Import prices will rise the most in nine years and export prices by a record

North America’s first Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) created to track Bitcoin price starts trading in Canada today after beating the US to the point with regulatory approval last week

Investors buying the Purpose Bitcoin ETF have two options: The Canadian dollar, non-currency hedged version is traded under the ticker symbol BTCCB The US The dollar version ticker is BTCCU

It can be kept on registered accounts such as RRSP, TFSA or RESP and the annual management fee is 1 percent

Som Seif, Founder and CEO of Purpose Investments, believes Canadian regulators saw this as an important product in the market

“Investors are already saying we will own this asset one way or another,” he told Yahoo Finance Canada

“I think regulators are probably realizing that it is probably better to put this in a regulated structure than an unregulated structure”

Holding Bitcoin directly carries risks The exchange has been hacked, storage keys can be lost and passwords can be forgotten According to Seif, the ETF takes these risks out of the equation

He also says that the ETF structure means that the price of Bitcoin can be tracked better than other available vehicles like closed-end funds and exchange-traded notes because of its rewards of up to 70 percent

“An official ETF structure ensures daily liquidity and daily marking for the market and market maker Your only job is to ensure that the price of the ETF and the price of the ETF’s Net Asset Value are directly related and are trading throughout the day, “he said.”

Aside from the fact that the Purpose ETF has no premium, it is unique in that it contains Bitcoin directly. Every dollar that goes into the fund means it has to buy a dollar worth of Bitcoin, other investment vehicles are tracking what futures leads to a contango effect

“If you’re just holding futures and rolling the futures, there is a risk that Bitcoin will underperform over time as it is priced into a futures price as opposed to a current price,” Seif said

“Whenever you have the ability, it is no different than gold or oil or something like that, but if you can hold the asset directly you will always get the pure spot value of the asset”

Bitcoin remains a volatile and risky asset, so Seif says it should make up less than 5 percent of the average investor’s portfolio

Last week, Bank of Canada Deputy Governor Timothy Lane warned that cryptocurrencies were a “speculative mania” and a “flawed payment method” as the price of Bitcoin hit a record high

He also said the Central Bank of Canada is working on its own digital currency University of Calgary researchers help the bank One such researcher says the risks of buying the Purpose ETF are different compared to buying Bitcoin directly

“On the one hand, an investment in this fund could be a little safer if we believe that the fund’s custodian is better at protecting Bitcoin from hacker attacks than the individual investor,”

On the other hand, if the fund’s price isn’t exactly the same as the price of Bitcoin, which we call base risk, an investment could be a little riskier, Alfred Lehar, associate professor at the University of Calgary, told Yahoo Finance Canada

Lehar says Bitcoin is here to stay, but doesn’t see it as an important channel for payments in the near future

“In the long term, we should invest our money in assets that generate a certain value, such as companies that are innovative or produce goods that we need,” he said

“Bitcoin has no intrinsic value, but is available in limited quantities, similar to gold in this sense”

What’s the best way to help families transition to clean cooking methods? Research in Bangalore, India offers some answers

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Symptoms of the condition, also known as Gulf War Syndrome, include chronic pain, fatigue, and memory problems

BOSTON – The Boston Symphony Orchestra announced Gail Samuel as its next President and Chief Operating Officer Thursday. Samuel, currently President of the Hollywood Bowl and Chief Operating Officer of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, will become the first female president of the BSO and the eighth president in their 140th birthday -year-old history, if on 21 June takes office.She succeeds Mark Volpe, who is stepping down after 23 years.As President and CEO, Samuel will lead the orchestra, the Boston Pops and Tanglewood.During his time at LA Phil, Samuel had the largest operating budget of any orchestra in the country, recruiting a diverse representative the greater Los Angeles community and, according to a BSO, supported the work of music director Gustavo Dudamel’s youth orchestra program in Los Angeles. Declaration She is also credited with changing and expanding the reach of the Hollywood Bowl, “The opportunity to now be one of the best orchestras in the world Leading in a rapidly changing metropolitan area like Boston is an exciting new challenge and a dream project, “said Samuel in a statement. Prior to joining the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Samuel held positions with the Minnesota Orchestra, Yale University and the Tanglewood Institute in Boston University and the Young Musicians Found ation She studied violin and earned a bachelor’s degree in music and psychology and a master’s degree in business from the University of Southern California The Associated Press

