Charlie Munger, vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, believes anyone can be a good investor – but maybe no more than just “good” “

Presentation at the annual meeting of the Daily Journal on Feb. 24, Munger, who serves as the Executive Chair of the Daily Journal, compared investing to chess

“I think people have the theory that any smart, hardworking person can be a great investor,” he said. “I think any smart person can be a pretty good investor and avoid certain obvious pitfalls”

“But I don’t think everyone can be a great investor or a great chess player,” he added, “I think some of these things are very difficult”

At the Daily Journal’s annual meeting, Munger answered a variety of audience questions about investing, Bitcoin and the recent GameStop frenzy

Someone asked Munger if he had seen the Netflix show “The Queen’s Gambit” because he had previously talked about the similarities between chess and investing

“I’ve seen an episode or two of ‘Queen’s Gambit’,” he said. “And what I find interesting about chess, to some extent, is that you can only learn it if you have a certain natural talent Even if you have a natural ability, you cannot be good at it unless you start playing and gain a lot of experience. So it is a very interesting field of competition ”

Munger spoke of a business spirit he considered a genius – who was also a chess player who could play blindfolded just below the level of the grandmaster. “There aren’t many people who can,” Munger said

The parallel between investing and chess is that spreading decision-making powers is often not a good idea – it’s better to leave it in the hands of the likes of this chess player

“It is a mistake for investment management to hire armies of people to draw conclusions. Better to focus your decision-making power on one person and choose the right person,” he said. “I don’t think it’s for normal people It is easy for people to become great investors ”

“I have a bust of him”: Charlie Munger on why he admired Singapore’s first Prime Minister

Charlie Munger: It’s ‘total madness’ to believe that owning 100 shares instead of five makes you a better investor

A federal judge who hears a US The government’s antitrust case against Google on Thursday prompted attorneys to draft a complicated dispute over the creation of documents in court among themselves.The Justice Department urged Google from Alphabet to prepare documents on a long list of topics related to its lawsuit, in accused of violating antitrust laws in its search and search engine businesses. Google has declined part of the production and labeled some inquiries in a lawsuit as “too broad”

The latest developments on the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada (all times in the east): 2:40 pm Saskatchewan reports 211 new cases of COVID-19 According to health officials, 156 people are hospitalized, 18 people in intensive care Another Resident 80 and older also died, the province says there are around 65 to dateHas given 000 vaccinations — 1:40 pm New Brunswick today reports a new case from COVID-19 Health officials say the case is in the Edmundston area and affects a person in their thirties who is in close contact with a previously reported case Officials say the number of actively reported cases in the province is 49 and two patients are being hospitalized with the disease, including one in the New Brunswick ICU which has a total of 1427 COVID-19 infections and 26 novel coronavirus-related deaths reported — 1:40 p.m. Manitoba reports 67 additional COVID-19 cases and one death The number of provinces has tended to decrease in recent days despite being in some northern communities still have high numbers per capita — 1:40 p.m. Pfizer-BioNTech has officially asked Health Canada to change the label on the COVID-19 vaccine to reflect that it is now safe to keep it up to Store in regular freezers for two weeks The vaccine has so far been shipped and stored in freezers until shortly before injection. Cole Pinnow, President of Pfizer Canada, said the English filing was filed on Thursday, and the French filing required to fill out the application The US would follow shortly The Food and Drug Administration agreed to make changes this week to Maj Gen Dany Fortin, the military commander in charge of the federal vaccine distribution program, said if Health Canada follows suit, it will give provinces more flexibility in using the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine, since it has been limited to a smaller number of locations there are only so many freezers that can keep it at the correct temperature — 1:15 p.m. Maj-Gen Dany Fortin, the military commander in charge of the federal vaccine distribution program, says he understands the provinces are after the disappointing deliveries in the February may not have much confidence in vaccine shipments, but he says he has a lot more confidence in the situation since Moderna confirmed shipments by late March and Pfizer-BioNTech by mid-April, according to Fortin, provincial, territorial, and federal governments are planning a virtual exercise on 9 To investigate what provinces and territories are in place to handle the increased shipments, which are starting now and getting even bigger in April, Pfizer has confirmed that more than 3.7 million doses will be sent between Jan. March and the 15 April, and Moderna confirmed 13 million doses will be shipped in March — 12:45 p.m. Newfoundland and Labrador health authorities report 10 new cases of COVID-19, authorities say all new infections are in the eastern region of the province, where officials are against one Outbreak in the St John’s regional health agency says the outbreak affected students and staff at 22 different schools in the St John’s area, according to Eastern Health, the number includes 145 infections among staff and students at a high school in Mount Pearl where the outbreak officially began — 12:15 pm Nunavut reports four new cases of COVID-19 in Nunavut All new cases are located in Arviat, the only municipality in the area with active COVID-19 cases Due to the increase in cases, the Arviat Hamlet Council has imposed a curfew from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. every day In Nunavut there are 25 active cases of COVID-19 – – 11:15 am Quebec reports 858 new COVID-19 infections and 16 more deaths from novel coronavirus According to health officials, the number of patients to be hospitalized has fallen by 22 to 633, with eight fewer patients The latest numbers come as the province began accepting appointments for COVID-19 vaccinations for anyone aged 85 and over, officials also say that elementary school students in Quebecs Red Pandemic Alert Zones – including Greater Montreal – from Aug. Must wear a mask at all times — 10:40 am Ontario reports March 1138 new cases of COVID-19 The province also reports that since yesterday’s Update 1094 cases have been resolved and 23 more virus-related deaths have occurred Ontario to release new COVID-19 projections this afternoon.Dr Adalsteinn Brown, co-chair of the Ontario Science Advisory Group, presents the data — this report from The Canadian Press was first published on February 25, 2021 in The Canadian Press

