Connor McMichael had a goal and a template when Team Canada beat Team Czech Republic 3-0 and reached the semi-finals of the Junior Ice Hockey World Championship Finale in the process

EDMONTON – you are what the Canadians thought The Czech Republic – as challenging as it is boring, as dangerous as it is patient

Have you heard of a trap game? Team Canada faced a Jacque Lemaire, a “Mad Trapper” special against a Czech team that clogged the ice like the 1999 New Jersey Devils

“They put together a lot of blocked shots and we had to find a way to get them through,” said Canadian striker Peyton Krebs. “We sanded off every period it was great fun”

Canada prevailed 3-0 against Russia on Monday and prevailed with Russia against the Czechs 29:25 This marked the first time in the World Juniors 2021 that Canada had been overtaken

It wasn’t nice, but they don’t judge these games by style points With two goals in the first half, 3:17 apart, you would never have thought that the win for Canada would be doubtful. Nevertheless, it was 4-0, four minutes before the end of the game when the Czechs pulled goalkeeper Nick Malik, and there they were, just one shot from a shot

Unfortunately, the team that spent the night on the defense probably should have thought a little more about how they would score

“You are probably right,” said Canadiens draft pick Jan Mysak. “If you want to win, you have to score goals”

A team has to be able to play more than one way in order to be successful. And sometimes you have to play the game the way your opponent dictates it and not use that as an excuse to lose

“(The Czechs) don’t have the talent depth of other countries, but they have the heart. They play hard and they were tough – and that was perfect on our side,” said the Canadian head coach. “I like that we deepen had to and had pressure We had to regroup in some places because we were frustrated … and a little bit of pushing. It’s good to go through this

It was no secret that the Czechs defeated Russia in the group stage this way, and a team with zero draft picks in the first round would not play fire hockey against an opponent with 19 first-round players

“We knew (the Czechs) would cause us more adversity than people expected,” said Tourigny. “Now the question is how you will react to that adversity. To get where we want to go we have to deal with the adversity properly. It is a plus for me how the Czechs played us and how we had to find out. It’s a good thing ”

When it was over and the Czechs left the bubble with a 2-3 record after beating only Russia and Austria, head coach Karel Mlejnek wasn’t entirely sure how his side played against Canada

“I’m not sure if we were close or far (from winning),” he said after the game. “We allowed two quick goals that put us on our backfoot, unlike the games against Sweden and the USA (7: 1 and 7: 0 defeats) we showed a strong mental side We kept fighting trying to keep it as close as possible ”

If you are as defensive as the Czechs, problems arise when the opponent gets a head start. That happened at the beginning of this game and even though the Czech Republic scored 29 shots, they just didn’t get a chance to hit the Canadian goalkeeper Devon Levi to achieve

“I wouldn’t say we are a totally defensive team. We don’t have a system that we don’t want to score with,” said Mlejnek. “But Canada played really well and didn’t give us the chances we needed”

Historically, one of the toughest positions in Canadian sport is being the goalkeeper of our junior world team. Minutes go by without a shot. Periods of getting one, maybe two shots, occur regularly

Devon Levi lived it this Christmas, so he was delighted when his team allowed 12 shots in the first phase on Saturday (the Canadians only fired 15 shots against Germany and Switzerland in 60 minutes)

“It was super fun to be busy during the first phase,” Levi said, “It’s a different type of game, isn’t it? In previous games it was a little harder to concentrate on saying I found it in this one Game was easy, having fun and just going out and playing ”

This is a kid who has never played major junior hockey, spent the last season in junior A with the Carleton Place Canadians, fending off pucks from shooters wearing the jerseys of the Brockville Braves, Hawkesbury Hawks and Smiths Falls Bears wear

Now he has two wins from a gold medal and a place in Canadian hockey history. He gets Team Russia on Monday

“I don’t want to be anywhere else,” said the 19-year-old. “Every day we come to the ice rink. We enjoy what we do, the chemistry is there and we get better every day. I’m curious to see how we’ll play in the semi-finals ”

“I’m just super grateful to be here, that’s an honest answer,” he said, “I just take my time and enjoy every moment I know I can look back on it for the rest of my life


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