After Trump supporters and other right-wing extremists on 1 Stormed and stormed Capitol Hill on January 6th 6, tension among lawmakers was immense as they addressed the aftermath of the violent protest.Many members of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, have the sitting president’s situation and method of dealing with the situation , publicly condemned

There have been many rumors of tension in the White House, including that Vice President Mike Pence failed to follow President Donald Trump on Twitter. Did he?

During the riot on Capitol Hill, tensions between President Trump and the rest of his party increased markedly, particularly with Vice President Pence. As those who breached the Capitol broke in, Vice President Pence had to call in the National Guard – a move that normally only the president undertook

After this tension, the rumor circulated that the Vice President had not followed the Commander in Chief on Twitter

According to Snopes, the rumor was started by the fake news site Disclose, and if you check any of the Vice President’s social channels (both personal and professional) you will see that President Trump’s accounts are still there, so no , it doesn’t look like Vice President Pence didn’t follow President Trump

Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have banned President Trump’s accounts.Twitter has banned President Trump’s account for 12 hours after removing several of his tweets, while both Facebook and Instagram said their profiles too were blocked

According to CNN, Twitter said in a statement that “future violations will result in your @ realDonaldTrump account being permanently banned,” the first time the social media site has warned of a possible banning in a statement From Mark Zuckerburg on Facebook he wrote: “We are extending the block that we have placed on [Trump’s] Facebook and Instagram accounts indefinitely and for at least the next two weeks until the peaceful change of power is complete”

After the riots, more lawmakers on both sides of the political spectrum have started the 25th Call for change that would effectively remove President Trump from office

“It’s time to move on to 25th Calling change and ending this nightmare, “said Rep. Adam Kinzinger (a Republican lawmaker),” The president is unfit and the president is unwell “, according to Politico,

Others are calling for the president to be charged with less than two weeks in office

In section 4 of 25 The amendment states that the Vice President shall take office immediately if the Vice President and a two-thirds majority of both houses of Congress believe that the current seated President “is unable to perform the powers and duties of his office Office as acting president “

If the legislature determines that the president cannot successfully carry out his duties as president, he can be removed from office immediately

It is currently unclear whether Vice President Pence or members of Congress will be on the 25th Amendment to be Appealed Some Republican lawmakers are openly against the measure, while others have started circulating the articles of impeachment again

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