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While two people are wanted in connection with the death of Sgt Andrew Harnett, a Calgary police officer who was hit and fatally injured in a traffic obstruction, claims to have found the vehicle involved in the incident

The suspicious vehicle, believed to be linked to Harnett’s death, was found by police officials say it was found in the northeastern parish of Taradale, following a public notice

The vehicle is being forensically tested
Harnett, 37, a 12-year-old Calgary Police Service veteran, was killed while he was walking around Jan.50 o’clock a traffic obstruction carried out local time
“While he was working to keep our roads safe, Andrew was hit by a vehicle that was fleeing a traffic obstruction,” the police said in a statement on Friday. “Despite the heroic attempts of his colleagues and EMS members, he died as a result his injuries “”
Police said Harnett had operated a traffic disruption in the area around Falconridge Blvd and Falconridge Drive N.E. late Thursday
“During the traffic obstruction, the vehicle fled and hit the officer,” said the police
Officers and paramedics nearby who arrived on site attempted to rescue the officer, but he was pronounced dead at the hospital around midnight

At around 11 a.m., officials named two suspects wanted for murder related to Harnett’s death

Al-Azan Shah Muhammad, 17, and Amir Abdulrahman, 19, both from Calgary, were identified as suspects in the case. First degree murder orders were issued against both men

According to police, a petition has been filed with the Youth Department of the Calgary Provincial Court to name the youths wanted in connection with the death

“Massive efforts are being made to find those responsible for the life of one of our members and to bring them to justice,” the police said on Friday. “Dozens of sworn and civilian members are working around the clock to track down every single clue and these efforts will not stop “

Police say Muhammad allegedly was the driver of the sport utility vehicle that Harnett hit while Abdulrahman was his passenger

Police said Harnett joined the force 12 years ago after serving as a military policeman

During a media availability on Friday, Calgary police chief Mark Neufeld said Harnett is an excellent officer who has won at least two Chief’s Awards for life saving

“A family has lost a son, a sibling has lost a brother, a spouse has lost a partner, and many, many members of our ministry have lost a really good friend,” he said

The President of the Calgary Police Association said Harnett always did his duty to protect the Calgarians from everything else

“He made the ultimate sacrifice in fulfilling his oath to protect the Calgarians,” said John Orr. “Andrew did not do this for praise or personal benefit. He did this because he has a deep commitment to service in his community “

Orr says every member of the CPS has set aside their grief to help investigate Harnett’s murder

“I want to let Andrew’s family know that he is in all of our hearts and minds and he will be remembered forever”

Neufeld added that a second vehicle was also involved in the accident and made contact with Harnett but did not elaborate on how exactly his injuries were caused

The driver of the second vehicle stayed on site and Neufeld says they are cooperating with the investigation

“Significant efforts are being made to locate the vehicle that hit Andrew and then didn’t stop,” he said, adding that Harnett’s pre-incident investigation of the vehicle was vital

Sgt Andrew Harnett was only 37. He has lived his entire life in the service – in the service of his nation and city. Today my heart goes out to his family and working family – the women and men of the Calgary Police Service and all of us who work for them City work https: // tco / KFkhvT7ZXE

Murder warrants were issued following the death of a Calgary police officer Al-Azan Shah MUHAMMAD, 17 and Amir ABDULRAHMAN, 19, both from Calgary, are wanted in connection with the incident @CanStopCrime #yyc #wantedhttps: // tco / a0zMbpe9rM picTwittercom / dQdTxqS9Xr

It is with deep sorrow, & Heartbreak, to tell you that we lost one of our cops last night
While we were keeping our streets safe, an officer was hit by a vehicle that was fleeing from a traffic obstruction & died as a result of his injuries https: // tco / ZYoYhSKhq5

Al-Azan Shah Muhammad (17) left and Amir Abdulrahman (19) right are charged with the first degree murder on the death of Calgary Police Officer Sgt Andrew Harnett (Supplied)

Calgary police investigate after an officer was killed during a traffic obstruction on New Years Eve

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