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Los Angeles Lakers lost games for the first time in nearly a month on Saturday night, the Miami Heat rolled into the Staples Center for an NBA final rematch and got a semblance of revenge in the form of a dramatic 96-94 win

The Heat took an early double-digit lead, increasing its lead to as much as 15 in the second half, but the Lakers fought back in the second half and even took the lead briefly in the third quarter, while the Heat soon regained the lead, it was always a bit difficult, and her inability to push the game away almost came back to bite LeBron James forced a theft in the final seconds to give the Lakers a shot to tie the buzzer or win, but Alex Caruso’s efforts continued

Kendrick Nunn led all scorers with 27 points, Jimmy Butler finished with 24 points, eight rebounds and five assists, and Bam Adebayo put 16 points, 10 rebounds and six assists on Kyle Kuzma went for 23 points to lead LA in the scoring department, while LeBron James scored almost three times double with 19 points, nine rebounds and nine assists

After their surprise trip to the finals last season there were high expectations for the heat this season but things didn’t go according to plan due to COVID-19 and injuries, even after their win over the Lakers they are still way under 500 at 1 pm-5pm and outside the playoff picture

The good news for Miami is that things are slowly improving.Jimmy Butler is back after missing 10 games Goran Dragic is expected to return from his ankle injury after this road trip and they have won six of their last nine games.We are still not seeing the best version of this team, but they are way closer to that level than they were a few weeks ago
A big reason for their recent turnaround is that they excelled on the defensive during those nine games they only allow 1,063 points per 100 possessions, and that equates to the second best defensive score in the league in that period against the Lakers showed they put their skills on this side of the ground and limited their opponents to just 393 percent of the field

Anthony Davis is one of the best defensive players in the league, but the Lakers are such a strong unit on this side of the ball that they feel Davis’ absence much more on offense – they are missing not only his 225 points per game, but his Ability to create your own shot and the attention it draws from defense

So far this season, the Lakers have posted a 1153 offensive rating with Davis on the ground and a 1065 offensive rating when he’s seated, which is the difference between seventh in the league and 27th It certainly didn’t help that they played a great defensive team in the heat and were also without Dennis Schroder, but they looked a lot like the latter on Saturday night

They hit a season low of 393 percent from the field and only 289 percent from 3-point land Sure, there have been some successes with LeBron running the show and dictating the game, but all too often they haven’t had any at half the pitch Answers Even at full strength, they don’t have a lot of people who excel at creating their own shot, and that problem only gets bigger when Davis is seated

The Lakers’ title defense started dominantly as they established themselves as the best team in the league early on. They started 14-4 and took first place in the loaded Western Conference. Since then, it has not been easy

Even as they’ve won in the past few weeks, it’s been an exchange of blows against the Celtics, three overtime in a row, a late comeback to defeat the Timberwolves. Now Davis is out for the next month with his calf injury, and they’re feeling it clearly the impact

They were knocked down by the nets and now lost to the Heat for their first “losing streak” in nearly a month. They fell to third place in the Western Conference and had a tough game against before the All-Star break Jazz, Trail Blazers, Warriors and Suns to play

On the plus side, we’ve seen how great this team can be, and the main thing for them is just to get into the playoffs at full speed. If they can, that little rough spot won’t mean much

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