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“Jeopardy!” was a staple of Katie Couric’s life for a long time, but the way she saw the quiz show changed when she agreed to be a guest host

It was something she and her late husband Jay Monahan enjoyed together – even if he found the right answers more times than she did

“It would make me so mad,” Couric said in an interview published on Sunday “At the same time I thought it was so hot”

“Danger!” was a staple of Couric’s life for a long time, but the way she saw the quiz show changed when she agreed to be a guest host

“I started to see it religiously,” Couric said, adding that she spent a lot of time watching Alex Trebek move from category to category and how he formulated cues or interacted with participants / p>

“I loved the show, I loved Alex Trebek and I was so inspired by him – especially his courage towards the end of his life,” said Couric. “And it’s just such an American institution, and the opportunity to be one To play small role in the continuation of the show, I just didn’t want to miss ”

Couric is named the first female guest presenter for “Jeopardy!” from 8 until 19 March Your upcoming stint comes after “Jeopardy! Master of the Greats of All Time, Ken Jennings, hosted for six weeks and “Jeopardy!” Two weeks of hosting completed March, the Deseret News reported

Jennings was the first person after Trebek’s death in November 2020 to say that he was “extremely nervous” behind the “danger!” Lectern

“Of course I was nervous, are you kidding me?” she said during her “danger!” Interview adding that the staff really helped her feel more relaxed and at home “The last thing I wanted to do was come here and mess it up and embarrass the show, the people behind the Embarrassing backdrops and they just wouldn’t let me, for which I was so grateful ”

Couric’s “Danger!” Debut falls on International Women’s Day The journalist hopes her time as a guest presenter will inspire women to learn and learn, and send the message to girls that it’s cool to be smart ”

“Being the first woman on a show who stands for excellence, intelligence and integrity is a real honor for me,” Couric said. “I think for a while girls would reach a certain age and hold back because they didn’t want to be seen as too aggressive or pushy or smarter than the boys

“But I think society has really changed and we stand up for and celebrate smart girls and women,” she continued. “Be a sponge, be a lifelong learner, and be proud of your intelligence and knowledge It’s such a gift and share it with the world ”

During her time at “Jeopardy!” Couric said she will make a donation to Stand Up To Cancer, an organization she founded in 2008, which is a personal cause as her late husband Monahan died of colon cancer at the age of 42 and her older sister Emily died of pancreatic cancer – same illness that cost Trebek his life

Tune in tonight! A privilege to honor the extraordinary Alex Trebek Oh and happy #InternationalWomensDay @Jeopardy picTwittercom / zoluHwyYMM

Couric’s donation is equal to the accumulated profits of entrants during the games she is hosting and will be donated to pancreatic cancer research, according to a press release sent to Deseret News

According to Couric, Dr Mehmet Oz becomes guest presenter of “Jeopardy!” from 22 March to 2 Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will then be appointed from April 5 April be a guest for two weeks, the Deseret News reported earlier

Other guest presenters are Anderson Cooper, Savannah Guthrie, Dr Sanjay Gupta – chief correspondent for CNN – Mayim Bialik, actress for “Big Bang Theory,” and Bill Whitaker, correspondent for “60 Minutes,” according to Deseret News

Katie Couric

World News – CA – Katie Couric talks about hosting “Jeopardy!”

Source: https://www.deseret.com/entertainment/2021/3/8/22319890/jeopardy-katie-couric-is-the-new-host-nervous-how-long-is-she-hosting