2020 was the year zoom became the verb It was the year virtual meetings became the norm and virtual classrooms were the teaching method while Zoom stole the headlines and became the video conferencing app of choice for many people Microsoft Teams started in 2020

Microsoft Teams had a monstrous year in just about every way The feature list grew, usage rates skyrocketed, and it gained a sense of normalcy in the public eye.This growth resulted from an unprecedented pandemic and Microsoft invested time, money and effort to meet an almost unreal demand for video conferencing

While teams have been around since 2017, it only started this year.This applies to both the range of functions and the usage rate. At the beginning of 2020, only four people could be displayed in team calls in the grid view. You can now up to View 49 people at the same time in team meetings Microsoft has also increased the maximum number of participants for meetings up to 300 and introduced new features such as the toggle mode and the gallery view

Breakout rooms make a training session more interactive I think they will change my teaching methods “

Every month Microsoft shares a roundup of all of the new features introduced in the previous month, and every month this list includes a number of significant changes and improvements, as a news writer who has handled a few app updates in my time, it is clear that this is Not just bug fixes and standard updates are to ensure the security of an app Microsoft is clearly investing in Teams as a Service

Teams weren’t always the first videoconferencing app to add new features, but Microsoft has worked hard to make the platform noticeably better, and that investment is paying off

Breakout Rooms is a relatively new feature for Teams, but a good example of Microsoft’s improvement to the platform. Again, Teams wasn’t the first app to have Breakout Rooms, but the addition of this app makes it a lot easier to use

My sister-in-law Lyd Freeman is a teacher and uses Teams for Work Lyd was closely following the introduction of breakout rooms as it could make a significant difference in online learning when it finally came out, Lyd immediately jumped on it and her office tested it during a Christmas party Lyd says, “Breakout rooms make a training session more interactive and replace the awkward silence of everyone just watching you speak in a meeting I think they will change my teaching methods”

The teams’ biggest area of ​​growth is in terms of users The service gained nearly 100 million daily daily active users and became a mainstay of corporate communications and online learning

In November 2019, the daily number of active users in Teams was 20 million, a number that currently seems skimpy By March 2020 it was up to 44 million March was the first month with major lockdowns in many regions, and from March to March April daily active users increased from 44 million to 75 million Microsoft last announced the usage figures for Teams in October when it was stated that Teams reached 115 million daily active users

It’s easy to write off teams that gain more users as everyone has to use video conferencing tools There are tons of tools to choose from, however, and people have chosen Teams for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it is bundled with Microsoft 365, but the bottom line is that people use Teams

That last point is anecdotal, but in my experience, Microsoft teams went normal in 2020. Back in May, I wrote about how Microsoft Teams changed my soccer team during the pandemic, and my soccer team has continued to use teams since, and it will be more important with Britain getting on and off the lockdown

Having a consistent platform to teach and communicate was an incredible resource, and I have found that people can get into our team organization better than before while a lot of people had heard of teams when we heard about them earlier in the year changed it feels more normal now I get a lot of messages from potential players and after it is clear they want to join the team I ask them for their email address so I can add them to the teams almost always there no follow-up questions. In almost all cases you have heard of it, used it, and know how to set it up

While teams have skyrocketed in 2020, I don’t think the growth is an anomaly, while we may get back to personal work and training, the toothpaste is out of the tube and the virtual communication remains as I leave expect Microsoft to roll out new functionality for Teams and expand its user base in 2021 and beyond

With Microsoft Teams, you can collaborate with colleagues, upload files, send messages and chat over videos.It integrates with Office 365 and several other cloud services

An early version of Polaris, an aborted SKU of the Windows Core operating system, leaked online, the build is from Spring 2018 and only includes the bare core operating system This means that there are neither composer (shell) nor apps. Windows Core OS is a modern version of Windows that supports HoloLens 2 and the upcoming Windows 10X and has been in the works for many years

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