ROM – officials canceled one of the main events this weekend to commemorate the first anniversary of the Italian coronavirus outbreak after clusters of new infections attributable to the British variant localized lockdowns in the hardest-hit Lombardy and The Brescia Public Hospital, overwhelmed during the first outbreak, had scheduled a full-day conference on the lessons of the pandemic on Saturday to show the intensive care doctor diagnosing Italy’s first locally transmitted case, as well as the opening of one Commemorative art exhibition dedicated to health workers worldwide, however, the hospital announced Thursday that it would postpone the event out of responsibility, “given the rapid evolution of the epidemiological situation, it has been found that four cities in Lombardy, including one in the province of Brescia, were placed under the strictest lockdown measures of the “red zone” after infection peaks were due to the highly contagious British variant. In cities in the central regions of Umbria, Tuscany, Abruzzo and Lazio, further red zones were introduced, leading to led to another nationwide lockdown of hospital doctors whose beds in the intensive care unit are full again ___ THE VIRUS OUTBREAK: – US. Life expectancy falls by a year in a pandemic, the highest since World War II – crippling winter weather in U.S. hampers vaccine delivery and distribution – New York governor faces mounting pressure over COVID deaths in nursing homes – A good thing: When coronavirus lockdowns suspended classes in a juvenile prison, a Greek math teacher created a DIY television channel that broadcasts around sends classes around the clock – Follow all AP pandemic coverage at https: // apnewscom / hub / coronavirus-pandemie, https: // apnewscom / hub / coronavirus-vaccine and https: // apnewscom / understanding the outbreak ___ WHAT ELSE HAPPENS HERE: LONDON – A large study suggests coronavirus infection rates in London have dropped 80% in the last month as lockdown measures curb the spread of the virus Imperial College London researchers tested between Dec. and 13 February as part of the monthly study 85000 people across England found around 1 in 200 people to be infected, a two-thirds decrease from the previous month The decline varied across the country and was most pronounced in London, where a new and contagious strain of the virus was identified late last year On January 1, an estimated 1 in 30 people in London had the virus that has now fallen to about 1 in 185 Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the decline in cases was “encouraging … but we must not drop our guard” the UK has with more than 118000 deaths witnessed Europe’s worst coronavirus outbreak and is at a standstill as a mass vaccination program advances at the fastest rate on the continent to date, around 16 million people have had a first dose, roughly a quarter of the population ___ ROME – The Vatican Takes the Stand by Pope Francis Serious for Vaccine: Any Vatican employee who refuses to receive a coronavirus shot without a valid medical reason risks being fired on Feb. The decree, signed by the Governor of Vatican City State, sparked a heated debate on Thursday as its provisions go well beyond the generally voluntary nature of COVID-19 vaccinations in Italy and much of the world in which the decree highlighted the need to protect employees of the Vatican’s Workplace, as well as the guidelines issued by Francis’ own COVID-19 Advisory Commission, which said there is a moral responsibility to vaccinate yourself “because refusing a vaccine can put others at risk, the decree says that employees of the The Vatican is an absolute monarchy in the heart of Rome that works independently of Italian law and Italian labor protection. The Vatican with around 5000 staff is on track to become perhaps the first country to complete its adult vaccination campaign after the Holy See Health Service began vaccinating staff and their families with Pfizer shots in early January Francis himself has received his second dose ___ RALEIGH, NC. – North Carolina vaccine providers have yet to receive tens of thousands of COVID-19 vaccines for the federal government to deliver this week, state health officials said Thursday morning, the Department of Health and Human Services is now urging clinics to postpone appointments due to Plan of delays due to severe winter weather None of the more than 163000 first and second doses of the Moderna vaccine due to arrive this week have been released by President Joe Biden’s administration, the state health department said the state also noted that only a limited number of the nearly 127000 Pfizer Vaccines Expected to Ship North Carolina Health officials are working with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to Reduce the Impact of the Delay ___ PHOENIX – Arizona reported Thursday Jan.143 additional COVID-19 cases and 213 deaths, while health officials in some areas said bad weather delayed vaccine deliveries, leading to cancellations and rescheduling, recent figures released by the Department of Health Services brought the total number of pandemics in Arizona to 802198 cases and 15276 deaths, according to data from the state coronavirus dashboard and COVID tracking project, Arizona continued to see a decline in COVID-19 hospital stays and a moving average of seven days for confirmed cases and deaths due to delivery delays, the Prescott relocated to Prescott based Yavapai Regional Medical Center will schedule vaccination appointments on Wednesday afternoon on February 24, Yavapai County health officials said in a statement, “This is