Immigration may not return to normal before the pandemic anytime soon, which could affect Canada

Higher bond yields have arrived. Now investors must consider what changes, if any, to their portfolios

On 8 December 2020, the provincial government announced sweeping restrictions that many Albertans believed would only last for four weeks but when we called the New Year, most of the restrictions were imposed and Albertans had to prepare for a new pandemic plan, which was announced in early February We are currently in step 1 of the “Path Forward”, which makes it possible to dine personally in your own household, to improve the possibilities for team sports for children and, by arrangement, a personal indoor space -Fit fitness training According to the Alberta government website, indoor social gatherings will not be allowed back into regular work until Step 3, and those who need to work from home will not be allowed back to regular work until Step 4 on the website between each phase at least three weeks giving, which means they won’t enter the second phase until next week However, changes are also based on continual reductions in the number of hospital stays. The “way forward” is challenging, but the government is also trying to reduce some of the burden An announcement was made on February 1 stating the critical worker benefit, a one-time payment of 1US $ 200 to Recognize Critical Workers … For Workplace Exposure During the Pandemic In June 2020, the Small and Medium Business Relaunch Grant was announced to help thousands of businesses reopen and recruit safely Expanded Jan. 2021 to ensure new businesses have access to the support they need The grant provides for funding of up to $ 15$ 000 per company based on potential loss of income and can be used to pay employee wages, purchase personal protective equipment, pay rent, replace inventory, and more. This program will complete this spring, and not until last week the government has announced that it will be replaced by the expanded COVID-19 Business Benefit, which starts in April, according to the new version, according to the new version, companies that can show a reduction in sales of 60 percent or more can enjoy 15 percent of their monthly sales up to a maximum of 10Received $ 000 The purpose of the new program is to fill in any gaps created by the deficits in federal programs. Companies that apply are required to “report the total amount of provincial and federal support received to ensure that no more than 80 Percent of income is covered ” Other tools to relieve pressure during the pandemic are freezing tax rates on educational property and ensuring that workers are entitled to 14 days of unpaid, job-protected vacation when they need to be quarantined or deal with pandemic-related family obligations (i.e. care of children in quarantine) If you, your family members, or your business have used any of these services, feel free to write in Star and tell us about your positive or negative experiences with provincial and federal support during the pandemic Elizabeth Thompson, Reporter for the local journalism initiative, Temple City Star

