Six days after the Wall Street Journal published a statement from writer Joseph Epstein based on the condescending premise that Dr Jill Biden should be embarrassed to use the badge as she is not a doctor The Future First Lady said she was surprised by the piece

“That was such a surprise,” said DR Biden when asked about it in an interview with Stephen Colbert on Thursday on The Late Show episode

In fact, from the start, Epstein was dismissively “Madame First Lady” Mrs. Bidenâ ???? Jillâ ???? Kiddo: A little piece of advice on what might seem small, but I think that’s not an unimportant matter. Any chance you get the â ???? Dra???? before your name ???? he wrote â ???? â ???? Dr Jill Bidenâ ???? sounds and feels deceptive, not to mention a touch comic your graduation is, I believe, an EdD, a PhD in Education earned from the University of Delaware with a dissertation titled “Student Loyalty at Community College Level: Meeting Students” Needs a ???? A wise man once said no one should call themselves Dra???? unless he gave birth to a child, think about it, Dr Jill, and immediately drop the docâ ????

â ???? For eight years I saw Dr. Jill Biden does what many working women do – successfully managing more than one responsibility at once, from her teaching duties to official White House duties to mother, wife and friend roles ??? Obama wrote on Instagram And now we’re all seeing what happens to so many professional women too, whether their titles are DrWoman, woman, or even first lady: all too often our achievements meet with skepticism, even ridicule.We are doubted by those who prefer weakness to ridiculousness to strength of respect And yet their words can somehow stay – after decades of work we are forced to prove ourselves again Is this really the example we want to set for the next generation? ????

Thursday speaks Dr Biden said the doctorate was “one of the things I’m most proud of” and said she was grateful for the assistance she received in the wake of the operation.After Colbert suggested, this could be taken as a compliment as far-right media has little else to do with Dr Biden, she said with a laugh, “Okay, I’ll see it that way”â ????

Dr Biden was accompanied to the interview by her husband, President-elect Joe Biden, “Did you ever want to pull out a piece of pool chain and give these people full corn pop?” Colbert asked the president-elect

As he crossed his arms over his chest, Biden added, “I suppressed my Irishness for a long time”â ????

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World news – CA – Dr Jill Biden replies to the Wall Street Journal: “That was such a surprise”