a very fluid situation that can change by the hour in Tucson, Pima County health officials said approximately 2800 vaccination appointments from Wednesday or Thursday to Saturday at Tucson Medical Center, Tucson Convention Center and Banner South could be postponed if no new supplies arrive in the next few days Coconino County health officials canceled Wednesday and scheduled appointments for the first dose for estimated 1800 people scheduled to move Thursday and Friday in multiple Flagstaff locations___ WASHINGTON – The number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits rose to 861 last week000 This shows that layoffs remain painfully high, despite a steady decline in the number of confirmed viral infections, and claims from laid-off workers rose 13 from the previous week000, which was revised significantly higher Thursday, according to the Department of Labor, before the virus broke out in the US in March last year, weekly jobless claims never had 700, even during the 2008-2009 great recession000 exceeded The labor market has stalled Employers only have 49 in January000 new jobs created after shedding their workforce in December Almost 10 million jobs remain lost in the pandemic Although the unemployment rate has fallen from 6-7% to 63% in the last month, in part because some people stopped looking for jobs People who are not actively looking for work are not considered unemployed ___ ALBUQUERQUE, NM. – The Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education has rejected a proposal aimed at partially bringing students back to class as part of a hybrid learning model during the coronavirus pandemic.The board voted 4: 3 against hybrid learning and held the district until the end of Virtual Year with Limited Personal Groups The board also approved a measure to allow some groups to have face-to-face tuition, including students at risk of failure or seniors who need additional help.The proposed hybrid plan would have opened kindergarten on Jan. Brought back by second grade on March 23, followed by all elementary middle and high school students were allowed to return once Bernalillo County’s coronavirus numbers improved Wednesday’s vote also means athletes will not participate in fall sports like soccer, soccer, and volleyball Cross Country Skiing Fall Sports Delayed Due to Pandemic ___ BOSTON – Massachusetts’ coronavirus vaccine appointment portal crashed Thursday morning as more than a million additional citizens were allowed to schedule a shot, many residents who went to the Vaxfinder, mass government received the “This application crashed” message with a drawing of an octopus and prompted to try again later The page appeared to be working again around 10am Gov Charlie Baker said Wednesday that at 8 a.m. it was over 70000 appointments would be made available on Thursday, including for those 65 and over, for those with two or more specific medical conditions, and for residents and low-income workers and affordable retirement homes, but warnings that booking an appointment could take up to a month ___ GENEVA – The head of the WHO international team in China said the idea that coronavirus may have been imported into China via frozen food that ultimately sparked the pandemic is “not something we look at after the completion of the WHO’s mission Wuhan-led teams earlier this month, WHO’s Peter Ben Embarek said the team had identified frozen animal products in the market that identified dozens of early coronavirus cases last January, and said there was potential to continue Follow example “However, at a press conference on Thursday, Ben Embarek said that there were no major coronavirus outbreaks in food factories worldwide before the virus was discovered in Wuhan”The hypothesis or idea of ​​importing the virus into China via this route is not our intention. The WHO has previously said that the likelihood of COVID-19 spreading via surfaces including frozen food packaging is extremely unlikely The respiratory virus is mainly spread through droplets and the air. But China has repeatedly theorized without evidence that COVID-19 outbreaks were caused by contaminated frozen seafood, as Ben Embarek described it as “a very, very rare occurrence” and said even China’s extensive search for contaminated food found few cases of products carrying viruses, other scientists say it is unclear whether these traces of virus could be enough to actually infect someone and that it is more likely to be humans Spreading the Disease As The Packing ___ SEATTLE – Washington state governor says residents of Point Roberts are not required to take a COVID-19 test before traveling across Canada for essential services Travel between Washington state and Point Roberts, the promenade US. Enclave Connected to British Columbia Requires 25 Mile Travel Through Canada The Seattle Times reported that the Democratic government of Jay Inslee announced that his office was informed of the decision by the Canadian Consulate General on Wednesday to allow around May 1300 residents forego a test on both sides of the US-Canada border The announcement came after Canada on Monday introduced a policy requiring a recent COVID-19 negative test for overland visitors ___ GENEVA – The Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago urged the World Health Organization to establish an “international convention of World leaders “convene to advocate equitable exchanges of coronavirus vaccines At a press conference Thursday, Prime Minister Keith Rowley said small states in the Caribbean and elsewhere had” made “great sacrifices to keep our people from the worst