The Democratic congressman who led the impeachment of Donald Trump burst into tears when he remembered the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol just a month ago

Jamie Raskin, whose son, weeks before the events on Jan. January died, paused several times as he concluded his remarks at the end of the Democratic opening events

“A sound I’ll never forget – the sound of a battering ram pounding on the door – is the most haunting sound I’ve ever heard, and I’ll never forget it,” the Maryland congressman reported on his experience after hundreds of Mr. Trump’s supporters stormed the building, and many raged

“… the kids are hiding under the desk, they put their final texts and whispered phone calls to say goodbye, thinking they were going to die”

Mr. Raskin said he invited his daughter and son-in-law to the Capitol to witness what he hoped to symbolize the impending peaceful transfer of power to Joe Biden when the joint houses of Congress voted for electoral college approval each of the 50 states

He paused again and drank from a bottle of water while telling the Senators how he had spoken to his family shortly after they were reunited

“My son-in-law had never been to the Capitol before. And when they were rescued by Capitol officers over an hour later and we were together, I hugged her and apologized. And I told my daughter Tabitha … how sorry I was and I promised her that it wouldn’t be the same the next time she came back to the Capitol with me ”

He added, “And do you know what she said? Papa – I don’t want to come back ”

Mr. Raskin’s 25-year-old son, Thomas, committed suicide in December and the family had buried him a few days before the attack on the Capitol

Mr. Raskin, 58, who represents Maryland’s Eighth Congressional District, said the sight that caught him on Jan. January most shocked was the attack on a police officer under the American flag

“An American flagpole – the flag still on it – [used] one of our police officers who was ruthlessly and mercilessly tortured from a pole with a flag that he defended with his life, but who died that day”

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