New restrictions on inbound travelers will go into effect on February 22, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Friday – including a new hotel quarantine requirement

“These measures will take effect from February 22,” Trudeau said, speaking from the front steps of Rideau Cottage

Trudeau added that there will be exceptions to these new restrictions, particularly for truckers and healthcare workers traveling to Canada

In late January, Trudeau announced that travelers coming into the country by plane would have to take a mandatory PCR coronavirus test while they wait for the results of that test to be quarantined in a hotel for up to three days be – at your own expense

Trudeau had previously said that the cost of this hotel stay was “likely to be more than 2000 USD will be ”

“Those with negative test results can then be quarantined at home under significantly increased surveillance and enforcement,” Trudeau said at the time,

“Individuals with positive tests must be immediately quarantined at certain government facilities to ensure they are not carrying any potentially questionable variants””

During several press conferences on Friday, ministers and government officials stated that travelers arriving in Canada must take three separate COVID-19 tests, the first being taken no more than 72 hours prior to arrival, and another being taken at Arriving at the Canadian border or taken at the Canadian airport

Travelers will then receive an additional test kit upon arrival, which should be used 10 days later for a third and final test

In a separate press conference on Friday, Minister of Health Patty Hajdu gave further details on the mandatory hotel quarantine that all air travelers must undertake on arrival in Canada

“It is up to the traveler to decide where to stay and book before leaving,” said Hajdu

She stated that the government-approved hotels will be listed on a booking website starting February 18 They are all located near airports in the four cities that are currently allowed to accept international flights: Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal / p>

“The price includes the cost of rooms, food, cleaning, measures to prevent and control infections, and security and transport”

If a traveller’s test result is negative, they can leave the quarantine hotel to go home or take their connecting flight to their final destination

However, it could take up to three days to achieve this result – a reality that is responsible for understanding, according to Bill Blair, Secretary of Public Safety

“When you travel, it is your responsibility to understand and obey all the rules,” said Blair

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According to Trudeau, travelers will have to “more than 2 years” for the new mandatory COVID-19 hotel quarantine000 USD ”

The Canadian Public Health Authority (PHAC) has stated that the federal government is reaching out to private security firms to enforce the 14-day quarantine and conduct personal compliance visits

Orders totaling 2 million USD was awarded to G4S Secure Solutions (Canada) Ltd, GardaWorld and Paladin Risk Solutions, according to PHAC.The Canadian Corps of Commissionaires, a nonprofit that employs Canadian armed forces veterans and retired RCMP officers, has also been tapped for personal visits help

The new restrictions are in addition to the mandatory 14-day quarantine that people arriving in Canada have had to undergo for almost a year, as well as new restrictions on travelers arriving at Canada’s land borders

Starting Monday, travelers arriving at Canada’s land border must present a COVID-19 negative test within 72 hours of their arrival

While Canada cannot technically turn away its citizens who are not given a negative test, Trudeau said Tuesday that the government has other tools at its disposal to ensure compliance, saying failure to present such a test may expire Carry out “severe penalties”, including fines of up to 3000 USD per person

Trudeau also said the government will be taking new measures to ensure “Health Canada is being fully tracked” to ensure they are tested and properly quarantined

During a technical briefing on the new measures, an official from the Canada Border Services Agency warned travelers to expect longer waiting times at the border due to the precautionary measures

He added that the CBSA will not endanger the health and safety of Canadians in the interest of border waiting times

Responding to reporters’ concern that the measures may restrict those who have to travel for medical or emergency reasons, Trudeau said the government is “aware” of the need to be “thoughtful and compassionate towards people who are find themselves in extremely difficult situations and absolutely need to travel ”

“We will continue to work with people and the ministers involved will continue to pay close attention to any additions or adjustments that need to be made to these measures,” said Trudeau. “But every step is to bring all Canadians to safety”

The new measures apply to all travelers – including those who have already received the vaccine, officials confirmed

However, there are groups that are exempt from land border measures, including truck drivers who make up the bulk of cross-border travel

In an email to Global News, a spokesman for the CBSA confirmed that 93 percent of cross-border commuters are exempt from restrictions

“The vast majority of land travelers (93%) are exempt from quarantine requirements,” the email reads

Meanwhile, the aviation industry welcomed aspects of air travel – but not the whole

“We are major advocates of an aviation test regime and have been pursuing this initiative with the federal government for many months,” said Mike McNaney, President and CEO of the National Airlines Council of Canada

The government has also taken steps, in partnership with airlines, to make it more difficult for Canadians to access sunny vacation destinations. In late January, Trudeau said Air Canada, WestJet, Sunwing and Air Transat had agreed to offer flights to “all Caribbean destinations and Mexico to cancel ”

McNaney hopes the resumption of service after Jan. April may also include a clear plan for restoring the aviation industry to normal

“We have to work now for the 30th April to put in place a real testing and quarantine strategy to allow the sector to reboot and restore safely, “he said

“We have to embark on this process now, with the aim of getting you to work by the age of 30 April have a clear initial strategy and approach on how we tie testing to quarantine measures that are scaled down and you would incorporate rapid antigen testing into the testing process ”

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