Shares in personal and mortgage finance firm Rocket Companies (RKT) shot very close to the moon on Tuesday, up 71% in a single day of frenzied trading with no breaking news Admittedly, Rocket made a profit recently reported, announcing 144% fiscal fourth quarter revenue growth that nearly tripled net income, and predicts Q1 volume will be between $ 98 billion and $ 103 billion or more in Q1 2021, increasing from 90% to 99 % “

But that too was the news last week. So far this week, literally nothing significant has happened that would explain why Rocket Companies stocks should soar so high

Given the puzzle, Daniel Perlin, an analyst at RBC Capital, reluctantly concluded that it was time to get Rocket stock on Sector Perform (ie, Hold) with an unchanged target price of $ 30 (To look at Perlin’s track record , click here)

The 5-star analyst argued that Rocket’s Q4 numbers were “strong” last week, confirming its “street high” price target for the stock, but described Tuesday’s volatility as “abnormal “and warned investors of the stock’s closing price of $ 41-60, the risk in Rocket stocks is now” tilted down “”

If you’re an investor in Rocket, the fact that the company’s biggest fan on Wall Street has just stepped into bear camp and forecast a 28% drop in the company’s share price is probably a little worrying – but not completely lose heart

In Perlin’s view, all of the factors previously highlighted as beneficial to Rocket’s business remain in effect. “The mortgage market remains high,” advises the analyst, “the initial volume was very strong in the fourth quarter,” and this loan volume is likely to nearly double in the first quarter of 2021. Rocket will continue to benefit with “positive operational leverage” and while this trend is nearing its peak, Perlin expects it to continue for at least “FY21” will and possibly will last until 2022

However, after Rocket’s remarkable rise on Tuesday, the analyst seems to think that now is a good time to declare victory and go home

At first glance, it seems like an overreaction. After all, based on the $ 4.10 in “adjusted diluted” earnings Rocket reported for fiscal 2020, even Tuesday’s staggering stock price jump leaves Rocket’s stock trading close to 10 times that adjusted Numbers lie To illustrate the analyst’s pessimism about future price gains, consider the following:

Perlin estimates that revenues have exceeded $ 16 billion in 2020 and will drop about 21% ($ 13 billion) in 2021) before another 28% ($ 9 billion) in 2022 This trend is already not looking particularly favorable Perlin also estimates that Rocket’s earnings this year will be about 35% lower than last year ($ 2) 66 per share) – and then drop another 38% to $ 165 per share in 2022

Perlin is not the only one who plays it safe at RKT, as TipRanks Analytics reports the stock as a hold. Out of 10 analysts recorded in the last 3 months, 3 say “Buy”, 5 “Hold” and 2 “Sell” With a potential loss of ~ 38%, the consensus target for the stock is $ 2567 (See RKT stock analysis on TipRanks)

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the analyst featured. The content is intended for informational purposes only.It is very important that you conduct your own analysis before making any investment

While 2020 was the best year for mortgage lenders in nearly 20 years, mortgage lenders’ stocks have disappointed investors are all but reluctant to pay more than single-digit multiples for these stocks, and many have price-to-earnings ratios under 5 Suppose this is not just because Rocket caught the attention of the WallStreetBets Reddit group What’s happening?

(Bloomberg) – Rocket Cos fell on Wednesday, stopping a three-day rally driven by sentiment that the home lender was retailers’ recent favorite due to its high level of short interest, with the stock falling as much as 30%, the strongest All-time decline after RBC Capital Markets downgraded its sector performance recommendation from outperformance Price target suggests a 28% decline from Tuesday’s close of trading While mortgage demand is expected to continue to fuel growth, it is now more than captured in Rocket’s current valuation, analyst Daniel Perlin said in his report, Rocket hit an all-time high on Tuesday after CNBC cited the company as a possible new target among traders discussing stocks on Reddit, the stock has more than doubled since going public in August and now has a market cap of around $ 60 billion, stocks fell 28% on $ 2995 as of 12:30 pm in New York “It appears that strong short interest in the stock was exposed which triggered a dip and the dam burst when strong open interest in $ 30 call -Options triggered, causing another gamma squeeze at retailers like we’ve seen at GameStop, “said Neil Wilson, chief Market analyst for Märktecom said in email comments, according to S3 Analytics, Rocket has 46% short interest as a percentage of the float, the analytics provider released a report Tuesday saying it saw an exceptionally high volume of trades and options for the stock of the in Detroit-based company as well as saw a large number of short sales for the rally, according to SwaggyStocks, a ticker and sentiment tracker, Reddit comment volume for Rocket rose to nearly 19% of all forum comments on Tuesday WallStreetBets Rocket was 3% of the 271 yesterday666 article posted on Bloomberg the fifth most rated company on Stocktwits social media platform According to Ben Elliott, analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, the jump from Rocket may have been a matter of time “Rocket has been a rand meme inventory for a while, so I thought that something like this was going to happen at some point, “he said. However, the company’s fundamentals don’t support the 16-17 times price-to-date earnings multiple created by the Jan. 2 close As was implied in March, Elliott said in a note, “However, surprisingly resilient gains could support a re-evaluation of massive, tech-driven non-bank lenders like Rocket and UWM if they continue to perform as interest rates rise.” But Rocket’s gains signal more than just Reddit mania With a market value that is worth more than some of its peers combined, the company has cemented itself as a heavyweight in the emerging mortgage technology sector after an initial public offering in August backed by retail investors and real estate tailwinds. His colleagues also won: Mr Cooper Group Inc is up 88% this year while newly listed Loan Depot Inc up 46% since going public last month (Updates price action throughout the process and adds more details in the last paragraph) For more articles like this, please visit us on BloombergcomSubscribe now to stay ahead of the curve with the most trusted business news source © 2021 Bloomberg LP.

