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China has launched an antitrust investigation


Business Practices – And The Stock Is Hammered

There aren’t many details yet, but only the announcement caused Alibaba stock, which trades in the overthrow 7%

That’s a very un-American reaction based on how stocks are in US. Tech giants have responded to antitrust issues looming over the U Sector for years

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Shares are up nearly 11% since late October, when the Justice Department, along with various states, filed a lawsuit accusing Alphabet of having an illegal monopoly


Shares have fallen about 2% since mid-December when Mark Zuckerberg’s company was hit by similar lawsuits

Investors seem to be betting that the lawsuits against US will not work Tech titans, or that companies would offer just as much value, disbanded. Or maybe they’re just fed up with hearing about it

In China, however, the government is the law. If it has a problem with Alibaba, Alibaba has a problem

China is targeting not only Alibaba, but also Jack Ma, the founder of the company whose Ant Financial suspended its planned IPO in November after violating Chinese authorities

Alibaba’s woes are a reminder that the company does business in the U.S.plays according to China’s rules

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President Donald Trump’s $ 900 Billion Aid Package Rejection and $ 1.4 Trillion Funding Bill Congress passed this week, messing Democrats and Republicans, and dredging the possibility of a government shutdown

What’s next? Pelosi spokesman is expected to hand over checks for $ 2 on ThursdayTakes $ 000 for a standalone vote and calls on the president to support the rest of the Covid-19 bailout and spending package Kevin McCarthy, chairman of the minority House of Representatives, said he expected the vote to fail

Just like before Thanksgiving, the US. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned Americans not to travel on vacation, nor does it look like Americans will be following the advice of the CDC this time around

What’s next? More than a million Americans have received the first of two doses of the vaccine, but the former head of the Food and Drug Administration, Dr Scott Gottlieb has predicted the number of cases will continue to rise through mid-to-late January, when enough people have received shots to counter a Christmas surge in infections

Four years and six months after the referendum that defined an era of British politics, the UK and the European Union are ready to announce a trade deal The UK will see his final exit from the 27-person block on January 1 Close January 1 A no-deal Brexit would have caused a market shock that hurt some investors and affected both UK and European consumers and businesses

What’s next? Sterling continues to rally against the dollar, trading near 2½ year highs Markets on both sides of the Channel have been eagerly awaiting a deal that will cover goods and problems around the borders, but not most of the services sector which is vital to the UK economy

US. Household spending fell for the first time in seven months in November, while unemployment claims fell last week

What’s next? The economic data was reported as US According to the Covid Tracking Project, 220834 new Covid-19 cases reported The number of people hospitalized with the virus in the U.S. met 119463, the highest values ​​so far

The pandemic has revitalized real estate markets in the US In which areas is the housing boom most likely after the pandemic?

Since Covid-19 became a major problem in the first few months of 2020, the pandemic has stimulated the country’s property market in many ways.First, health concerns drove the digitization of the buying process, and some people chose to close homes buy that couldn’t be seen apart from virtual tours

The move to remote working rules for white-collar workers meant households across the country were able to rethink where they lived, fueling a surge in interest in vacation spots as wealthier Americans chose to buy second homes to wait for the pandemic / p>

The prospect of living in confined spaces for months while waiting for the pandemic, and record-low mortgage rates, made millennial households move to suburbs across the country in major cities

However, now that Americans are getting their first doses of Covid-19 vaccines, the pandemic seems to be coming to an end in sight, but just like the pandemic helped fuel increasing demand from home buyers, the return could be to normalize the sale of real estate in certain parts of the country – but not all local real estate markets will benefit equally from the end of the Covid era

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World News – CA – Antitrust overthrow of Alibaba stock is a reminder that it is playing by the rules of China