of the ravages of the virus protect, “and world leaders should agree to make vaccines available to people everywhere,” not just the privileged, well-heeled few. So far, 75% of COVID-19 vaccines have been given in just 10 countries, and nearly 130 countries don’t have a single one Dose received ___ HONOLULU – According to a draft law Hawaii Senate rf, the Department of Education would have to publish the number of new coronavirus cases discovered at each public school.Regulations require the education department to list COVID-19 case numbers by area on a weekly basis, and KITV reports that the department also reports by law Democratic Sen would have to publish exact data of positive COVID-19 tests and the last dates of presence of the infected Michelle Kidani Says Parents Have Right To Know Which Schools Are Affected The Department of Education’s Deputy Superintendent Phyllis Unebasami Says The Bill Could Alienate Students And Parents If a law were to be passed, the updated reporting requirement would be updated Jan. July come into force ___ BERLIN – Germany’s highest security official says that about a fifth of the people who have been turned away since the introduction of strict controls on Sunday at the Czech and Austrian borders, Germany carried out controls at its borders with the Czech Republic and Austrian Tyrol to reduce the spread of more contagious coronavirus variants that have caught on there.It restricts entry to German citizens and residents, truck drivers, transportation and healthcare providers, and a few others, including cross-border commuters who work in “systemically important sectors.” must show a negative coronavirus test Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said during a visit to the Czech border on Thursday that 50000 checks were carried out and 10000 of them led to people being rejected ___ CONCORD, NH – Dartmouth College has started planning a “normal fall semester” as long as COVID-19 cases stay low and much of the population is vaccinated by the end of summer Provost Joseph Helbe says there are many reservations and there can be Turn out that not all students can be on campus in the fall, currently around half of the students are on campus The college has spent five days with no new COVID-19 cases among students and eight days for employees, but Helbe says the risks emanating from new virus mutations require caution ___ PARIS – French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday unveiled a plan to better serve public institutions and private companies after ransomware attacks in two hospitals this month and an increase in similar cyber attacks in France to arm against cyber criminals The attacks in the hospitals in Dax and Villefranche-sur-Saone resulted in d Some patients have been moved to other facilities as the French health system is under pressure from the coronavirus pandemic. Macron discussed the attacks with officials and workers in both hospitals, saying the incident “shows how serious the threat is, sometimes vital___ NAIROBI, Kenya – The African Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say the first 1 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine against COVID-19 are expected to arrive next week for distribution in around 20 countries across the continent The doses are the first of around 7 million, which come from the Serum Institute in India CDC director for Africa John Nkengasong and his colleagues didn’t immediately say which countries in the 54-nation continent will receive the first shipment, but Nkengasong said Thursday that the health workers said the shots “We’re very excited,” he said awaiting vaccines from the Africa Global COVAX Initiative, which announced 25% of the vaccines needed for the continent to supply 13 billion people With supplies lagging behind schedule, African nations are looking to secure vaccines from multiple sources ___ LONDON – The UK government supports four New studies to investigate why some people continue to have symptoms months after contracting COVID-19 The Department of Health announced Thursday £ 18.5 million ($ 26 million) for research into the causes, symptoms, and effects of the Long COVID “While most people recover from coronavirus in a few weeks, about one in ten 12 weeks later still has symptoms Researchers around the world are trying to understand the causes and dozens of symptoms, which include shortness of breath, headache, fatigue, and” brain fog. ” “Belong to ___ HONG KONG – Hong Kong has the Sinovac vaccine developed in China Biotech COVID-19 Approved As Health Authorities In Semi-Autonomous Chinese City Prepare To Start Large-Scale Vaccinations Hong Kong’s Minister of Food and Health said in a press release Thursday that “the benefits of approving the use of the COVID-19 Sinovac vaccine to protect against COVID-19 the risks outweigh “The first batch of around 1 million doses of the Sinovac vaccine will be delivered” shortly “to Hong Kong, with vaccinations in almost 7 areas5 million people should” start as soon as possible___ DER HAAG – Dutch lawmakers have a debate on Thursday over hastily drafted laws underpinning the country’s coronavirus curfew after a judge ordered the removal of the measure earlier this week The lower house of parliament is expected to endorse the legislation, which then goes to the Senate on Friday – on the day on d em government attorneys are going to court to appeal the order banning the 9p m-to-4:30 am curfew The curfew, which sparked riot last month but is largely supported and followed, remains pending the outcome of this Call in force The Associated Press