Short sellers watch out, Redditors seem to be targeting Rocket Companies (RKT) The online mortgage company’s shares halted due to volatility on Tuesday after gaining more than 60%

Sharply cut mortgage lender Rocket Companies saw its shares rise on Tuesday, commemorating the rallies GameStop and other so-called meme stocks ran earlier in the year, with shares of Rocket, the parent company of Quicken Loans, closing 712% $ 41 USD60 after multiple interruptions due to volatility the oversized stride made Rocket one of the stocks that have seen wild swings after focusing on sites like Reddits WallStreetBets, where mentions of the company have multiplied in recent days

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Will a Detroit-based Rocket Companies stock rise into the stratosphere now due to short squeeze speculation?

Private employers created fewer jobs than expected in the US last month That was found in a poll on Wednesday that underscores the economy’s ongoing struggle to recover from mass layoffs due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is considering two locations in Arizona and another in New York, adjacent to Austin, Texas, for a new $ 17 billion chip plant This is evident from documents filed with Texas state officials. The February 26 documents. The estimated tax rebate on the plant will be approximately $ 148 billion over 20 years from Travis County, Texas and the city of Austin, from 805 US – $ 5 million previously mentioned Samsung is in talks with its Arizona and New York locations, each offering property tax reductions and “substantial grants and / or refundable tax credits” to fund infrastructure improvements

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(Bloomberg) – Rare earth miners and uranium producers are benefiting from the tide of money pouring into electrification and the environment, social affairs and government investments Lithium producers have been more traditional beneficiaries of electric vehicles and the push for green energy, but more recently, rare earth producers have also started doing the To draw investors’ attention to the craze for electric vehicles in the shares of MP Materials Corp., the largest US. The rare earth miner has more than quadrupled since Biden’s election victory four months ago, compared to an 86% increase in the VanEck Vectors Rare Earth / Strategic Metals ETF, which was listed on the stock exchange in July via a SPAC deal went up a third day, up 07% to $ 498 on Wednesday Morgan Stanley launched research on the stock Tuesday with a target price of $ 57MP is “A Game of Accelerating Electric Vehicle Adoption and Electrification Trends in Wind Turbines,” Morgan Stanley analyst Carlos De Alba said in a report on Tuesday, “If you like EV, you’ll love MP, which has three buys, zero hold or sell, and an average analyst target of twelve months of $ 36, given the supply tightening and The rising ESG demand from investors are uranium stocks like Denison Mines Corp. are up more than 70% this year, compared to a 23% gain in the Global X Uranium ETF, which rose 2% on Wednesday. “The balance between supply and demand in the uranium sector is the closest we’ve seen since before Fukushima “said Gordon Johnson, an analyst at GJL Research, referring to the 2011 nuclear disaster in Japan,” Add that to the fact that uranium stocks are now attracting the attention of ESG investors because of their small greenhouse gas footprint and fundamental role as a clean energy alternative We see the facility for incremental / new uranium investment as cheap, “added Johnson With reference to greenhouse gas emissions, the uranium sector could go further as some speculate that large funds are likely to slowly expand their position in the sector, Johnson said “If so, it could take a long time as they take significant positions ahead of the inevitable rise in commodity prices “He said the so-called rare earth metals are used in everything from lithium-ion batteries to electric vehicles, wind turbines and missile guidance systems. There are only a handful of producers in the world, with China controlling much of the sector’s production and capacity announced Tuesday that it has partnered with Neo Performance Materials Inc Produce Rare Earths Together This pact prompted Stifel Canada on Tuesday to improve Neo performance, naming rare earths as a “multi-year growth opportunity.” Both Energy Fuels and Neo Performance rose on Wednesday after a rally on Tuesday, bringing this year’s progress to 50 % or 35% For more items like this, please visit us on BloombergcomSubscribe now to stay ahead of the game with the most trusted business news source © 2021 Bloomberg LP.

