Investment icon Charlie Munger, vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-B, BRK-A) and longtime business partner of Warren Buffett, says his style of value investing will “never go out of style”

“Because value investing – as I imagine it – always wants to achieve more value than you pay for when you buy a stock, and this approach will never go out of style,” Munger said on Wednesday at the annual shareholders’ meeting of the Daily Journal Corporation (DJCO), where he serves as Chairman of the Board

According to Munger, some think that value investing means chasing companies with a lot of money but running a lousy business

“[I] doesn’t define this as value investing,” he added, “I think any good investment is value investing It’s just that some people look for value in strong companies and others look for value in weak companies But every value investor is trying to get more value than he pays for “

Munger noted that in wealth management, “a lot of people think that if they have 100 stocks, they are more professional about investing than if they have four or five”

“I think it’s a lot easier to find five than 100,” argued the 97-year-old investor. “I think the people who advocate all of this diversification, by the way, I call it ‘Diworsification’, which I think of copied someone. And I feel a lot more comfortable owning two or three stocks that I think I know about and that I think I have an advantage ”

Later in the session, when asked how he advises universities and nonprofits on how to manage their foundations, Munger said that one nonprofit foundation he “had a long influence on” was a “group hotter” in every industry Financiers “got asset management there” on its board of directors, according to Munger, that institute has two assets in its foundation account – a large stake in Li Lu’s limited partnership and a Vanguard index fund

“And the result of those two positions is that we have far lower costs than anyone else and make more money than practically everyone else,” he said. “You now know what I do in nonprofits, which is not normal, by the way Earnings in America The wealth management industry is in crisis. They really need the world to stay the way it is, and that is not necessarily right for their clients ”

“I have a bust of him”: Charlie Munger on why he admired Singapore’s first Prime Minister

Charlie Munger, vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, dumped on bitcoin, showing that his views have not changed since Warren Buffett and Munger last talked about the digital good

Charlie Munger, vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, spoke at the Daily Journal’s annual meeting and shared his views on how people can become great investors. Great is possible. Great is a little harder

Charlie Munger of Berkshire Hathaway explains why Warren Buffett and Berkshire Wells are selling Fargo stock, but the Daily Journal, which Munger is chairman of, has kept his stake

According to Charlie Munger, vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, Costco has a head start on e-commerce giant Amazon (AMZN) in at least one way

