Jesse Fuchs is assisted by Stephen Brunt to help the Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr struggle and why it would be difficult to replicate in the future

LOS ANGELES – Mike Tyson stepped through the ropes in his signature black suitcase and heard the opening bell in a boxing ring for the first time in 15 years

The former heavyweight world champion traded lively punches with Roy Jones Jr for eight entertaining rounds that ended with two middle-aged legends wearily hugging each other in mutual admiration

Their fight was just an exhibition and ended in a draw, but for Tyson the experience evoked the joy and excitement he felt at the beginning of his boxing career so long ago – and it was likely the start of a new chapter in his epic life / p>

Tyson revealed glimpses of his destructive heyday on Saturday night when the 54-year-old boxing icon returned to the ring against 51-year-old Jones

Tyson had the most powerful punches, showing off versions of the footwork and combinations that made him the most feared fighter in the world. After eight two-minute rounds, both Tyson and Jones came out of the Staples Center smiling and apparently healthy

“This is better than fighting for championships,” said Tyson of the heavyweight show that raised money for various charities, “We’re humanists now, we can do something good for the world, we have to do this all over again”

Tyson’s return to the ring for this show attracted international attention, and Iron Mike did his best to showcase his months of work to regain a level of form that made him a legend for a generation of boxing fans

Tyson tagged Jones with body shots, headshots, and an especially nasty uppercut during a bout called for as a reasonably safe, glorified sparring session by the California State Athletic Commission

Tyson was exhausted but also clearly aroused two hours later as he shared his feelings with his wife and team

“I took my youth for granted,” said Tyson. “It was at this event that I found out what I was really made of … My body feels great. I want to give it up a little more”

Tyson intends to fight in more shows next year and maybe travel to Monte Carlo to challenge a European fighter He didn’t close the door over the possibility of a full-fledged comeback, although that would be a lot of fights in the future

For one night, Tyson and Jones were back at the center of the sports world and they reveled in it

“I’m glad to get this off my bucket list and get on with my life,” said Jones, the former four-division world champion generally considered the most skilled boxer of his generation. “He hit harder than I thought.” / p>

“Everything hurt. His hands hurt. His head hurts. Everything hurt when I contacted him. He’s still an exceptional puncher. He can do whatever he wants next”

Neither of the fighters was fooled by the quality of the fight. While both came out with punches that echoed their glorious primes, they also often tied themselves tight on the inside, and their occasional labored breathing was blocked on the microphones in the empty arena hear

Hip-hop star Snoop Dogg’s hilarious television commentary was one of the loudest noises in Staples, and it had a handful of zingers: “It’s like two of my uncles fighting over a barbecue!”

But Tyson and Jones headlined the most unlikely pay-per-view boxing event in years, developed by social networking app Triller, which features fights with hip-hop performances in an empty arena

The event was derided by some critics as an anti-sports spectacle, but both Tyson and Jones seemed able and confident to behave, their fans were clearly delighted, and the show received tremendous social media coverage

Part of that success was due to the co-main event where YouTube star Jake Paul defeated former NBA player Nate Robinson in the second round of Robinson’s pro boxing debut, Paul recorded three losses in his second professional bout against Robinson, the three-time NBA slam dunk champion, before an overhand right laid Robinson flat on his face and apparently passed out

But most fans tuned in to Tyson, many for the first time.Any boxing fan who grew up after Tyson retired from boxing in 2005 had never seen the iconic character fight live – and as part of that event, Tyson delivered

Tyson said he no longer “had the fighting guts or the heart” after suffering a dire loss in his last fight with journeyman Peter McBride

Finally free from the relentless pressures of his sport, Tyson gradually straightened his life, stepped against a self-described drug addiction, and eventually managed to live his third comfortable family life in Las Vegas with actors, stage appearances, charity work and even marijuana cultivation Wife and her children

The idea of ​​a boxing comeback seemed absurd, but Tyson started this unlikely fight a few years ago when, at his wife’s insistence, he played on a treadmill for 15 minutes a day to lose 100 pounds.The workouts soon became multi-hour affairs that did the Bicycling, running, and finally beating included as he regained a level of athletic excellence through discipline and a vegan diet

Tyson posted a video hitting Pads on social media at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, and the overwhelming public response resulted in several lucrative ring comeback offers with the chance to raise money for themselves and for charity Earning purposes, Tyson eventually agreed to take on Jones long after the chance of her dream matchup seemed disappointed

Tyson and Jones negotiated the limits of their fight with the California Commission and eventually achieved eight two-minute rounds of hard sparring with only ceremonial judging and no official winner. The WBC was still stepping in to give both fighters a ceremonial “Frontline Battle Belt” lend

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