With the end of vacation lockdown nearing and some health professionals calling for stricter restrictions, Quebec officials should prepare for the rapid progression of the COVID-19 pandemic – and whether measures and closings will be extended

Prime Minister François Legault initially called a press conference for Tuesday evening, but in an unusual step it was delayed by a whole day to 5 p.m. Wednesday

Quebec is currently in a partial lockdown that includes schools and non-essential businesses closing through January 11 to contain the novel coronavirus tide.In recent weeks, hospital stays and cases have risen sharply and are under pressure on that anyway thin provincial health system exercised

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Montreal’s French-speaking La Presse reports that not only is the government considering a full lockdown similar to the one in March 2020, but that health officials are recommending a curfew

While some parts of the province, including Montreal and Quebec City, have been partially closed since October, there has been a significant increase in recent weeks

Quebec reported more than 2 on Monday500 new cases and 32 new deaths, with hospital admissions increasing again There are 1294 patients in the hospital, 188 of them in intensive care units

Quebec remains the province hardest hit by the health crisis, with the highest number of cases of 212850 Since last March, the pandemic has resulted in the death of 8379 Quebecers led

Quebec Lockdown

World News – CA – If the coronavirus pandemic continues, is Quebec heading for another full lockdown?

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