(Bloomberg) – As 2020 raged, Warren Buffett mostly held his tongue, staying silent during a heated presidential election, a racist reckoning that sparked nationwide protests, and an exuberance for stocks that gripped millions of Americans, let alone one global pandemic now the billionaire is chief executive officer of Berkshire Hathaway Inc has a chance to break its silence with the publication of its annual letter Saturday “If this letter doesn’t address some of the problems people will be disappointed,” said Cathy Seifert, analyst at CFRA Research, in a telephone interview. “There’s an appetite for his Thoughts “The letter is an annual tradition for the 90-year-old CEO, an opportunity to share wisdom with his loyal following of value investors. And Buffett usually isn’t shy about sharing that wisdom, and even advocates controversial in the past Politicians like Hillary Clinton in his annual letter ahead of the 2016 presidential election touched politics and accused candidates of the negative drumbeat It has been different since speaking at the annual meeting last May when he said his near-record-breaking pile of cash wasn’t that big, when considering the worst case possibilities of the Covid-19 pandemic The CEO Has shared little, if any, opinion since then, even last year when President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump competed in one of the most controversial elections in U.S History In the 2020 letter the topic was not mentioned “Maybe he just decided that there was no advantage getting into this fight,” said Seifert. “He was a little more open than the general discourse was much more polite, and I can Certainly understand the desire to pack your tent and go home and not take part It’s not a parlor game anymore It’s a blood sport Long list If he decides to weigh up there are plenty of topics to go into on how did he get the riot in the U. seen? s Capitol in early January? What did he say to Biden during his conversation a few weeks before the election? What should investors think of the recent Drama with GameStop Corp short sellers? and other stocks? How about the emerging stock market? And how should companies tackle racial inequality? His business partner Charlie Munger did not shy away from attending the Daily Journal Corp. annual meeting on Wednesday Talking about stock market speculation where he’s chairman He beat up brokers like Robinhood Markets Incand say they essentially provide gambling services – a “dirty way” of making moneyThere are other questions for Buffett, too.Although Buffett easily beaten the S&P 500 at the top of Berkshire for more than 50 years, it has remained for at least a decade trailing index and his cautious stance at the Berkshire annual meeting last May raised questions from some who wanted him to be more aggressive with new investments, but investors like Darren Pollock said the strategy was admirable in hindsight, given Buffett’s Berkshire balance sheet “The fact that he was more cautious was perfectly fine,” said Pollock, portfolio manager at Cheviot Value Management LLC, which counts Berkshire as its largest holding. “Better to miss an opportunity and be in an excellent one financial situation than to take a big swing and swing and to miss and cancel”Berkshire is also plagued by its size, the company has grown so big that only massive acquisitions can move the needle, but given the high prices and competition from buyers such as private equity firms, they have been hard to find even the company’s Japanese stock purchases worth 6 billion Last year’s USD would make up only 4% of Berkshire’s cash stacks by the end of the third quarter. Now Buffett can add the recent boom in SPACs or special-purpose acquisition companies as another competitor flooding the dealmaking space. “There are so many right now Things I think the market would benefit from in terms of their wisdom, “said Jim Shanahan, an analyst at Edward D. Jones & CoIn a phone interview, he said he listed the rise of SPACs as well as “GameStop, short selling, Reddit and the entire episode, but just things like the stock’s underperformance, inflation, the stimulus – the size and maybe the need for another stimulus” It is Here are more topics that might come up on Saturday: Succession While Buffett has given no indication that he will be stepping down anytime soon, investors are always on the lookout for clues as to how the non-agent he uses the letter often to get along with Joking investors and reassuring them Last year Buffett said he and Berkshire Vice Chairman Munger, 97, had entered the “urgency” long ago about their age, but tried to reassure investors that that Company is well prepared when the couple finally leavesIn fact, the company’s future has been telegraphing Buffe for some time tt appointed Greg Abel and Ajit Jain as vice-chairs in 2018, promotions dubbed “part of the movement towards succession.” He promised to give the couple more platform for questions at last year’s annual meeting, but that changed when Covid -19 forced the meeting into a virtual format and Buffett and Abel, who live closer to Omaha, Nebraska, where attendance was limited, where Berkshire is based, Pollock said, investors would benefit if Buffett used Saturday’s letter to send more Report on the Influence of Investing MPs Todd Combs and Ted Weschler One of them was key to Berkshire’s Apple Inc. Bet now believed to be the company’s largest common stock investment, but the company doesn’t usually say which executive is responsible for a particular investment However, Combs and Weschler have been known to have led Berkshire to more tech-oriented opportunities, such as their recent investment in the cloud computing company Snowflake IncAll MoneyBuffetts have been blessed with a high-class problem in recent years: Too Much Cash Berkshire is drawing in more funds than its CEO can quickly invest in higher-yielding assets, resulting in over $ 145 billion in cash by the end of September, even though Buffett didn’t who made the “elephant-sized” acquisitions he longed for, he was still active and invested last year. Berkshire ventured into Japan by acquiring the shares of various trading companies. The company also bought some natural gas assets from Dominion Energy Inc And recently, Berkshire amassed roughly $ 4 billion in Chevron Corp. shares for months and a $ 86 billion stake in Verizon Communications IncWhat Bloomberg Intelligence Says: “We believe the buyback of record stocks in 2020 reflects a lack of other options and Buffett’s conservatism in uncertain times. The company would need a huge crowd to move the needle on results” – Matthew Palazola, Sr. Analyst: Chevron and Verizon bets are more lucrative ways for Berkshire to park some of its cash instead of holding more Treasury bills, according to Pollock.Chevron and Verizon are among the top three common stock bets in Berkshire with the highest dividend yield, according to Bloomberg, but Buffett largely persists Familiar Areas Berkshire knows the power space well and had previously bet on Verizon One of its biggest purchases last year was on the conglomerate’s lawn: buying Berkshire stock that cost about $ 15.7 billion in just the first nine months of 2020, which is it is already a record year r makes buybacks The signs point to even more buybacks in the fourth quarter A report shows that by the end of October he had bought back enough shares to bring the total annual amount to at least $ 18 billion “If he had made an acquisition worth $ 18 billion, we would have called it sizeable” Edward Jones’ Shanahan said the total buybacks last year through late October are “very significant,” although the company has limited buybacks due to the lack of liquidity in Berkshire stocks, according to Shanahan, MarketsBuffett was first thought about almost a year ago Coronavirus asked in China The pandemic would continue to sweep through the U.S and the rest of the world, which beat up stocks in March and early April, Buffett, who told investors to be greedy when others are scared, remained unusually cautious during those first few months, even dropping airline stocks, claiming the world have changed for this industryS. Stocks largely rebounded in the later months of 2020 and rose even further earlier this year with the Reddit-induced mania surrounding certain stocks like GameStop.Buffett’s loyal investment fans might want to know what he thinks of the recent market upheaval, whichever Whether he wrote this year’s letter before or after the phenomenon occurred, the newfound exuberance of retail investors dates back to the dot-com bubble mania in 2001, when Buffett ridiculed some investors’ understanding of the market in a way that made him 20th century Years later, “It was like a virus,” Buffett wrote in his annual letter published earlier that year: “The wild race between investment professionals and amateurs led to hallucinations in which the values ​​of stocks in certain sectors were affected by the Values ​​of the companies that underlie them have been decoupled ”For more articles like this, visit Please subscribe now on Bloombergcom to stay ahead of the game with the most trusted business news source © 2021 Bloomberg LP

Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A, BRK-B) vice-chairman Charlie Munger shared his deep admiration for Singapore’s first prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew, who ruled for three decades

Risk and return are the yin and yang of stock trading, the two opposite but essential components of any market success, and there are no stocks that better embody both sides – the risk factors and the return potential – than penny stocks, those stocks with a price Less than $ 5 per share usually offers high upside potential. Even a small increase in the share price – just a few cents – quickly leads to a high return Of course, the risk is real; Not every penny stock is going to show these kinds of profits, some of them are cheap for a reason, and not every reason is good, so how are investors supposed to differentiate between the long-term winners and those about to do so? Tracking the Activity of Investing Titans Is One Strategy Hedge fund manager Ken Griffin, head of investment firm Citadel, is one of those titans who turned his college trading – from a PC in his dormitory – into a billion-dollar market giant A look at Griffin’s performance during the coronavirus crisis shows how successful he can be in March of last year, when Corona was driving the floor out of the markets, Griffin’s Citadel still had a positive net return of 17% for the full year sales totaled from Citadel to $ 6.7 billion, nearly double last year When we reached out to Griffin for inspiration, we took a closer look at two penny stocks Griffins Citadel recently took steps Using TipRanks’ database to find out what the analyst community had to say, we learned that every ticker has buy ratings and huge upside potential. Abeona Therapeutics (ABEO) We’re starting with Abeona Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical Clinical-stage company focused on gene and cell therapy This is a cutting-edge area that uses the latest genomic technology to treat genetic diseases by inserting corrected copies of DNA directly into affected cells. Abeona has seven drug candidates in the pipeline, including EB -101 and ABO-102 are furthest away and of most interest to investors. EB-101 is scheduled to begin a Phase III trial for the treatment of recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (RDEB) This is a connective tissue disorder that makes people prone to severe skin lesions and wounds.The cause is a genetic defect that prevents patients from being able to produce the collagen needed to secure the layers of the skin.If approved, EB- 101 The first and only available treatment for RDEB Treatment involves transplanting the affected gene with the drug into the patient’s skin cells, which are then transplanted into the affected skin areas themselves. In early studies, the drug was well tolerated by patients who had up to 2 Years after treatment showed significant improvement. Patients now entering phase III ABO-102, the furthest drug candidate, is in a phase I / II study for the treatment of Sanfilippo syndrome, a deadly disease Early Childhood The syndrome is currently untreatable except supportive measures and affected children usually survive until the age of 15 ABO-102 is a gene therapy drug that is given through a single IV infusion.It delivers working copies of the affected gene to the child’s central nervous system so that the body can put the enzyme deficiency behind Can Correct Disease Naturally Both drug candidates received Orphan Drug Designation in the US and Europe, which provides government support for their development, as well as received the FDA’s Teething Rare Disease Award for Abeona’s Drug Pipeline and $ 222 stock prices got it highly praised by the pros on Wall Street This is Griffin’s stance. Citadel increased its stake in the company a whopping 181% and rose 1,846 million shares in the fourth quarter that are now worth $ 4, 06 million 5-star -Analyst Ram Selvaraju from HC. Wainwright counts himself as a fan too Selvaraju recently released two comments on ABEO focusing on the potential of EB-101 and ABO-102. Regarding the first, the analyst states that “Abeona after successfully completing the FDA meeting is continuing all steps necessary to enroll the next patient in the VIITAL trial and expects registration to be completed in 2021.The resulting feedback bodes well for Abeona as the agency appears to be familiar with the company’s study design and statistical analysis plan for the VIITAL [Phase III] study… ”Selvaraju turned to ABO-102 and said,“ From our point of view this data is very fascinating and see if it can be confirmed in a larger patient cohort from our point of view Preserving neurocognitive development in young children with MPS IIIA is probably the most important measure of effectiveness seen in the In line with his optimistic assessment, Selvaraju rates ABEO with a buy and a target price of USD 8 If his thesis prevails, a potential twelve-month jump of ~ 264% could be in sight (To view Selvaraju’s track record, click here) A total of 2 purchases and no holds or sells were awarded in the last three months Therefore, the analyst consensus is a moderate buy At 6 $ 50, the average price target sets the upside potential at ~ 188% (see ABEO stock analysis on TipRanks) Mereo Biopharma (MREO) The second stock we’re looking at, Mereo, is another rare disease biopharmaceutical company. Mereo has a large and diverse pipeline of six drug candidates in various stages of development. The company’s research programs include the treatment of solid tumor diseases , Ovarian Cancer and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Griffin is among those with high hopes for the healthcare name Griffin’s Citadel raised 4,097 million shares in the fourth quarter, now worth $ 16 million, with the biggest news for Mereo being the announcement of a collaboration – and license Agreement with Californian company Ultragenyx to further develop setrusumab, a candidate currently being tested for the treatment of osteogenesis imperfecta, or fragile bone disease.This incurable condition is usually treated with lifestyle changes and exercise, but setrusumab has shown in Phase 2b studies that it can lead to a dose-dependent increase in bone formation in affected adults. Joseph Schwartz, an analyst at Leerink, writes about the partnership between Mereo and Ultragenyx: “Although the RARE / MREO deal was unexpected, we are not surprised at the news that MREO is following Seeking a partner and RARE has extensive experience developing and launching successful bone agents Consider the announcement as a win-win for RARE and MREO as both could complement each other’s strengths to bring setrusumab to market this Ko Comments rates Schwartz MREO stock as a buy, and its target price of $ 8 suggests it is up 103% for a year (To view Schwartz’s track record, click here) Some stocks are flying under the radar, and MREO is one of them MREOs is the only recent analyst rating for this company and is downright positive (See MREO stock analysis on TipRanks) To find great ideas for trading penny stocks at attractive reviews, visit TipRanks ‘Best Stocks to Buy, a newly introduced tool that brings together all the insights into TipRanks’ stocks Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are solely those Featured Analysts Content is intended for informational purposes only. It is very important that you do your own analysis before making any investment

