Singer Ari Gold has died at the age of 47 after battling cancer. RuPaul, a friend and mentor of Gold, was one of the first to celebrate his death yesterday and offer his condolences online

â ???? Until we meet again, dear friend @ SirAriGold Love always, Ru, â ???? he said on Twitter and Instagram

Another friend, Len Evans, posted on Facebook: “I’m so broken to hear that Ari Gold lost his battle with cancer today”He was a friend and someone I’ve known for 20 years and a forerunner in the LGBTQ community. Such a sad ending for a beautiful, talented, happy soul ð ?????? I love you, Ari! Â? ???

Gold was born and raised in the Bronx in an Orthodox Jewish family. Already at the age of five, he showed precocious talent and won the first annual Jewish nursery rhyme festival, which resulted in him singing on children ???? TV Themes, Cartoons and Commercials

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In the late 1990s, Gold began performing his own material in New York City venues and clubs like Joe’s Pub, Splash and Pyramid before releasing his self-titled debut album in 2001, His of Pop and Râ ???? n / A ???? B-influenced songs were explicitly queer in terms of content

His second album, Space Under The Sun, was released in 2004, followed by a remix album in 2005 with greats like “Wave of You”, “Love Wasn” “Not Built In A Day” and “Where The Music Takes You” To Dance Floor Hits He toured nationwide, became an integral part of the Pride Festival, and worked with the likes of Kevin Aviance and Boy George

Gold released seven albums during his career, including some under the monikers Sir Ari and GoldNation

Gold was treated for leukemia in 2019 and was later declared cancer-free.He made a podcast, A Kiki From the Cancer Ward, interviewing friends who had visited him or shown support

In one episode interviewing RuPaul, Gold said, “Ru became what I know closest to a mentor”I couldn’t tell you how many hours we would spend on the phone, vomiting up on my currently perceived problems and Ru giving me an evolved, spiritual perspective – in return, Gold gave RuPaul advice on publishing music independently.” / p>

Performer Peppermint said on Instagram: “Ari, you came into my life before I even knew who you were”Listening to you on some of my favorite morning cartoons as a little kid I never thought that not only would we become close friends later, but our love of music would connect Madonna and Wonder Woman to one another that inspired me in a way and cared for that you will never know Right now, I really want the world to know everything you did, and I want them to celebrate you. You understood and were open and got it before anyone else did, and I love you because you have always centered meâ ????

Laverne Cox said, “I am so devastated that you moved on today”But I know you will take care of me like you always have. I’m so grateful to have known you. I’m better because you were a part of my life. My brother! I love you so much! Shut up. Quiet.” of power !! â ????

Drag performer Lady Bunny also posted on Facebook: I’m very sorry to learn that singer / songwriter Ari Gold has passed away I will always remember him as a treasure of the New York club scene He’s been sick for several years, and that’s all the details I know. His birthday was only on the 11th February goodbye! Â ????

I am very sorry to learn that singer / songwriter Ari Gold has passed away, and I will always remember him as a NYC club treasure

I think we only ever spent a few hours in each other’s company, but he was very supportive and his beautiful energy stayed with me Incredibly sad to see #RIPAriGold https: // tco / J6mzB7XQAF

@SirAriGold was an extraordinary talent He was a fearless fighter And he was my friend I’ll miss him #RIP BildTwittercom / V8XwpcpsWp

Ari Gold

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