Schneider Electric, a leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, was the first major supplier of products and systems for industrial control and energy management to receive the coveted CREST accreditation for penetration tests

Tim Tebow had a pretty bad baseball career by baseball standards, but the fact that he had a career at all is pretty impressive

Sisense was recognized as a Visionary in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms in 2021

West Fort Worth water customers now have to boil their water after a major water hiatus caused a pressure drop in a huge part of the city

Public Health Sudbury and Districts (PHSD) has identified 40 potential locations in the local health jurisdiction where residents can get their COVID-19 vaccines The PHSD vaccine playbook released in January identified several locations that are considered places to where citizens can gather to get their recordings at mass vaccination events The game book stated that local vaccine implementation committees will be established in five geographic areas: Sudbury East, Greater Sudbury, Chapleau, Lacloche Foothills and Manitoulin Island PHSD- Announcements on Wednesday indicated that the following venues have been confirmed for Greater Sudbury: Carmichael Arena, Centennial Arena / Community Center (Hanmer), Dr Edgar Leclair Arena / Community Center (Azilda), Gerry McCrory Countryside Sports Complex, Other Greater Sudbury Venues Listed but Unconfirmed in the Vaccine Playbook: The Cambrian Arena, Capreol Community Center, and the Arena, Capreol Millennium Resource Center , The Chelmsford Arena / Community Center, Club D’Age D’Or (Hanmer), the Dowling Leisure Center, Falconbridge Wellness Center, Garson Arena / Community Center, Howard Armstrong Leisure Center (Hanmer), I.J Coady Memorial Arena (Levack), Lionel E. Lalonde Center (Azilda), McClelland Arena / Community Center (Copper Cliff), Raymond Plourde Arena (Val Caron), Rayside Balfour Workout Center (Azilda), Sudbury Arena, TM. Davies Arena / Community Center (lively), Toe Blake Memorial Arena (Coniston) Possible locations in Sudbury East include: the Alban Community Center in Alban, the Killarney-Shebahonanin Community Center in Killarney, the Markstay Warren Community Center / arena (above) in Warren , the Noelville Community Center in Noelville, and the St-Charles Community Center in St-Charles Possible venues in Chapleau include: The Chapleau Recreation Center, the Sacred Heart Parish Hall and the Royal Canadian Legion Harry Searle Branch No5, City Hall, Community Office Basement Possible venues in the Manitoulin District are: Big Lake Hall (Central Manitoulin), Gore Bay Memorial Arena, M’Chigeeng Community Arena, Mindemoya Community Center, Providence Bay Arena, Sandfield Community Hall, The Spring Bay Community Center and The Wikwemikong Recreation Center Possible venues in the Lacloche area include: Espanola Recreation Fitness and The Massey District Community Arena In the vaccine distribution scenario, a three-phase approach was described in the PHSD playbook, where the first phase priority would be residents long-term care (LTC), LTC employees, key caregivers and other employees, retirement home residents (RH), RH employees, key caregivers and other employees, health care workers, adult First Nations, Métis and Inuit residents (On-Reserve -Indigenous), adult First Nations, Métis and Inuit residents (urban indigenous people) and awake Chronic Home Care Residents This should be done by week of December 12th April to be completed In the second phase (from 19 April) the vaccine playbook was then listed in the Primary Primary, Adults 75+, Adults 60-74, Risk Populations, Other Residents and Staff in Congregation Environments, Adults 16-59, which should be completed by September 27, said The game book phase three was the priority for all other members of the adult population 16 and older who wanted to be vaccinated.The game book was released in early January before the federal and state governments realized there was difficulty getting Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna vaccines From their sources it is not yet known how the delivery issues will affect the schedules projected by the playbook, the PHSD estimates that vaccine intake is highest among residents of LTC and RH (95 percent) and estimated intake among staff and Supervisors from LTC and RH was the second highest Sch with 80 percent etch The 80 percent estimate was also applied to health care workers in general and essential workers. The estimated vaccine intake for all other population categories was 75 percent, according to the PHSD playbook. The playbook described procedures for events such as clinics “Public Health Sudbury & Districts is for Responsible for scheduling appointments At the time of booking, customers are asked to provide their name, date of birth, gender, Ontario Health Card number, identification type, telephone number, postal address and email address. Address is used to send appointment details, training materials and declarations of consent for review before attending scheduled appointments, “says the game book. For customers without phone access, health card, ID, address or internet access, considerations about health equality are planned cancellation instructions we For communal mass vaccination clinics, the scenario was that the clinics would be open from 9 a.m. until 7 a.m. Vaccines must be pre-loaded Declarations of consent must be completed before arrival at the vaccination station The PHSD plan provides for clinics, who perform 100 to 120 vaccinations per day in a 10-hour day Some of the scenarios would take up to 1Allow 000 vaccinations over 10 to 10 days Due to the vaccination events, precautionary measures against pandemics are taken.This includes: Clinics only just-in-time appointments by arrangement, early arrivals are requested to wait outside the clinic premises Customer care only by arrangement, provided there are no extenuating circumstances Provide electronic data sheets and declaration of consent Option for customers to print out the consent form and bring the signed copy to the appointment COVID-19 screening immediately before entering the clinic Mandatory masking, unless excepted by Len Gillis, reporter for the Local Journalism Initiative, Sudburycom

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Ring them! Liza Minnelli celebrates on Dec. March her 75th Birthday with a dancing and singing streaming Shindig The virtual “love letter to Liza: A celebration for the 75th birthday Birthday ”includes appearances and performances by Joel Gray, Lily Tomlin, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Chita Rivera, Joan Collins and Harry Connick, Jr, Ben Vereen and the […]