Freeway in Dallas, Texas during record breaking winter storm, February 2021 Houston, TX, Feb. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Texas-based commercial real estate company Hartman Income REIT Management, Inc (Hartman) and his dedicated property management staff provided unofficial warming centers for displaced tenants, damage control funds and home visits, and provided temporary accommodation to workers who lost power or suffered serious property damage due to raging winter storms across the state on last week The Storm Has More than 4 million Texas residents turned off electricity and more than 14 million had no access to clean water, according to ABC News.The cost of the storm is estimated at $ 20 billion, making it the most expensive in history, according to the Insurance Council of Texas The state’s power property owners across the state suffered severe property damage from frozen pipes, fire, and floods. With assets under management of over $ 750 million and more than 8, Hartman has 2 million square feet of commercial space in Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio and has Tea ms of engineers, property managers and on-site construction teams strategically distributed across the portfolio.Thanks to careful planning, quick thinking and reliable field teams, most Hartman properties have not suffered major damage, Shane Cawood, Director of Operations – Asset Services at Hartman, took A post-storm assessment, stating, “Our teams quickly developed an SOP for the freeze and explained what we need to do to prepare for this event, prevent widespread damage and protect both buildings and our tenant’s property incredibly proud of the way our teams reacted to this unprecedented event Many of them have even left situations in their own homes to take care of others at the height of the storm, Hartman’s CARES committee (a staff-led disaster relief team) worked with its property management, engineering and leadership team to find solutions Hartman opened the doors of five office properties across Texas to provide temporary warming stations for those in need.The warming stations were manned by Hartman’s property management and engineering teams. Hartman stated last week that the Benevolence The company’s fund will consider applications for financial assistance for employees suffering from damaged pipes, flooding, broken water heaters, or in need of food, water, or shelter.The fund, founded in 2016 through a seed capital grant from Al & Lisa Hartman de, expands aid in times of financial crisis and supports non-profit organizations that align themselves with the company’s core values. Since inception, the fund has more than 380$ 000 USD Disbursed in Approved Needs CEO & President Al Hartman proudly shared the company’s response to the winter storm and its relief efforts, adding his appreciation, “Just like our Hartman team came together to support one another during Hurricane Harvey , We did so in this winter storm as well, it’s a blessing and a testament to the faith and care that every employee has for one another and especially for our tenants, Hartman’s construction, engineering and property management teams also responded to the needs of Tenants and employees by doing maintenance on the homes of Hartman employees and tenants to provide plumbing assistance, organize temporary housing, and relocate tenants who needed a safer getaway – term room to work was a beneficiary of Hartman’s Disaster Relief Fund the mother of a Hartman employee r woman whose house was flooded due to a burst pipe The employee said, “The Hartman CARES committee asked what my needs were As soon as they found out I was having problems installing myself and my 81 year old mother, they immediately offered the two of us temporary housing at no cost The Hartman Way keeps surprising me, they really treat tenants, employees and our families as “As storm damage continues to be repaired by the Hartman team, tenants can still expect to receive regular communications and information about additional company relief efforts.” Appendix IMG_8912 CONTACT: Mark Torok Hartman Income REIT 7134672222 mtorok @ hi-reitcom

Hopkins and Colman, written and directed by Florian Zeller, play father and daughter in the film about family, love and loss and take the audience to the mind of someone dealing with dementia “I’ve never seen anything that was written from this point of view, “said Colman

A New York police commander, who kneeled with protesters outraged at the death of George Floyd, but was also an architect of the department’s energetic response to the demonstrations, said Thursday that he is retiring after nearly four decades Steps Department Head Terence Monahan, the senior uniformed leader in the NYPD, will become a senior advisor to Mayor Bill de Blasio who is helping restore the city’s coronavirus, the mayor said at a press conference announcing the move between the pandemic and the Protests, Monahan said, “This has been the toughest year I’ve ever spent in law enforcement”

