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The Utah Jazz defeated the Philadelphia 76ers 134-123 on Monday night at Vivint Arena, and they did so behind a stellar performance by their sixth husband

Jordan Clarkson hit a season high of 40 points in 29 minutes from the bench – two points less than his career high of 42. He started the night with a 4-of-4 win from the 3-point line in less than four Minutes After First Coming into the Game He finished 8-of-13 from depth, 13-of-20 overall, and 6-of-7 from the free throw line

It’s no secret that Clarkson is an offensive force and one of the most intrepid players in the NBA, and all his confidence came to the fore on Monday

After the game, jazz head coaches Quin Snyder and Joe Ingles were asked what it is like to train and play with a man who is so confident and plays with so much energy. Here’s what the two and Clarkson after that Game had to say

Quin Snyder: “I think the mix he got of his aggressiveness from both the 3-point line and on the edge – we really talked a lot about his ability to shoot 3s instead of the midfield to settle for when he’s so good at the edge – and one of the things he does is when he’s into paint, he’s such a good finisher, but he’s got his eyes out too, and we want his eyes on the edge (laughs), but he is too, it was incredibly selfless I believe in him and his teammates believe in him. He’s confident from the start, but I think that puts him in a really good place mentally, I just like them other things he’s trying to do too I think how he jumped into the game – you see him on the offensive glass, you see him trying to defend – and I think that helps him stay focused. He doesn’t have to be open to being aggressive and shooting the ball and that do we want his teammates want that too ”

Joe Ingles: “I’ve never played with someone like JC in my life, either on or off the pitch”It’s pretty cool to play with someone who is so attached to their role and so comfortable in the role. He was fouled on a 3 when I approached him (to step in for him) and the coach told me I should let him in. He couldn’t tell but he screwed up the defense so the coach told me to go back out to subdue him and then I think he made a corner 3 right after I was ready to go back downstairs and give him a few more minutes after that there was a break and I apologized to him for signing him, but he was happy he just feels so comfortable and happy in his role He knows what we want from him, he knows what to do for our team (No matter when he walks in) He’s hot as soon as he walks in Yeah, it’s great to play with a guy like that and even cooler just like I said so that he would play a role, accept the role and damn good at his role it’s obviously been a big impact since we got him on this team ”

Jordan Clarkson: “The biggest thing for me is that they say that, believe in me, let myself be and hug me it gives me confidence in themselves. These guys will always come to the bank and tell me to keep shooting Even when I have a night off, even when I’m hot they still tell me to shoot the ball no matter what They tell me to make you play and that gives me that confidence in my teammates, coaches just everybody talking to me all the time, hugging who I am and it’s just love I really appreciate that and am happy ”

Jordan Clarkson

World News – CA – Jordan Clarkson scored 40 against the 76. Here’s what jazz has to say about it

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