Volunteers in the UK An intentional dose of COVID-19 will soon be given in a study where they are intentionally exposed to the virus Some Canadian ethics and infectious disease experts wonder if it’s worth the risk Studies like the one approved in the UK this week – so-called Human Challenge Trials – involve exposing volunteers to a specific pathogen to give researchers insights into the spread of infection or what treatments and vaccines will work best against it The UK process, which was the first to be approved by regulators, is expected to start within a month and involve up to 90 healthy volunteers between the ages of 18 and 30 while human challenge studies have been used To study other diseases such as malaria and cholera, University of Toronto bioethicist Kerry Bowman notes that COVID-19 poses another set of potential dangers, Bowman says, challenge attempts must address three issues of consent before they are considered ethical Can: Participants must be able to voluntarily consent and be informed of their decision to The UK Study ticks the first two boxes, he says, but the third is questionable. “Of course (consent) is voluntary and perfectly capable, but I have problems with it: Are the volunteers fully informed?” Bowman said, “We have been in a pandemic for a year and COVID is still a pretty unpredictable pathogen.” You can’t definitely say what will happen to a 25-year-old with no pre-existing health problems, “The UK said Government says volunteers will be exposed to COVID-19 “in a safe and controlled environment” with participants monitored 24 hours a day The study encourages young people to volunteer as they have the lowest risk of serious illness from COVID- 19 have However, health experts warn that the risk is not zero DR Zain Chagla, an infectious disease specialist in St Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, says the UK A critical safety component is missing from the challenge attempt – the ability to undo damage if something goes wrong. “If you want to expose people, it has to be related to saving people,” Chagla said, noting that while some drug treatments exist, but cannot prevent death or significant complications in everyone “We know there are young people dying of COVID-19 It is not a large number, but it is not predictable who will achieve this result” So why the risk? Jeff D’Souza, a research fellow at the McMaster Institute for Ethics and Innovation Policies, says the benefits of attempting a challenge – what has been learned from it – must outweigh the relative risk to volunteers in The UK One goal of the study, according to the government, is to determine the smallest amount of virus needed to cause infection. She also hopes to “help the pandemic response by helping vaccine and treatment development,” D’Souza noted that the Study participants, as they are closely monitored, are in a safer environment than if they had the disease naturally, adding that the study should have gone through a rigorous review process based on World Health Organization criteria before it was approved, and that she “was able to demonstrate that such studies are ethical and acceptable” While valuable information about infection and transmission can be gleaned from a challenge, Chagla said there are safer ways to get those answers. The global spread of the virus would make it easy for researchers to do make groups of people under look for those naturally exposed rather than intentionally increasing the COVID load. He also asks if the potential results of the study will be relevant “From an infection control standpoint, they may matter, but how we use COVID will change -19 Drugs Practicing or Changing the Path for Vaccines and Treatments? “Chagla asked.” It might change infection control a little, but even that isn’t safe. “So is it worth putting people at risk for that?” At least some Canadians have expressed an interest in volunteering for a human challenge study before vaccines are approved. An e-petition with 543 signatures from September through October urged the government to adopt one, highlighting the need for “several Vaccines to Meet Global Demand “” The government responded to the petition in December, saying a human challenge attempt for COVID-19 would “be at higher risk” because the virus was new and the long-term effects weren’t Bowman believes it is unlikely that a COVID challenge study will be approved in Canada, especially now that multiple vaccines have been approved worldwide and data from millions have been vaccinated “any kind of contribution to make the vaccine (development) faster and easier Making it more effective would be a wonderful thing, “he said.” But my position is that I really don’t think a V is request of a human challenge is justified “This report from The Canadian Press was first published on February 18, 2021 Melissa Couto Zuber, the Canadian Press

A city commission determines the fate of monuments to Abraham Lincoln and George Washington and other historical figures in Chicago as part of a “Racial Healing and Historical Settlement Project” that began that summer.No decision was made as to whether any of the 41 statues and others Commemorative stamps of Presidents Lincoln, Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Ulysses S Grant and William McKinley and more are being phased out