What Happened: The largest crypto exchange in Southeast Asia, the Philippines-based PDAX, had a technical flaw that led to Bitcoin trading at 6000 USD led – an 88% discount on the current price After the incident, PDAX asked its customers to return their Bitcoins and threatened legal action, reported a local news agency, Bitpinas According to the exchange’s CEO, the system error was not due to a hack but rather to a technical “bug” caused by a massive surge in trading activity. Why it’s important: The first outage is due to occur on May 18th February took place; However, reports have since surfaced on social media that customers were banned from their switching accounts and asked to “return their bitcoin.” After almost 24 hours, they sent me a request letter and text message asking me to return the BTC, or them “could” be forced to take legal action against me”” Said a trader who believed his purchase was within his rights without violating any law or trading platform regulations See Also: How to Buy Bitcoin (BTC) Rafael Padilla, an attorney who represents the affected users who are currently are excluded from their accounts, commented the problem on Facebook “Our customer’s commercial transaction was legitimate under applicable law, in certain cases and of course under PDAX’s own terms and conditions / user agreements. According to Padilla, PDAX decided to exclude users from their accounts because the Transactions Cannot Be Unilaterally Reversed An official statement from PDAX states that 95% of accounts have been recovered, but the report says many users are still locked out of their accounts “It is very understandable that many users feel upset when they do what they thought was an order for Bitco gave in at very low prices”Unfortunately, the underlying Bitcoins were never owned by the exchange, so unfortunately nothing can really be bought or sold,” said PDAX CEO Nichel Gaba in a press conference today Image: vjkombajn via Pixabay See more from BenzingaClick here for option trades from BenzingaElon Musk’s tweet about Dogecoin sends price increase of 10% in 30 minutes AgainMicroStrategy buys additional bitcoin worth 026B exceeds Tesla’s bitcoin stocks © 2021 Benzingacom Benzinga does not offer investment advice All rights reserved