TORONTO – Ontario’s progressive Conservative government passed laws on Thursday aimed at reforming provincial electoral laws. The following are some of the changes included in the bill: – Extend spending limit from 637$ 200 for third party advertisers from six months prior to an election to one year – Double the amount that individuals can donate to a party, candidate, or constituency association from Jan.650 USD on 3$ 300 per year – Extend the per-vote grant granted to each party (63 cents per vote) through December 31, 2024 – Extend the number of pre-selection days from five to ten – Give Ontario elections more enforcement powers and the ability to target individuals or to punish groups that they believe have violated the electoral rules – The fines for violating the electoral rules would be between 1500 USD for individuals and 100000 USD is for groups of third parties, including corporations or unions – Create a level playing field for independent lawmakers who can raise money, keep surpluses and qualify for electoral subsidies outside of election periods – Allow politicians to open their individual social media accounts before while and after an election without having to create new accounts for a written period. This report by The Canadian Press was first published on February 25, 2021 The Canadian Press

The LGL Group, Inc (NYSE American: LGL) (the “Company”) announced today that it will end its 2020 earnings on March 23 March 2021 after market close and on Wednesday, 24 An investor call will be held on March 25th at 11:00 AM EST to review strategic and M&A initiatives, 2020 financial results, and further developments in the SPAC franchise

Shares of Youdao (NYSE: DAO), a Chinese online education specialist, rose Thursday after the company posted better than expected results in its fourth quarter earnings report as of 1:41 p.m. EST today, trading at 1:41 pm EST Up 96% despite tech stocks largely collapsing.Youdao is in the fast-growing online education segment and last year saw tailwind from the pandemic that led to a shift to online learning in China and elsewhere

CALGARY – Imperial Oil Ltd cuts a billion barrels from its oil and bitumen inventory after a year marked by low oil prices and budget cuts amid the COVID-19 pandemic and a global price war between major oil producers. In a regulatory filing on Wednesday, the Calgary-based company said, that its proven and probable bitumen reserves have decreased to 4.4 billion barrels as of Dec. On 31, 2020, from 545 billion barrels on the last day of 2019, with most of the change being due to “engineering revisions” “Reserves of recycled synthetic crude oil from the oil sands declined from 623 million to 583 million barrels after the Approximately 25 million barrels had been produced by 2020, the report said that price, exchange rate and inflation assumptions used to value reserves are based on the average of values ​​provided by two third-party reserve valuers These numbers fluctuate and are “not relevant to the company’s investment decisions” “The reserve report was filed on the same day as the 69 percent owned by Imperial 6 percent, U.S. Giant Exxon Mobil Corp., reported that its globally proven developed and undeveloped oil and gas reserves have declined from 224 billion oil equivalent barrels at the end of 2019 to 152 billion at the end of 2020, with the majority of the revision attributed to the bitumen inventory, with the reserves virtually eliminated and Declined from 386 billion barrels to just 81 million barrels, Exxon stated in its filing that the cuts in reserves were due to very low prices in 2020 and cuts in capital spending, adding that it has cut 3 billion barrels of proven bitumen reserves in Alberta referred to its 29 percent stake in the Kearl oil sands mine and an additional 600 million barrels from Cold Lake in Alta, assets, “Among the factors that could cause portions of these amounts to be re-recorded as proven reserves at a later date , include a rebound in the price base the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), cost reductions, operational efficiency and increases in planned investments, “it said Benchmark US. Oil prices have soared around 30 percent to $ 4852 a barrel since late 2020. This report from The Canadian Press was first published on February 25, 2021 Company in this story: (TSX: IMO) The Canadian Press

