Tesla unveiled a historic $ 15 billion Bitcoin investment on Monday that pushed the digital currency to a record high of 44$ 795 brought in

The electric car maker also said it will soon accept Bitcoin as a means of payment for its products

Some analysts say Elon Musk is a relatively late adopter of cryptocurrencies, but believe this is one of several new investments he will make in space

“Tesla’s Bitcoin acquisition is a strong signal for a new era of integration between the cryptocurrency ecosystem and the mainstream business, in which tokens are increasingly not only acting as a store of value but also as a tangible medium of exchange”

“This moment is likely to be seen as a real turning point in the years to come Support from Elon and Tesla legitimizes crypto and opens up Bitcoin to a whole new class of retail and institutional investors. Now, all of Wall Street seems to be in bed with this industry – if they weren’t careful before, they are now “

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“Tesla and Bitcoin – the archetypes of volatility – inevitably meet again because they are tools born of frustration and courage, to paraphrase the old adage frustration with the state of things and the courage to see to it that they don’t stay the way they are “

“The richest person in the world just told you that he doesn’t believe in holding dollars as long-term store of value. We’ve heard from the world’s smartest investors, and now we’ve heard from the world’s richest people Everyone agrees that 5-10% of your net worth in BTC is a vital part of a well-diversified portfolio “

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Tesla’s investment “cemented crypto into both history and the future as not only a fundamentally secure store of value, but also an asset with an infinite number of uses yet to be discovered. I see this as the door that opens wide for crypto companies with B2B services like my companies to test their products and usher in the next wave of launches in partnership with Tesla “

“Tesla’s move gives the industry further validation, demonstrating the resilience of crypto as an asset class. The battle for custody and safeguarding these volatile assets will be the next to watch Compared to other infrastructures could suffer from inflexibility “

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World News – CA – Here’s What 6 Crypto Experts Said About Tesla’s $ 1 5 Billion Investment In Bitcoin

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