(Bloomberg) – Sea Ltd expects e-commerce revenues to double in 2021 and continue the rapid pace of growth as Southeast Asia’s most valuable company counts on regional demand for online shopping to continue after the pandemic, sales soared to $ 1.6 billion in the last three Months of 2020 from $ 7772 million a year ago, Singapore-based Sea said in a statement on Tuesday. The net loss rose to $ 5236 million from $ 2838 million Sea, backed by Tencent Holdings Ltd., has become a sensation on the stock market since it went public in New York in 2017, as investors bet it can establish itself as the leader in e-commerce and gaming in Southeast Asia, among companies valued at $ 100 billion For US dollars or more, the stock is the # 1 performer in Asia since early last year, just behind Tesla Inc. Global Attempts are also being made to establish fintech as the third growth driver Sea announced on Tuesday that it has acquired Composite Capital Management, a Hong Kong-licensed global investment management firm that will provide $ 1 billion for Sea Capital, a new one Platform established to manage its overall investments Composite Capital founder David Ma, former partner of Chinese private equity giant Hillhouse, will become Sea Capital’s chief investment officer reporting to Forrest Li, Sea’s chief executive officer “Sea’s growth prospects are Still promising and based on the growing digital economy in the region, “write Citigroup analysts, led by Alicia Yap.” The guide could turn out to be conservative. “Here’s a tech bubble that makes Tesla look cheap: Tim CulpanKey InsightsThe pandemic helps meet the demand in the Shopee e-commerce business vo n Sea to crank Fourth quarter revenue rose 178% to $ 842 million Sea predicts Shopee revenue of $ 4 billion to $ 47 billion in 2021, up from $ 2 billion in 2020 Hit mobile game Free Fire is fueling growth in digital entertainment Sea’s Garena, whose revenue rose 716% to $ 693 million in the last quarter, Sea Forecast Garena’s annual bookings – revenue plus accrued income changes – will rise to $ 4.3 billion to $ 4.5 billion in 2021’s e-wallet service gained more than $ 2 billion in payments for the quarter and $ 78 billion for the year Sea tries to integrate financial services into its third pillar of growth Get MoreSea Ltd 4Q Adjusted Ebitda Misses Estimates Selling and Marketing Expenses for the fourth Quarterly increased 95% to $ 6652 million, led by digital financial services Sea’s 2020 digital entertainment bookings totaled $ 3 trillion, and Garena annual revenue grew 775% to $ 2 billion Market ReactionSea’s American depository receipts ended up largely unchanged after rising as much as 11% on Tuesday (updates with the fund chief and analyst’s comment from paragraph five) For more articles like this, check out bloombergcomSubscribe now to get in touch with the most trusted business news source to stay ahead © 2021 Bloomberg LP.

GameStop came to prominence this year after commenters on Reddit forum r / wallstreetbets helped increase the struggling video game business’s inventory nearly tenfold in a week as the Reddit crowd tried to combat the huge interest of short sellers in GameStop, borrow and sell the stocks in the hopes of buying them back later at a lower price and making a profit. When a stock goes up, investors who cut it are on the lookout for potentially unlimited losses, and the irrational rally of GameStop forced those who bet against their stock to cover their losses

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Robinhood, the online brokerage used by many retailers to pile into heavily discounted stocks like GameStop Corp, has made ambitious efforts to lend its clients’ stocks to short sellers as it expands its business in size The jump underscores Robinhood’s rapid growth over the past year as the number of retail investors rose sharply during the pandemic in the work-from-home environment and retail brokers largely eliminated trading fees A model pioneered by Robinhood Robinhood, of Menlo Park, Calif., Is expected to go public this year with a value of more than $ 20 billion

Although some of the merchandise didn’t hit shelves in a timely manner, the upscale department store chain reported a less-than-expected drop in quarterly sales driven by online sales and off-price Nordstrom’s focus on e-commerce as consumers move to online shopping in the wake of the health crisis, and the growth of its off-price channel have helped increase sales even under constraints Nordstrom expects some pressure on gross margin as inventories adjust in the first quarter This is when the off-price rack stores are expected to return to normal inventory

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Musk, who heads several futuristic companies including Tesla Inc, Neuralink, and Boring Co, moved from California to the Lone Star State in December to focus on the electric car maker’s new facility in the state and its SpaceX company on Tuesday Musk previously tweeted, “Creating the City of Starbase, Texas,” without elaborating

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