View host Ana Navarro followed up on former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley for resorting to her criticism of Donald Trump in an attempt to break the mainstream media – urges her to “the No longer blaming the media ”and“ looking in the damn mirror ”

Navarro specifically targeted a comment Haley wrote for the Wall Street Journal in the course of which the former governor “blew up the anti-Trump media” for attempting to “divide Republicans”

Before the column, Haley condemned Trump in a Politico profile after Jan 6 Attack on the Capitol, in writing: “We must acknowledge that he has failed us. He went a path that he shouldn’t have, and we shouldn’t have followed him, and we shouldn’t have listened to him, and we can’t let that ever happen again ”

“So Nikki Haley, she seems to want it both ways,” Joy Behar introduced the subject. “She wants people to get past Trumpism, but she also wants them to say good things about them. What do you think.” of all this? Politically how is she going to do it? “

“Every time she opens her mouth it gets worse because she acts like a political windsock trying to figure out which way the wind is blowing and then she would have been much better off passing it on 200$ 000 speeches cruising around on their yacht, living on their swanky island off South Carolina, waiting for the dust to settle instead of coming out and blaming the media, “Navarro exclaimed.” That’s so weepy. ” / P>

The host then followed up on Republicans protesting the culture of rejection and found that it is indeed members of the GOP who have tried to silence their own

“It wasn’t the media that tried to rid Liz Cheney of presiding over the Republican Conference. It wasn’t the media that censored Cindy McCain, Doug Ducey, Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse and Pat Toomey. It was the Republican parties of the respective states, ”she continued,“ So Republicans need to stop figuring out how to blame Shift and whine and cry when they blame the media and blame others

“No, folks, that’s all we do. We have the growing pain of getting out of Trumpism in the four years of Trump and it’s painful and public and everyone can see it,” she said. “The people can see senators fight on the ground We saw Ron Johnson attack Mitt Romney on the ground you know it’s very visible to people stop blaming the media, look in the damn mirror, Nikki ”

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World News – CA – Ana Navarro of The View flares “Political Windsock” Nikki Haley for “Whiny” Anti-Media Op-Ed Defending Trump