Jonathan Bailey is an English actor who has extensive stage, television and film production experience.He has appeared in everything from romantic comedies to historical dramas, and was first introduced to the American Audience popular for his work on the BBC series Broadchurch

With a juicy new role on the upcoming Shonda Rhimes series Bridgerton, a Netflix original, Bailey is introduced to a whole new fan base – and luckily, the young star has the charisma and charm it takes to switch the limelight

Bailey was born in England in 1988. Bailey grew up in a large family with three older sisters and knew early on that he wanted to pursue a career in the performing arts

As a child, he studied ballet before finally embarking on a theater career by the mid-1990s, Bailey made his stage debut and appeared in shows such as Les Misérables.He also starred on several popular television shows including Bright Hair

Bailey first gained great critical acclaim in 2011 when he played the famous artist Leonardo da Vinci in the television series Leonardo, proving that he was capable of doing any project, from drama to romantic comedy, and earned many fans in England and beyond

Nevertheless, many viewers in the US only began to recognize and follow Bailey’s career with his work on the BBC detective series Broadchurch

In 2018, Rhimes, the creative force behind Grey’s Anatomy, announced their new series in collaboration with Netflix, titled Bridgerton, based on a popular series of novels, and due to air on April 25 Debut on the streaming platform December 2020

The show features a star-studded cast, including Julie Andrews as narrator, as well as a host of other talented British actors

Bailey has one of the juiciest roles on the show, and as Andrew Bridgerton he’s poised to take on Netflix in a big way. In a recent interview, Bailey went into playing the character of Andrew and revealed that Andrew ” Loves people but it’s kind of toxic and I think it’s that horrible thing that he clings to some and he just seems to slide But you know, he still has a long way to go ”

As Bailey steps into the spotlight, many fans take an interest in the actor’s personal life. While Bailey prefers to keep his relationship status to himself, he has been very open about his experiences as a gay man in the entertainment industry

In an interview with Attitude, Bailey opened by admitting that he believes any actor should be able to play any role. He said, “Why not point it out, allow people to see gay actors who have favourited Gay Roles Am I the right person to speak about this? Maybe, maybe not, but I agree with the argument, I get it and again I think an opportunity was missed because it would have been beneficial to so many people ”

With regard to gay marriage, Bailey also has a lot to say: “Gay men should be able to get married, we absolutely should. But the question,” Just because we can, should we? “is interesting” Although he didn’t directly reveal if he’s dating anyone there is no doubt that more about Bailey and his personal life will soon come to light with his upcoming new series

Jonathan Bailey

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