There has been a lot of community engagement and debate in recent letters to the editor and on social media over the proposed Cardston Recreation Center The Temple City star conducted interviews with community CAOs this week to get straight to the facts and remove confusion When a community has a large capital project in the works, it can take years to work from concept to completion. During the process, the administration inquires with various vendors for preliminary pricing, gets an idea of ​​the needs of the community (Town halls, surveys and discussions) and examines where the best funds (grants, partnerships, reserves, levies or tax increases) can be raised beforehand.The council makes specific decisions about the project and approves the tendering process in which companies can bid for the job As CAO Jeff Shaw shares, the project was for Indoor F recreational facilities a little different because “we have a community champion in Gibb Schaffer and the council wants to support the project as long as we have the momentum. Still, there are processes that must be legally followed by every level of local government and the bureaucracy can be confusing to get around unraveling them City councils had been keen to build a leisure center since the 2018 elections, and a council committee pursued that idea in 2019 with a view to a very large indoor leisure center, the committee intended to start public consultation in 2020 However, due to COVID, the public consultation had to be canceled in the fall of 2020, important discussions about the specifics of an indoor recreational building were revived at the council table when Mr Schaffer asked the council to follow it up more confidently at the moment, Cardston City Council has very few official decisions to make The project took decisions only directing the administration to obtain information about the needs of the community, the scope and size of the project, and preliminary pricing.The leisure center is still just a suggestion, but a council is actively seeking more information before fully committing to it, the council recently carried out a short poll to stimulate community interest in a common indoor leisure center This contains questions about potential user fees and tax implications. The potential scope and size of the project has yet to be determined, as the discussions at the council table of an 8000 square meter structure up to a 19thAccording to CAO Jeff Shaw, the survey attempts to capture the basic needs and interests of the community We can design what the building will look like if we better understand the needs Hasegawa Engineering Group was the third party consulted to determine the preliminary cost of a larger building These were unveiled at a public meeting that Cardston City Council has publicly and informally allocated $ 1 million to fund the proposed leisure center’s capital (or construction costs), pending other funding to cover any capital costs in excess of its contribution, currently expected to be $ 700$ 000 of the city’s portion of the funds come from reserves allocated to the Recreation Department and $ 300US $ 000 in Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) dollars MSI funds the provincial government to support local infrastructure projects but was recently on the dulcimer in the provincial budgets Every year, city councils wait to set their municipal budgets based on the impact of the provincial budget, so those numbers for the year are not yet set in stone. Even if the provincial 2021 budget did not cut the council’s expected MSI dollars, the leisure center would still need other resources to continue, as Shaw said that “the council is not ready to Much has been said in discussions with Mr. Shaffer at council meetings about reducing the financial burden of working with local contractors willing to donate time and materials, raise funds from other partners, and receive private donations The Cardston Council needed, however First, an idea of ​​the overall scope of the project and the potential price He will then make a decision on tax rates for the year before officially soliciting funds from other partners, as previously reported, Westwind’s school department has already declined the invitation to become a financial partner this year in the article on the front page of the last one Week it was reported that the county “was ready to pay 250To provide $ 000 to the project “Clarification on this point comes from Murray Millward, CAO of Cardston County, who says” The county has not received any formal funding requests from Cardston and will not act until a request is received through official management “If they receive a request, Cardston County may also want to conduct a survey of citizens to assess their desire for county support. The county has heard Mr. Shaffer’s presentation on the matter and would consider donating recreational funds to the project for your recreational funding a neighboring municipality is determined by an Inter-Municipal Collaboration Framework (ICF) Such an agreement with Cardston is underway and will shortly be signed by both councils. All donations to the leisure center would go beyond the ICF agreement, however, if the county council decides not to fund the project and the City of Cardston decides to continue anyway, the district would not be able to fund future operating costs for the center.Operating costs for most leisure centers limit building to many small communities, so you will not find a large swimming pool and gym in every single small town, and it is sometimes believed that the Fees for admission to a recreational facility cover the running costs of the facility, but often they do not. The facility running costs cannot be estimated until the size and scope are determined This will not be decided until the council receives feedback from the Community Interest Survey Once feedback is received and the tax levels for the year are set in the budget, the council may seek funding from partners to better know how much capital and operational aid they need to get the project off the ground Once enough capital has been raised, it would be time to move on with the bidding process Then the obligations become real and cannot be withdrawn (without major financial consequences) Trade agreements require the council to go through a formal process in order to receive offers for jobs above a certain price threshold and this project will inevitably be above the threshold, and there is hope that local contractors in the event that the project is tendered bid for the job and include the very generous donations of time and labor that some have discussed with Mr. Shaffer during his initial footwork to cut costs with contractors willing to donate some of their time and needs because they go to believe the project could do positively in the evaluation process The financial magnitude of the contract, however, prevents the city from preferring bids from local contractors The financial magnitude of the project is of great importance to the council and at this point has kept it from jumping in with both legs Time will tell and the budget determine what the future will be for this proposal Elizabeth Thompson, reporter for the local journalism initiative, Temple City Star

