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JOY-ANNA Duggar beat up her older sister Jill by liking a post that was very critical of her former Counting On-Costar

The Post accused its “rebel sister” of “airing the family’s dirty laundry” for “selling money”

It read, “I know Jill Duggar needs to distance herself from family for psychological reasons, but I don’t understand why she needs to make her family issues public”

“If you speak out against them publicly, more bridges will burn between them. You say that one day they want to fix their relationship, but their actions don’t reflect it

“When I have a problem with my family, I take care of it privately and in no way trust it by going to the media and YouTube to air the dirty laundry out

“It’s not very Christian, if you ask me I have a feeling that Jill and Derrick need money and this is an easy way to get that money”

In an interview in Us Weekly yesterday, Jill and her husband Derick discussed finding marriage counseling: “It was one of those things that we knew therapy would help with, but until we got to the point that we were desperate for … We didn’t dare actually sign up for it

Jill also told the outlet, “There were just a lot of things that we worked on and then learned to develop boundaries with just one extended family,”

“[There’s] a bit of drama … At this point we were like,” We really need someone outside of the picture to speak into our lives and help us make things happen ‘”

The couple, who tied the knot in 2014, share five-year-old son Israel and three-year-old son Samuel

Last October, Jill revealed to PEOPLE that she left Counting On 2017 because she and Derick had lost the power to control their lives

Jill claimed the couple’s goals were sidelined if they came into conflict with the network or the Duggar’s plans

She stated, “Our control over what jobs we were allowed to take and where we were allowed to live has been taken from us”

Derick added, “In the early years of our marriage we spent time and money working towards opportunities only to hit a dead end when we were told, ‘Well, you can’t'”

“At this point we had enough we knew that we had to withdraw completely in order to reevaluate and orient ourselves”

Count on fans who recently suspected that Joy-Anna Duggar was also trying to rebel from her strict family after dying her hair a dark brown color

Earlier this year, Joy-Anna defied her father Jim Bob’s strict no-TV rule and announced that she would allow her three-year-old son Gideon to watch movies and shows

The mother of two who gave birth to Evelyn that summer also turned around wearing pants and tank tops, which is against her family’s strict dress code

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