isolated and tested for COVID-19

While the official rules still have nationals, at the moment two “designated support persons” who can visit in person can be strongly recommended in Hinshaw’s letter to avoid this

“I see this is still a challenging time,” Hinshaw said, “Thank you for continuing to prioritize public health advice to protect your safety and the safety of those around you”

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