This week’s Blue Bloods ended with a brief tribute to Broadway actor Nick Cordero, who died in July with complications after a three month battle with complications from the coronavirus.Cordero was best known for his Tony-nominated performance in Bullets Over Broadway, but while working in New York, Canadian-born performer Victor Lugo starred in three episodes of Blue Bloods

At the end of “Atonement” a credit appeared on the screen that read “In Memory of Nick Cordero” “This was the final episode of the year and featured the return of Sami Gayle as Nicky and Tony Terraciano as Jack The Next Episode will not air until Friday, January 8th at 10pm ET and will introduce another Broadway star, Ali Stroker

Cordero was diagnosed with COVID-19 and on 30 Admitted to hospital on March 25th, his wife Amanda Kloots often kept fans up to date with any developments during his health struggle.After over 90 days in the hospital, Cordero died at the age of 41. He is survived by Kloots and their 1-year-old son Elvis in late November, Kloots told Kloots the fans that she made a stuffed bear for Elvis from the bathrobe Cordero wore for his last performance of Rock of Ages

As Kloots, who works as a fitness trainer in Los Angeles, prepares for her first Christmas since her husband’s death, she continues to use her platform on Instagram to pay tribute to Cordero and remind them to take the coronavirus seriously Thursday she shared a message she had received from a front-line worker wearing a shirt that read “Hurray for health heroes” in honor of Cordero and others who died during the pandemic

“I received this message today and I thought it was so special,” wrote Kloots. “Thanks to Lorraine for being on the forefront of everything you do every day. Thank you for showing the world that you are feel safe when you get the vaccine Thank you for your prayers, I’ll pray for you! “

While Cordero was remembered by the Blue Bloods team, he shockingly wasn’t inducted into Emmys’ “In Memoriam” segment in September. Zach Braff, Cordero’s close friend and Bullets Over Broadway co-star, told fans up Twitter that he tried to get the television academy to include him but they refused “Those involved in the In Memoriam selection process are aware of the sad death of Mr. Cordero due to coronavirus and we assure that his name has been given every consideration for the inclusion, “said the TV academy in response to the criticism.” With so many people dying in a given year, we simply cannot ensure that a specific person is recorded, and we also do not publish the names that are included prior to the broadcast “

Nick Cordero

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