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On Monday, the Los Angeles Lakers played the Washington Wizards for the second time in 15 months.Their performances in these two games were both remarkably similar and at the same time worryingly different.The Lakers scored 125 points in November 2019 They scored 124 points in February 2021 made 14 3-pointers in 2019 and 15 in 2021, both relatively high numbers by their standards.The difference was in the result.The Lakers dominated their 2019 matchup with the Wizards (125-103) They lost in overtime against the magicians on Monday, 127-124

By the grand scheme of things, that single regular season loss to the Wizards doesn’t mean much. The Lakers were missing two starters, Anthony Davis and Dennis Schroder. They faced two streak guards on the hot streak. It happened

It’s happening more than ever this season This is why the symmetry between the two Wizards games is so foreboding The Lakers are battling through a four-game loss – including an ugly Wednesday night loss to senior Utah Jazz – and weeks of offensive discord, yeah, but that’s not exactly unknown territory for this team that just won a championship despite a rickety half-pitch attack.No the truth is the Lakers are practically the same offensive team as they were a year ago

Before the Orlando Bubble, the Lakers scored 112 points in 2019-206 points per 100 possessions.Before that loss in four games without Davis and Schroder, the Lakers had scored 112 goals in 2020-212 Compare the two teams in nearly every offensive category and You’ll find such similarities as the Lakers improved from 944 points per 100 possession on half-court games to 952 this season per cleaning the glass. They took 316 3-pointers per game last season and they now take 31 per game. The list goes on and on Next Some categories tend towards one team and others towards the other, but in almost all the wiggle room is minimal. Apart from a few stylistic changes, the Lakers have the same general strengths and weaknesses as they did a season ago on the offensive

And yet they fight in relative terms. The Pre-Bubble Lakers took fourth place on the offensive last season. The current iteration is 17th Place You score more goals on half the place, but your rank is from 17th on the 20th Fallen space The problem isn’t that the Lakers have gotten worse The problem is that everyone else has gotten better, and everyone has gotten better in the same way: they historically have shot well behind the bow

The average NBA team shot 358 percent on 3-pointers last season It’s up a full percentage point to 369 percent this season.We saw a similar jump in 3-point rate as 395 percent of field attempts in This season came from behind, compared with 384 percent last season. These trends are especially prevalent among competitors The Clippers, Nets and Jazz are the top three companies in the NBA in 3-point percent

That doesn’t quite live up to their success. All three are now shooting at least 398 percent behind the bow and are all well on their way to making it into the top 20 3-point shooting teams in NBA history. This is where things get scary : In addition to this efficiency, the Clippers, Nets, and Jazz are well on their way to averaging more 3-point tries per game than any other team that has hit their percentage in history The Jazz currently leads the NBA in 3-point -Try on The Nets Are In Eighth Place The best teams of this season also happen to be some of the best shooting teams in NBA history

Except of course for the Lakers, who started on Wednesday and finished 25th with 3-point attempts per game and with 3-point percentages the 21st Seated You experience this math disadvantage firsthand when you play against these competitors. You lost to the Clippers, Nets and Jazz, and the shooting made the difference with every loss

It’s a small selection, yes, but one that makes intuitive sense, even if the Lakers were understaffed in two of those games. The best teams in the NBA are all designed to play a certain way, and they Beat the Lakers who play this style They beat just about anyone who plays like this Last season, the Mavericks recorded the most efficient offense in NBA history with 115 points, 8 points per 100 possessions currently, five different NBA teams are on the best way to beat that mark, including the three competitors Bucks, who play a similar style, and Denver Nuggets, which currently has the fifth highest 3-point percentage in the NBA

The old saying goes that defense wins championships It was true for the Lakers last season Like the # 1 defense so far this season, they count on it to be true again this postseason But the best teams of this season thrive offensively, and these offenses dominate the shooting

It’s not the Lakers Your competition practically plays a different sport and puts the Lakers in a somewhat precarious position with little variance. They played four playoff series in the past season in which none of their opponents 38 percent of their 3-point- Hit Scored To win the championship this season they may have to beat four teams, all of which are doing so, making it harder to mask their own shooting flaws

The Lakers successfully wagered last season that their defensive and home standings would be so overwhelming that a small gap in shooting wouldn’t let them down, whether Davis is healthy or not, the gap won’t be small this time around, if itself As the lesser wizards have gotten explosive enough to overcome the Lakers’ 124-point nights, it will be much more difficult against the competition after the season

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