Dabo Swinney has two national championships, 140 career wins (fourth most popular among active FBS head coaches), six direct conference championships, and only seven losses in the past six years.He is a future Hall of Famer with $ 83 million Salary, five top 100 signatories in the 2021 class, and probably at least another decade to cement his legacy as one of the top 10 coaches in college football history

Life is good for Dabo Swinney He could quit today and get away with one of the best coaching resumes ever.But on Friday night he was a punching bag when Clemson was throttled by the eleventh best team in college football at the Sugar Bowl, during which he stumbled with 21 points in the fourth quarter

“[The ranking] had nothing to do with the state of Ohio,” said Swinney after the game, answering a question about his ranking for the Buckeyes in the coach survey two weeks ago. “I said they were good enough for us beating, good enough to win the whole thing.But I didn’t think in my poll that someone who didn’t play at least nine games wouldn’t put them in the top 10 so I wouldn’t change that just because of it gave me a chance we could play it so I don’t regret it. My only regret is that I obviously didn’t work well enough to finish my team. But I don’t regret that at all “

Meanwhile, Alabama is an early 75-point favorite over Ohio State in national championship odds. It is their fourth meeting and the first since the national championship six years ago

After the LSU (28-25) and six minutes before the end of the national championship last year, Clemson’s defense was on their own 16-yard line from first and tenth places and needed a stop in the red zone to order avoid a two-point deficit The Tigers failed to get it, allowing a touchdown two games later when Joe Burrow connected with Thaddeus Moss

Clemson linebacker James Skalski was not on the field for the scoring game as he was ejected for previous alignment The rule was correctly applied when Skalski made two NCAA rule fields by forcible contact with the crown of the helmet and forcible contact with the head or throat area of ​​a defenseless player checked. In the end, Skalski’s ejection didn’t matter as Clemson didn’t score another point and lost 42-25, but at the time it was a huge loss

Almost exactly a year later, Skalski was thrown again, this time for firing Justin Fields in an open field hit at Fields’ midsection, and like 50 weeks ago, the rule was applied correctly, despite a shocking number of pundits disagreeing was

Article 3 of Rule 9 (Conduct of Players and Others Subject to the Rules) in the 2020 NCAA Rulebook: No player may target and forcibly contact an opponent with the crown of his helmet.The crown of the helmet is the part of the helmet over the height of the top of the face mask. There must be at least one indicator of aiming for this foul (See Note 1 below) If it is an option, it is a foul

Note 1: “Aiming” means that a player aims at an opponent to attack with violent contact beyond a legal tackle or block or playing the ball. Some indicators of targeting include, but are not limited to to be:

And the fourth point in the “Not limited to” section: Before attacking, lower your head by forcing contact with the crown of the helmet

Clearly, the rule has been applied correctly, but the rule itself remains frustrating. While the NCAA took a step in the right direction prior to this season by allowing expelled players to stay on the sideline, they haven’t revised the rule to include one to allow more precise interpretation of the intentions. In the case of Skalski’s hit, it should be marked for aiming but not for ejection

Like last year, ejection ultimately didn’t matter as the state of Ohio crushed Clemson’s defenses with or without a skalski, but the rule remains frustrating nonetheless

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Dabo Swinney

World news – CA – Dabo: No regrets about the OSU ranking after the Sugar Bowl Beatdown

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