CORTINA D’AMPEZZO, Italy – After going through her entire career without a major league title, Lara Gut-Behrami added a second gold medal to her burgeoning collection of this year’s World Ski Championships, Mikaela Shiffrin meanwhile received a silver medal to make her one of each To give color – and their best event is still ahead Gut-Behrami prevailed on Thursday in the giant slalom against Shiffrin and made a deficit on the front runner with a blistering final, which defeated the American by two hundredths of a second after Shiffrin had finished her run, Gut-Behrami hugged the American and stormed through the finish area to celebrate with her coaches “GS has always been so important to me throughout my career,” said the Swiss skier. “I always knew that it was easy in other disciplines too, to be fast when I ski well in GS “Gut had problems with GS and the like in recent years nd has not won a race in the discipline since his triumph in the 2016 season opening World Cup race. “This year I came back step by step,” she said. “When I reached the finish line, I already had in mind that it was my first time Winning a medal in GS Winning gold here is unbelievable Katharina Liensberger from Austria was in third place in 009, which was the closest goal of a giant slalom for women in the worlds so far. The American skier Nina O’Brien was behind in second place in 002 the opening run, but fell to 10th after a costly mistake shortly before the end of her last run Place back Cassidy Gray from Panorama, BC.was 23 Many favorites before the race, including the defending champion Petra Vlhova and the Italian duo Marta Bassino and Federica Brignone, had to struggle with the track conditions, as the snow surface varied between grippy, icy and soft Gut-Behrami became the first GS world champion from Switzerland , since Sonja Nef won the title 20 years ago Gut-Behrami also won gold in Super-G and bronze in the downhill section of this year’s Welten Shiffrin extended her American record with her 10th Career medal at Welten She won the combined event on Monday and took bronze in Super-G a week ago. Shiffrin dropped 0.14 seconds behind Gut-Behrami in the middle of her last run, but made up for the time in the flat last section.She opted for Silver and said she was still “happy” “The first thing I saw was the red, but I felt good skiing”I pushed. It wasn’t a perfect run, but it was aggressive,” said Shiffrin, who has won 10 medals from 12 events around the world since her debut in 2013. “I’ve never been for a series of medals or those records or anything “Every time I race I want to win,” she said. Shiffrin got a shot at another medal on Saturday as she goes for her fifth consecutive slalom title. “This world champion was really nice,” she said, “I did now three medals in the last race, where I sure still have a chance, but it was already incredibly successful. “O’Brien was nearing her best career result and overcame a shock between runs when her skis initially failed the organizers’ standard equipment test The international ski association checks the size and equipment of the ski after every run according to strict rules. Racers whose skis do not meet the criteria will be disqualified ert Andreas Krönner, FIS technical operations manager, said “there was a problem with the plate in the binding” on one of O’Brien’s skis that only exceeded the allowable height by 0.1 millimeters According to Krönner, however, the plate was “light loose ”and was able to move within tolerance allowing O’Brien to start in the final run. O’Brien appeared to be on the way to a medal but lost control of her left ski when she was aiming a bump in sight “I’m a little disappointed that I made this mistake downstairs,” O’Brien said. “I felt like (the second run) was a bit wild from the start I just did it today and it seemed at Vlhova was unable to make up for a deficit of 1.17 seconds after the opening run, her coach Livio Magoni set the goals for the last run. The overall World Cup leader from Slovakia finished 1st 90 seconds behind 12 Italy did not live up to its status as the main medalist Bassino finished 13th Platz and Federica Brignone was skiing 40 seconds after her first run ___ More AP skiing: https: // apnewscom / hub / skiing and https: // twittercom / AP_Sports Eric Willemsen, The Associated Press

