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The federal government restricts travel from the UK For 72 hours to keep a contagious new virus strain that causes COVID-19 out of Canada

The travel ban will be the first to go into effect on Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Twitter after hours of meeting with members of the Incident Response Group

“We focused on the new variant of COVID-19 that was identified in the UKand we have decided to put in place new border restrictions to protect you – and the people around the country – “he wrote on Sunday evening

He added that passengers who came to Canada from the UK Secondary screening and “reinforced action” will be carried out on Sunday “

“The Government of Canada is closely monitoring the genetic variant of the virus that causes COVID-19 identified in the UK and is working with international partners, including the World Health Organization, to better understand this variant and its implications,” the agency said. p>

While the early scientific evidence suggests the new variant is more transmissible than other strains, there is currently no evidence that the mutations have any effect on symptom severity, antibody response, or vaccine effectiveness, according to Health Canada >

The travel ban does not apply to cargo flights or stopovers where passengers do not get off This emerges from a notice to Airmen that was released on Sunday evening

Several European countries have previously announced that they will close their borders with the UK as British officials fight to contain the new strain of novel coronavirus that has been traced back to a genetic mutation

On the list are France, Belgium and the Netherlands, which have raised concerns about the new strain leading to a similar surge and overwhelming health systems in their own countries already grappling with the pandemic

These travel bans follow UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement that Christmas shopping and gatherings in southern England will have to be canceled due to rapidly spreading infections attributable to the new variant of the coronavirus

The new variety devastated the UKThat equates to 60 percent of new infections in London in December, the country recorded on Sunday 35928 more confirmed cases, about twice as many as a week earlier

Viruses mutate regularly, and scientists have found thousands of different mutations in samples of the virus that cause COVID-19. Many of these changes have no effect on how easily the virus spreads or how severe the symptoms are

The UK government has stated that the strain has been circulating since September, but it wasn’t until last week that there was enough evidence to explain that it has higher transmissibility than other circulating coronaviruses

Before Trudeau met with his cabinet ministers, the chairman of the Bloc Quebecois, Yves-Francois Blanchet, urged the government to follow Europe’s lead and impose a travel ban on Britain to prevent the burden from reaching Canada

“It will take a few months to contain the pandemic, especially if the number of (vaccine) doses available remains far too low,” Blanchet said in a statement published in French

“If a variant of COVID-19 spread faster among vulnerable people, the effects on people’s health, as well as the health system and staff who are already under enormous pressure, could be devastating”

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh called on Twitter and wrote, “As vaccines are still very rare, it will be a disaster if this new tribe breaks up here in vulnerable populations”

Conservative health critic Michelle Rempel Garner urged the government to provide more information on what it knows about the new strain and what it is doing to address it

“If the Trudeau government is considering a similar travel ban, they must clearly communicate this to the Canadians and their reasons for doing so as soon as possible,” Rempel Garner said in a statement

Tonight at midnight and for the next 72 hours, all UK flights will be banned from Canada.Passengers who arrived today will be subject to secondary screening and advanced measures.More information on the measures we are taking to protect you: https : // tco / UrsE5sTcJT

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau takes a break after responding to a question about the Holidays during a press conference outside Rideau Cottage in Ottawa, Friday, November 20, 2020 THE CANADIAN PRESS / Adrian Wyld

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