If you’ve been on TikTok at all in the last month (and frankly, even if you haven’t), you’ve probably heard of the baked feta noodle by now

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The legislation to be voted on Friday could put thousands back in your pocket

(Bloomberg) – Returns on US. Public debt crossed another set of closely watched levels, with a significant portion of the financial curve going past a tipping point seen as a potentially suppressive global speculative euphoria, with yields rising at an astonishing rate, with the 10-year government bond rate reaching 161%, the highest A Year’s Value In a telltale warning sign to some strategists, the yield on 5-year Treasuries rose convincingly above 075% on Thursday, a crucial level that is likely to compound sales as traders place their bets on when the Federal will Reserve will begin to raise interest rates, pulled forward The 10-year US. The real yield, which brushes against inflation and is seen as a mere indicator of growth prospects, rose 25 basis points to levels last seen in June.The final leg in that frantic fall in fixed income was a sudden sell-off after demand in the Treasury Department’s 7-year banknote auction rose sharply on Thursday Global earnings are now reaching levels last seen before the coronavirus spread around the world Central banks have tried to calm the markets European Central Bank chief economist Philip Lane said the institute had flexibility in buying bonds, and Fed chair Jerome Powell called the recent surge in yields a “declaration of confidence” in the economic outlook while higher real interest rates signaled that growth is picking up pace , Investors are concerned about the sustainability of the recovery and whether stimulus will lead to ever higher prices. The 5-year note that leads the router “is a warning sign that the sell-off in interest rates is about to revalue towards a convex movement “said Peter Chatwell, a strategist at Mizuho International Plc.” This is something that we believe is inconsistent with the Fed’s low-key interest rate rhetoric. Convexity fuel The bond collapse is causing foreclosures in the $ 7 trillion mortgage-backed bond market. which are likely to be the long-lived S they hold Discharge government bonds or adjust derivative positions to compensate for unexpected jump in duration in your mortgage portfolios. This is a phenomenon known as convexity hedge, and the additional selling has historically exacerbated upward moves in Treasury yields – even during major “convexity events” in In 1994 and 2003, convexity hedging tracks markets already hit by the bond routine, and the 5-year note is of particular interest to many in the $ 21 trillion government bond market earlier this week, lukewarm demand in a five-year bond auction got this one Focused on an important part of the curve that also reflects medium-term expectations for Fed policy on Thursday, demand for an auction of 7-year Treasury bills worth $ 62 billion hit a record low, the reason being that investors the Fed hike expectations continue to reassess as the vaccine roll out and the prospect of additional stimulus foster a rosier outlook for the economy. Returns on 2 and 5 year returns will be more influenced by the starting point and speed of normalization, said Bank of America Corp. Ratings Strategist Ralph Axel “Everything we see is pushing us faster, faster, more in terms of housing removal,” said Axel. The surge in yields hurts riskier assets. Emerging market currencies like the South African rand and Mexican peso sold against the dollar strong, and the S&P 500 index fell as much as 26% In Europe, peripheral countries led a bond sell-off, with Italy’s 10-year yield falling to over 100 basis points over Germany, core debt not spared, and returns for France’s benchmark Debt turned positive for the first time since June Unrest among officials Business leaders make their unrest clear Apart from the ECB’s lane, board member Isabel Schnabel said in an interview published on Thursday that the central bank was keeping a close eye on the financial markets because of a sudden surge the real interest rate de Elsewhere, the Bank of Korea warned it would intervene in the market if the cost of borrowing rose while the Australian central bank resumed buying bonds to push through its return target, The Reserve Bank of New Zealand promised a longer economic period on Wednesday, even if the economic prospects there brighten. “You have to look at the real returns,” said Christian Nolting, Chief Investment Officer at Deutsche Bank Wealth Management, in an interview with Bloomberg Radio. “If real returns really go up and rising fast, this has always been a problem for stocks in the past ”(Updates levels continuously) For more articles like this, please visit us on BloombergcomSubscribe now to stay ahead of the game with the most trusted business news source © 2021 Bloomberg LP

