If you think feeding hungry people is hard work, try a war zone somewhere in the world, every minute of the day, the people at the U.N The World Food Program tries to prevent millions from starving

It’s a brutally simple equation out there: conflict equals hunger and hunger equals more conflict, and that without a global pandemic

“This virus hurts the poor more than any other,” said David Beasley, executive director of WFP

When Beasley took command three years ago, he said he had 100 million hungry people to feed

“But now we’re talking about 135 to 270 million people,” he said. “I’m not talking about going to bed hungry I’m talking about people who are literally marching towards hunger so we need to be one step ahead of this and get it right “

Two years ago, actress and entrepreneur Kate Hudson was named Ambassador for the World Food Program She visited places like Cambodia to raise awareness and help hungry people feed themselves

“Oh, it’s endless,” Hudson replied. “When you start getting into it it’s just like that, you know it’s one of those things. You’re just addicted. It’s not like,” Oh, I hope we find a cure, there’s a cure. The cure is the food – we have it. It’s there. It’s available So it’s really about how we get there, you know? ”

And you could say charity is in her blood. Your mother, Goldie Hawn, started her own nonprofit to help children.But Hudson’s fight against hunger took on a new meaning when she became a mother herself and struggled in Cambodia Mother met

“There was a mother who was one of the mothers of a child in school and she just had a baby,” said Hudson. “And you know, I said, ‘How are you?’ You know, and she said, ‘Ughhh’ And you realize that as mothers, the first thing we would do with our babies is anything to feed them. And if that goes wrong, you can’t explain it if you don’t know how to that feels like when you can’t give milk to your baby when you’re not producing

It’s hard to say exactly when Kate Hudson became a household name: it might have been “Almost Famous” after her Oscar-nominated twist as Penny Lane in 2000. “But she says she always knew she was good in the world and that it could help to be really famous

“I try to be very real about these things,” Hudson replied. “You know, I have one thing that I think – well, I have a couple of things. It’s my personal heart and my drive, that’s one Thing But I have a platform you know I have millions of people who follow me on my Instagram And I can have this opportunity to talk to you about it, so I hope this can raise as much awareness and that I can in some way part of it can be “

But there were a few bright spots in launching the greatest humanitarian aid in their history, and over the past month the staff were stunned – really stunned – to find out they had received the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize

“I was in the middle of Niger and someone just came into our meeting and said:” Nobel Peace Prize! Nobel Peace Prize! ‘ And I say, “Well, wow, who won it?” And they say, “We did it!” That was the biggest surprise in my life And wow, wow, wow! “

Of course, awards don’t feed hungry people, and celebrities don’t solve the world’s problems by themselves. But they can convince people to open their hearts – and their paperbacks

Smith asked, “Is there a comparison between the satisfaction of playing a great role, making a great movie, and the satisfaction you get from helping you with WFP?”

“No,” Hudson replied. “It’s a whole different feeling when someone feels connected or happy because of something you’ve played than when you find yourself helping someone just live.” p>

“You know, when you see someone suffering from something as simple as eating a bit, then you can just help. I think there is no greater contribution than at least trying to be able to meet as many people as you like possible to help “

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