(Bloomberg) – Tech stocks drove U downS. Equities as the global bond sell-off deepened, with benchmark Treasury yield rising to a year high and USAK debt The Nasdaq 100 slumped about 2% as investors turned from pandemic-era winners to companies looking to capitalize on an end to the lockdown, roughly four stocks fell for anyone who won the S&P 500 Cathie Wood’s ARK Innovation ETF extended its decline, slitting it 13% for the week, stocks popular with the day trader crowd rose again with GameStop Corp. doubling at a point ten-year government bond yields rose after loud demand at an auction for government bonds and rose 23 basis points to 16%, the highest since last February. The rise forced a crucial group of investors such as mortgage holders to sell government bonds, which in turn led to further increases in yields, across all markets, investors with U are looking for sunnier prospects for the world economy S. Unemployment Claims Data to Support This Idea However, some traders fear resurgent growth is already priced into stocks, and they see the risk of inflation accelerating just around the corner, a move that would hurt the attractiveness of stocks “It’s all about interest rates,” said Randy Frederick, vice president of trade and derivatives at the Schwab Center for Financial Research Tech, “was a relative outperformer since it went on the way up, it will likely go on the way down, too, in a comment This week, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell assured that the policy would continue to be supportive and go beyond a temporary pickup in inflation, especially from a low base, which gives the bond market ample reason to continue to raise yields. year old US. The inflation-adjusted return rose to its highest level since June, a warning sign of riskier assets that have benefited from exceptionally loose financial conditions amid the pandemicS. Risk-weighted assets send returns warning of rising real interest rates In other markets, Asian exchanges closed largely higher Bitcoin was just below 50Some major events to watch this week: Treasury ministers and central bankers from the Group of 20 will practically meet on Friday U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will be among the participants.These are some of the key moves in the markets: Stocks The S&P 500 index fell 16% from 2:34 pm New York time The Stoxx Europe 600 index fell 04? And the MSCI Asia Pacific index rose 1 ? r MSCI Emerging Market Index added 06% currencies The Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index rose 04 ?, the euro climbed 02% to USD 12187, the British pound fell 07% to USD 14039, the Japanese yen weakened 03% to 10615 per dollar bondsThe 10-year government bond yield rose 11 basis points to 148. Germany’s 10-year yield rose seven basis points to -023% The UK’s 10-year yield rose five basis points to 078% CommoditiesWest Texas Intermediate Crude Oil rose 03% to 63% USD42 a barrel of gold weakened 16% on 1$ 77550 an ounceFor more items like this, please visit us on BloombergcomSubscribe now to stay ahead of the game with the most trusted business news source © 2021 Bloomberg LP

President Biden attends an event that delivered 50 million vaccine shots containing coronavirus vaccines in the U.S.

