Norman Lear made history on Sunday! The 98-year-old famous television writer and producer took part in the 78 Annual Golden Globe Awards countered the third Carol Burnett Award for Outstanding Television Achievement

After an introduction narrated by Wanda Sykes and presented his contributions to the TV landscape, Lear – appearing virtually – accepted the honor with grace and charm

“I couldn’t feel more blessed to accept an award, this award on behalf of Carol Burnett,” shared Lear, “I believe that laughter makes life longer, and no one has made me laugh harder There is no one to whom I owe more time than Carol Burnett “

“I’ve had a lifetime of partners, artists, associations, and creative talent that I’m eternally grateful for,” he told Ed Simmons and Norman Lear, who directed Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Colgate’s comedy hour on Das would apply to every step of my career “

Lear went on to list and thank many of his past and present associates, most recently Brent Miller, who were all “important parts of the life and career that brought me to this moment.”””

Lear finally thanked his wife, five daughters, son and grandchildren, sharing, “At almost 99, I never lived alone, I never laughed alone, and that has just as much to do with mine here today, too be like everything else i know “

“Thank you again and blessings, Carol Burnett, for all you have meant to me through joy, surprise, joy and laughter. When I think of you and the laughter and joy of parallel careers, I am so glad you did we had this time together, “Lear concluded, pulling on his ear in homage to Burnett’s famous gesture she has used over the years as a subtle but iconic message to her grandmother

The television icon is best known for writing All in the Family, the Jeffersons, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, and Maude.He won six Emmys and received an Academy Award nomination for the screenplay of Divorce American Style in 1968

Before Lear’s victory, Ellen DeGeneres accepted the award in 2020, and Burnett himself received the inaugural award in 2019 after the award was named after her

The Carol Burnett Award is the sister honor of the coveted Cecil B. DeMille Award for Outstanding Film Achievement This year’s recipient is Jane Fonda

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