MILLBURN, NJ (CBSNewYork) – This year’s celebrations are different, but many people in New Jersey are still finding creative, festive ways to welcome 2021 in a simple, safe, yet memorable way

When it got dark on the final night of 2020, festive lights lit heated outdoor tents for two

“We saw these tents and we figured it was a great way to do that – if we can’t get together with other people it’s at least something special,” said Corey Biller of Millburn,

“We were home, we didn’t go anywhere, so the opportunity to do something safe and fun in town that is safe and fun is exciting,” said Lisa Biller of CBS2’s Jessica Layton,

The Biller family says it’s a special day, so the pre-dinner dessert came thanks to Uncle Brett, who had his own plans for 10:30 am for an outdoor run with friends

“We could start the New Year healthily, but we could also get together safely and be outside,” said Brett Biller

Since big parties weren’t allowed during a pandemic, restaurants that were usually full had to spin just like they have done since March

“People pre-order so that they can spend New Year’s Eve at home, but still feel part of the tradition,” said Sadije Husenaj in the Cara Mia restaurant

COVID restrictions meant that the restaurant was celebrated with a ball drop at 9 p.m. because in New Jersey, the rule is that all customers must be out by 10 p.m., even on New Years Eve

Jodi Rosenberg from Millburn said an early toast isn’t so bad as long as you are with your loved one

“There’s no place I’d rather be than under a heat lamp with one of my best friends celebrating the New Year early,” she said

“You’re taking all the flair and parties in town with you this year, not spending $ 200 on your outfit, and really just being able to focus on your friends and family,” said Roger Gousse, who was visiting New Jersey. p>

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Shops were crowded until they closed, and people looked at the plates and the party decor Sarah Hoogerwerf and Jordan Sweeney hit Party Line in Summit for a few last minute must-haves and pointed out what decorations they were using from outside of the COVID aware business

“A fun little banner, that cool champagne balloon, well spice up the night a little, “said Hoogerwerf

You look forward to a bubbly home with those who were in your bladder

“I can’t go to the clubs or bars, but there is no one I’d like to spend my New Year with more than these people,” Sweeney said

Whether it’s a cocktail with close friends or watching the ball fall by the fire with the family, the New Year begins here with a small, safe celebration


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