(Bloomberg) – JPMorgan Chase & Co According to experts, Mexico’s private banking business is shutting down as wealthy clients in some of Latin America’s largest economies move their money to international financial capitalsS. The bank signed an agreement to transfer local business to BBVA Mexico, the local unit of Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA, one respondent said.Nevertheless, the New York-based company will continue to serve customers from Mexico through its platform outside the country, one said The decision to discontinue local wealth management services in Latin America’s second largest economy follows a similar move in Brazil last summer, when JPMorgan ceased its local private banking business and referred Brazilian wealth clients to Banco Bradesco SA, wealthy families across Latin America have in Looking for money managers in world capitals over the past few years, bankers said In Mexico, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s populist policies, including a tax fight, have pushed some families to move more wealth overseas n Offshore accounts make up the bulk of JPMorgan’s private banking business in MexicoMexicans sent $ 18 billion to overseas accounts last year, most since 2016, the central bank’s balance of payments data on Thursday showed the outflows to “others Accounts “in the fourth quarter of 2020, which include bank deposits from Mexicans abroad, nearly doubled from the third quarter, JPMorgan will continue to have other businesses in Mexico, including investment banking, trading, and treasury services. A company spokesman declined to comment, according to the JPMorgan is.” Banking regulator CNBV the largest wholesale bank in Mexico among global giants with no retail business The company’s other businesses have grown, one respondent said, and last year the bank increased its capital by pesos 8 billion ($ 393 million) to pesos 195 billion , show data (updates to central bank data on outflows in paragraph 5) For more articles like this, please visit us on BloombergcomSubscribe Now to stay ahead of the game with the most trusted business news source © 2021 Bloomberg LP

The crypto exchange’s S-1 form is now online, revealing important details before Coinbase stock hits the market

Standard Chartered PLC restored its dividend on Thursday and reiterated its long-term profit targets This is a vote of confidence in its ability to recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, despite the fact that annual profits have more than halved, but the Asia, Africa and Middle East-focused bank warned that revenue would drop in 2021 expected to be close to last year, and highlighted the challenge of meeting their modest profit targets in a rock bottom world. Increasing revenue has been Chief Executive Bill Winters’ main concern in recent years as slower growth in many of the bank’s key markets, a downturn in raw materials and low central bank interest rates led to a deterioration in earnings

Nvidia Corp on Wednesday forecast better-than-expected sales for the first quarter of the fiscal year Flagship gaming chips likely to remain tight for the next few months.While Nvidia has long been known for its gaming graphics chips, its aggressive foray into artificial intelligence chips that do tasks like voice and image recognition in data centers has helped that it has become the most valuable semiconductor manufacturer by market capitalization

(Bloomberg) – US. President Joe Biden’s decision to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline rekindles interest in shipping Canadian oil sands by rail, which poses its own environmental risks and Imperial Oil Ltd have increasingly turned to trains to move their crude oil, with oil exports by rail from Canada more than tripling since July. Now Gibson Energy Inc An oil shipping company that has signed a 10-year contract with ConocoPhillips to process oil sand before it is loaded at its train terminal – expects other manufacturers to follow suit, without Keystone XL, which was slated to go into operation in 2023, the railroad will likely to be a more important way for Canadian Oil to reach U.S Gulf Coast refineries that need the heavy crude oil to replace declining shipments from Mexico and Venezuela that means the risk of derailments may also increase, according to a 2017 study by Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh, the rail is also causing more emissions than pipelines, with air pollution and greenhouse gas costs more than double the cost of pipelines “The US. Refineries need the heavy crude oil produced by Canada, “said Sean Brown, Gibson’s chief financial officer in Calgary, on a conference call Tuesday.” Discussions continue to heat up Gibson expects a plant to be 50 in the third or fourth quarter000 barrels per day, which maximizes crude oil content in rail shipments by removing the diluents that are used to transport the crude oil through pipelines to its terminal in Hardisty, Alberta, and plans for other DRU (Diluent Recovery Units) are also being planned A small unit was built near the Cenovus Bruderheim Rail Terminal, citing environmental concerns given by his preprocessor Donald Trump to build Keystone XL on his first day in office, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday after a virtual Meeting with Biden that the US. President wouldn’t change his mind “I think it’s very clear that the US. The government made its decision, a decision that we disagree with and are disappointed with, ”he said (Adds the third study, Trudeau comments in the last paragraph) For more articles like this, please visit us on BloombergcomSubscribe now to stay ahead of the game with the most trusted business news source © 2021 Bloomberg LP

A medical graduate who is about 440Had $ 000 in student debt, 98% of its loans were canceled by a California bankruptcy court

Charlie Munger

World News – CA – Charlie Munger: It’s ‘total madness’ to think that having 100 stocks instead of five makes you a better investor