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Facebook took its most significant measure to date against Trump two weeks before the end of its presidency

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Social media companies grapple with responses to the uprising that erupted in the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, despite plenty of time and warning, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube still seemed to follow suit in their response to President Trump’s demands crawling into a riot after losing his election After the violence at the Capitol, Twitter and Facebook are now putting some of the toughest measures in place to limit Trump’s reach

Twitter has taken the unprecedented move of banning Trump’s account for 12 hours – a period that should begin after Trump went into his own account and removed the tweets that violated his policies – and said it would Suspend his account if the president, who has nearly 90 million followers on the platform, has violated the rules on the integrity of citizens or violent threats again after Twitter’s decision, Facebook announced it would introduce a temporary ban and prevent that Trump’s page will be published on the platform for 24 hours

On Thursday, a Twitter spokesperson confirmed that the offending tweets had been deleted from the president’s account This could mean that Trump is on track to restore his ability to tweet

Just minutes later, on Thursday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company would indefinitely suspend Trump’s ability to post on the platform, Zuckerberg said Trump would be for at least the next two weeks, the rest of his Presidency, not allowed to post on Facebook and Instagram

“We believe that the risk that the president can continue to use our service during this time is just too great,” wrote Zuckerberg. “Therefore we are extending the block that we have placed on his Facebook and Instagram accounts , for an indefinite period and for at least the next two weeks until the peaceful transfer of power is complete ”

The move marks the most significant action Facebook has ever taken against Trump. At the time of the update, a Twitter spokesperson was unable to comment on whether that platform was still planning to restore Trump’s account

Additionally, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have used the tools they have used in the past to more proactively handle sensitive events: adding labels, removing posts that violate their rules, and elevating content from authoritative sources but with that Uprising in the Capitol, it appears that platforms still fail to effectively contain his misinformation or attacks on U.S. democracy in the final days of the Trump presidency. Before Twitter and Facebook suspended Trump’s ability to post, many prominent technical and political figures called for it ordered companies to ban Trump’s social media accounts altogether for his continued incitement to violence

In a statement on Wednesday afternoon, Facebook condemned the protests at the Capitol, saying that “incitement and calls to violence” are banned on the website.In particular, Facebook was loudly criticized after the platform left a post from Trump that said: “When the looting begins, the shootings begin,” amid the 2020 protests against the police murder of George Floyd

Trump has a huge megaphone on Facebook, where he has more than 35 million followers in the hours before the violence, one of the most engaging posts on the platform, according to Facebook’s own tool, CrowdTangle, was one from Trump, who encouraged his supporters, on Coming to Washington DC Wednesday and explaining that the city is “about to be inundated with people who don’t want an election stolen”. The post contained a Facebook-provided label that put people on a page about electoral integrity Bipartisan Policy Center website forwards, which is similar to the labels Facebook has applied to several of Trump’s recent posts

The electoral integrity label was also applied to a video uploaded to Trump’s Facebook page while the Capitol Hill riot was still unfolding in which Trump urged calm, but reiterated his false claims of a stolen election, Facebook added the video shut down only a few hours after uploading, but not before it has been viewed more than 2 times7 million times

A Facebook spokesperson told Recode that it has been taking other measures to suppress disruption, including restricting the distribution of content that Facebook predicts may violate its community standards and blocking the Hashtags #StormTheCapitol The spokesman added that the company was in contact with law enforcement agencies

Following these enforcement decisions, Facebook changed course again, announcing its temporary ban on publication on Trump’s site. “We have assessed two policy violations against President Trump’s site that will result in a 24-hour functional block, meaning he will be during this time can no longer post on the platform, “said a statement published on Twitter

In a statement posted on its platform Wednesday afternoon, Twitter said that calls for violence are against its guidelines and that the company is reducing exposure to tweets that could increase the risk of violence, Twitter added that it is Examine Other “Enforcement Measures” To Respond To Current Events At The Capitol Later on Wednesday afternoon, Twitter took the rare action of deleting two of Trump’s tweets, including one falsely claiming his election was “viciously deprived” and one who encouraged the rioters

“Regarding the current situation in Washington, DC.We are proactively working to protect the health of the public conversation on the service and will take action in relation to content that violates the Twitter rules, “said a tweet from the Twitter security account,” Threats and calls for violence violate the Twitter rules, and we enforce our policies accordingly ”

Several tweets recently published by President Donald Trump contained labels of varying severity A post in which Trump demeaned Vice President Mike Pence – and continued to label the US presidential election as fraudulent – had a Twitter label that said “the Election fraud allegation is controversial, although users could no longer like, retweet, or comment on the tweet, although it can be tweeted in quotes so that users can retweet when they add their own comment

While a quote tweet allows people to express their thoughts on what a public figure is saying, many of the quote tweets from Trump’s posts reflect the president or his topics of conversation, or criticize Twitter

I’ve never seen this before. Twitter is now reporting Trump’s disinfo-filled message to its supporters and blocking replies, likes, RTs and approvals outside the platform. Strong moderation from Twitter! ImageTwittercom / C39IePauFp

Trump’s video of addressing rioters distant from Facebook was also published on his Twitter account. Engagement was limited on Wednesday evening: users could not “like”, “comment”, retweet or retweet the post Quote tweet Twitter deleted the post not long afterwards. Nevertheless, the video has already been viewed almost 13 million times there

YouTube also removed Trump’s video about rioters, as well as several other videos either promoting violence or depicting people with firearms

“Our teams are working to quickly remove livestreams and other content that violates our policies, including those against incitement to violence or recordings of graphic violence,” Farshad Shadloo, a spokesperson for YouTube, told Recode, adding that the company is so, will also expand authoritative sources on the home page, search results, and letters of recommendation

On Parler, a small and largely unmoderated social media platform with a heavily conservative user base, the situation at the Capitol is being discussed in detail. The platform did not respond to Recode’s request for comment before it was released

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have so far refrained from suspending Trump’s account or that of large groups that helped organize the protests, despite his ability to post has been blocked

Many people – including prominent members of the tech and civil liberties community – criticize these social media companies for failing to further restrict violent rhetoric

Chris Sacca, an early Twitter investor, wrote that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had blood on their hands to enable people to “encourage violent betrayal” on their platforms and called for them The executives and their employees on, “turn it off”

You’ve got blood on your hands, @jack and Zuck for four years you’ve streamlined this terror Inciting violent betrayal is not free speech.If you work in these companies, it’s up to you too to turn it off

Stanford Internet Observatory director and former Facebook security chief Alex Stamos urged Twitter and Facebook to suspend Trump’s account

There have been good arguments for private companies not to silence elected officials, but all of those arguments are based on the protection of constitutional governance, Twitter and Facebook need to cut it off, there are no longer legitimate stocks and the labeling is not enough ImageTwittercom / Nji6A4sJum

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have long argued that they have a responsibility to defend open communication on their platforms, even when it can be politically controversial and on the rare occasions when these companies are more extreme Taking action – for example, when Twitter blocked a New York Post article containing controversial claims about Hunter Biden, or Facebook removed a Trump post containing false claims about Covid-19 and children – those measures have been done by conservative politicians and some supporters of the Freedom of speech severely criticized

However, Wednesday’s events are a serious test of whether incremental restrictions like a warning sign go far enough, especially in the scenario of a seated president using social media to promote a violent attack on US democracy >

And somehow, despite the fact that social media companies had years to prepare for this moment and many warnings that Wednesday in particular could be violent, they still seemed undecided and unprepared to deal with the situation / p>

Update, 7 Jan Jan 11:07 a.m. ET: This story was updated to determine that Facebook has extended the ban on Trump’s accounts

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