BIG SKY – “Let It Be” In one action-packed episode, Cassie comes unexpectedly while knocking on doors looking for clues face to face with Ronald as to what puts her in danger and her memory of that Couple’s previous meeting triggers Since Merilee doesn’t feel like she can trust her husband, she makes a life-changing decision that affects both her and Rick’s fate in a brand new episode of ÒBig Sky, Ó TUESDAY, FEB 16 (10: 00-11) : 00 pm EST) on ABC (ABC / Darko Sikman)

In Big Sky Season 1, Episode 9, “Let It Be Him,” Jenny, Cassie and Sheriff Tubbs do everything they can to save Erik from Ronald before it’s too late At the hospital, Merilee hits her breaking point with Rick

The latest episode of Big Sky has Rick Legarski’s plot completed and seen Ronald escape into the wind (or interstate) It also acted as a 45-minute commercial for Tesla. If you didn’t know, the ninth episode also doubles as another mid-season finale episode

As Decider noted, it’s too early to say when the series will return, but ABC claims it will air sometime in the spring for the rest of the season as the network has ordered more episodes we have at least seven more before the season finale. The back half of the season will likely follow the Kleinsasser family with Britt Robertson, Michelle Forbes and others

Let’s focus first on the newest and final episode in the series that we will see for a while yet. What happened in Big Sky Season 1, Episode 9?

One of the most shocking moments of the hour, and of the entire season, was when Merilee finally reached her breaking point with her husband, after Merilee reminiscing about their previous lives together, she realizes that her husband intended to kill her that night As he walked into her room with a hammer she believes Rick is faking his memory loss, and I’m inclined to agree

Merilee cannot envision a possible future in which Rick would become free after hospital treatment, as his defense lawyer intended He brings the same hammer that Rick once tried to kill her with and beats him to death in his hospital bed. The final moments of the episode show the police escorting Merilee out of the hospital room in handcuffs and looking absolutely confident

On the plus side, now she’s likely going to have the help of Rick’s slimy attorney to help her out. I can’t say I hold Merilee responsible for her actions, at least one thing is certain and there’s no way Rick is coming from them this time Dead back

Ronald Explosives traps his house and manipulates it with trap guns and a bomb set to explode when the cops flood the premises Jenny is almost trapped in the inferno trying to save what she thinks is an unconscious Erik, it turns out that Helen looks like a little boy, and the rescue team gets quite a shock when they find their frozen body hidden outside in a blue hoodie

The race is on to catch Ronald and Erik before Ronald does something desperate outside. Ronald conveniently hijacks the dead Pastor’s Tesla (how can a Pastor afford a Tesla ?!) and drives down the highway to get Jenny and Cassie enter the car but are horrified to discover the dead priest behind the wheel with a reticent Erik in the passenger seat.I think it’s good that Ronald has all these corpses lying around devising tricks and plans

As the Tesla drives down the street, officers find it is on autopilot, but Cassie skillfully maneuvers her truck in front of the car and comes to a halt just before a head-on collision. They rescue Erik and reunite him with his desperately worried mother, however Ronald escapes into the night

The last time we see him he’s driving his truck down the freeway again, just as we found him at the beginning of the season. Jenny and Cassie vow to chase him

Big Sky Season 1 is set to return with new episodes this spring, and you can watch the first nine episodes on Hulu

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