The Simpsons prophetic writers did it again and appear to have predicted yesterday’s riots on Capitol Hill in an episode in November

Fans of the long-running animated series have come to social media to point out that a recent episode predicted yesterday’s far-right riot on Capitol Hill It shared stills from the show that were compared to the group of Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol building, resulting in four deaths

It is by no means the first time the series’ prophetic writing has been brought to light

The 31 annual Halloween episode of the show, which started on Jan. The U.S. aired November 11th, 2020, featured an apocalyptic scene of fires burning in Springfield on inauguration day in 2021 after Homer failed to vote

The episode reveals the ramifications of Homer’s missed vote, which is the voting decision

Fans exchanged pictures of the scenes from the episode entitled “20 January 2021 “while yesterday the Capitol was led by extreme Republicans who fought to keep Trump in office

Others shared the seemingly fan art of the character Willy, dressed as a rioter in the horned fur hat

Another predictive programming of the Simpsons! We live an in Truman Show ouYou decide

It comes after another episode of Treehouse of Horror that aired in 1996 that predicted people were outraged by a change that banned the burning of flags that stormed the Capitol with bombs and guns

The Simpsons have proven themselves to be the nostradamus of television, best known for predicting Trump’s presidency in 2000

In the episode “Bart to the Future” – Lisa Simpson is president and must clean up Trump’s chaos – 15 years before he even announced that he was running for office

Yeardley Smith, the voice of Lisa Simpson, told Newscomau last year, “They were literally thinking,” What’s the stupid, outrageous, and dumbest idea for a president that we can possibly think of? “

In the past few years, the writers of The Simpsons have not only broadcast an animated crystal ball, but they haven’t scrutinized Trump so subtly in the past

In the same Halloween episode that aired just days before the election, they slipped into a last-minute sleigh against the Republican leader with a wild list of his horrific mistakes and controversies

A rolling list of 50 of Trump’s most notorious moments included: “$ 750 tax paid, allegedly bleach swallowed, withdrawn from WHO, labeled white supremacists” fine people, “and tweeted a classified photo on the Iranian missile website ”

Meanwhile, in the run-up to the election, showrunner Al Jean was a vocal Trump critic on Twitter, urging his supporters to vote

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