MFA’s new 5500 Employer Health Plus is a product designed to simplify the analysis of health and social security plans for employers

A milk producer lobby group urges farmers to consider alternatives to palm additives in forage pending the results of an investigation launched in response to consumer concerns about perceived changes in butter consistency, a statement released Thursday, said The Dairy Farmers of Canada announced that scientists and industry experts will soon come together to investigate the use of palm oil and its derivatives to improve the diet of cows, while the current practice does not raise health or safety concerns, the investigation is in response to individual reports that butter Quebec Dairy Producers released a statement Wednesday urging farmers to stop supplementing cattle feed with palm-based products to avoid diabetes, but some experts ask if distributability is a widespread problem e To further investigate use of these ingredients in human foods The association says while the use of milk feed additives is in line with federal standards, there are concerns about the environmental impact of palm oil production The Quebec Dairy Producers said they would follow the recommendations of the Canadian working group Dairy Farmers of Canada “It is important that decisions are made factually and that science guides our sector,” said Dairy Farmers of Canada, “Notwithstanding With this announcement, we emphasize that all milk produced in Canada is as safe to consume as ever and is subject to Canada’s stringent health and safety standards. “At the heart of what some have dubbed the” Buttergate “is the Calgary Food Author Julie Van Rosendaal, whose investigation into the subject has caught the attention of the international media, Van Rosendaal said her deep dive into the dairy sector began in her own kitchen when she noticed that it was apparently taking longer to soften her butter, which she walked into social media to see if other bakers had similar issues and was inundated with responses from users who had also noticed a change in texture, “The fact that there were people all over Canada, the fact that it was throughout Season showed me that it wasn’t just me, “said Van Rosendaal over the phone.” A lot of people ask this question: ‘What’s wrong with butter?’ “After consulting with experts, Van Rosendaal looked for a possible explanation for why Her theory, which she put forward in an article for Globe and Mail, was that dairy farmers were increasing their additions to palm Use in forage to keep up with demand for butter in a pandemic-triggered baking crazeFarmers have been adding palmitic acid to milk rations for about two decades, a saturated fat found in palm oil to increase milk production and fat content, according to researchers This may affect the composition of milk fat to raise the melting point of butter, making it difficult to spread Van Rosendaal said it was difficult to come up with exact figures on the spread of palm additives in cow feed, but the industry stakeholders she spoke to said their use is widespread “Butter is not something you really look at the ingredients on because it is an ingredient,” said Van Rosendaal. “I think people are always surprised to learn how the food system works and how it works Consumer demand affects the production and manufacture of our food “Aleja ndro Marangoni, professor of food science at the University of Guelph, said that in the absence of solid data, he was skeptical of claims of industry-wide stiffening of butter “You have a sensational statement based entirely on zero data, just some feelings”, said Marangoni “And now the dairy industry is starting an investigation, what for? It couldn’t be true, “Marangoni, who studies fats in food, said it wouldn’t take much effort to see if” buttergate “stands up to scientific testing, all you have to do is take samples of butter to determine its hardness Measure and see if it correlates with palmitic acid content In recent statements, the Dairy Farmers of Canada said industry data suggests that the percentage of palmitic acid in milk fat was in the range of expected fluctuations over the past year, the group notes that palm fat usage Approved in milk feed by Health Canada and dairy farmers in the U.S., the UKAustralia and New Zealand have also adopted the practice David Christensen, professor emeritus of Animal and Poultry Science at the University of Saskatchewan, said if the consistency of butter has changed the use of palm additives could be a factor, but he said there was too much uncertainty To rule out other possible explanations, such as new processing methods that may affect the formation of fat crystals in butter, Christensen said of the 75 million tons of palm oil produced annually, 90 percent is used by the food industry. This report from The Canadian Press was first published published on February 25, 2021 Adina Bresge, The Canadian Press

Zane Major, Paschal’s Restaurant Operations Director, discusses new implementations the restaurant has made amid a pandemic and difficulties in obtaining PPP loans with Kristin Myers and Reggie Wade of Yahoo Finance

Sergio Perez is determined to over-deliver this season as the Mexican, who ultimately wins the race, steps into one of the hottest spots as Max Verstappen’s Red Bull team-mate

Devin Allen, Baltimore artist, community leader and Under Armor photographer, discusses his new project with the company with Kristin Myers and Reggie Wade of Yahoo Finance

Charlie Munger

World News – CA – Charlie Munger: “I don’t think everyone can be a great investor”