(Bloomberg) – Daimler AG expects a significant improvement in earnings this year, as vaccinations accelerate and an economic recovery supports the strong demand for the manufacturer of Mercedes-Benz luxury cars, which is preparing for the spin-off of its truck division. Sales and operating income will be “significantly higher,” Daimler said Thursday, weeks after it reported better-than-expected preliminary results for the year. The company plans to increase the dividend to 1.35 euros from 090 euros last year when the factories and Automakers with pandemic shutters saved cash in the toughest times in decades, orders for the redesigned flagship Mercedes S-class sedan, one of the manufacturer’s biggest cash cows, are 30% higher than its predecessor, Kallenius said in an interview with Bloomberg Television The car is named by an electric sibling Flanking EQS, which he said will generate “healthy” returns from the start. Following this month’s decision to separate the truck division, 51-year-old Kallenius is focused on raising returns and making the German industrial giant more nimble While the worst of the pandemic disruptions are over, obstacles remain as demand in Europe fell to record lows in January, and a global semiconductor chip shortage is holding back production, Daimler said it will make up for lost production due to chip supply shortages later in the year, warned However, prior to the situation remaining volatile, the manufacturer finished 22% in Frankfurt trade, valuation of the company at 716 billion euros4 billion) Learn more: Chip scarcity seen wiped out $ 61 billion in car sales Daimler and other traditional automakers have seen the valuation boom for Tesla Inc largely missed or Nio Inc Despite a growing number of battery vehicles and a number of gadgets, many investors still doubt that established companies will be just as competitive in the new era of battery vehicles based on high-performance software stacks, the redesign is contributing to massive upheaval at both Daimler and Daimler the German Volkswagen AG, which, according to those familiar with the matter, is now considering a separate listing of its Porsche sports car unit, Tesla FightMercedes is planning to step up its Tesla challenge and established competitors like BMW AG with a growing selection of plug-in hybrids – and keep all-electric cars in check their share of total deliveries could almost double this year compared to 2020, and Mercedes expects to meet stricter emissions regulations in Europe, apart from four all-electric models this year, car manufacturing will He will present a new version of his C-Class sedan and station wagon next week. The combustion cars from Mercedes are “ATMs” that finance the transition to electric cars that initially achieve leaner returns, said CFO Harald Wilhelm, after Daimler had cut costs last year , Daimler expects some costs such as travel expenses to rise again, said Wilhelm and promised to keep fixed costs stable compared to last year Kallenius said the carmaker will have to get leaner in the coming yearsDaimler reported preliminary annual results last month that were higher were than originally expected, thanks to a stronger fourth quarter led by a recovery in China, generating 6 Earnings Before Interest and Taxes of 6 billion euros and 8 Industrial Free Cash Flow of 3 billion euros What Bloomberg Intelligence Says: Daimler continued its positive momentum with an optimis The outlook is based on improved Chinese demand, a high-margin new S-Class and sustained cost savings, assuming a Mercedes EBIT margin target of 8 to 10% is likely to lead to a 10% improvement in consensus EBIT Although we have question marks over the European 1-hour demand- Michael Dean, BI Automotive Analyst Click here to read the report The main division Mercedes-Benz Cars and Vans, in which the company did around 7 months last year000 jobs, made up the largest part of the profit with 5 17 billion euros The returns are expected to increase this year from 6 to 8% to 10% 9% According to Daimler, the margins in the truck sector will also rise sharply to up to 7% Outlook for the company’s margins has been positive, Jefferies analyst Philippe Houchois said in a report, with the lower end of Daimler’s forecast ranges beating expectations forSanford C. The Bernstein analyst Arndt Ellinghorst assumes that investors will value the Mercedes car at up to 65 billion euros and the truck division at up to 35 billion euros after the truck has been outsourced (updates with comment from the CEO from the television interview in fourth paragraph) For more articles like this, please visit us on BloombergcomSubscribe now to stay ahead of the game with the most trusted business news source © 2021 Bloomberg LP

The biggest gamers involved in the GameStop frenzy face a congressional hearing Thursday. “Roaring Kitty” is also sued by Massachusetts

For 40 years, Doug Stewart coordinated his movements with spawning salmon on BC.Climb up the north coast to count the fish that have returned from the ocean. His job as a creekwalker – a contract monitoring contract for Fisheries and Oceans Canada – took him to places where no one would believe fish could reach him he told The Narwhal One November, after wading through a frozen lake with his canoe in tow, he followed a stream through a frozen meadow and counted Koho in slow-flowing pools covered in thin ice, “It was something That will stay on my mind forever These are the things that keep pulling you back when Stewart reluctantly retired in 2016, no one took over for him, leaving the last remaining creekwalker in the area an area of ​​about 17“Even when the two of us were there, we still didn’t get the job right,” he said Fisheries and Oceans Canada has been hiring creekwalkers since 1940 to count salmon returning in natal streams along the Pacific coast. These creekwalkers provide vital information on the populations used to make fisheries management decisions, including the number of salmon that can be caught for commercial or recreational purposes, however, decade-long budget cuts have significantly reduced the number of creekwalkers and the number of creeks monitored, while wild salmon populations have declined, according to critics say the data collected from creekwalkers is needed to make good fisheries management decisions “From a conservation perspective, we need this information to assess the health of the population,” said Michael Price, salmon researcher at Simon Fra ser University, in an interview with The Narwhal, “We can’t make accurate fishing decisions if we don’t know how many fish are coming back, PacificWild, a conservation group focused on the Great Bear rainforest, recently launched a campaign to address the decline Raise awareness of the number of creek walkers on the north and central coast and their importance for salmon. In 1949, 150 creek walkers monitored the north coast In the late 1970s there were 40 and now there are only two left according to research by the organization PacificWild also found that only 215 out of 2500 spawning streams are counted on the central and north coast. This is a decrease of about 70 percent since the 1980s, when around 1500 of these streams were monitored PacificWild has no data on how many creekwalkers monitor creeks on the south coast, nor how many streams are monitored there, according to research by Price and others, Fisheries and Oceans Canada has had the means to monitor since the 1980s Continuously cut When Fisheries and Oceans Canada announced a wild salmon policy in 2005 that prioritized the conservation of Pacific salmon and recognized the need to conserve biodiversity, conservationists expected the division to step up surveillance efforts. “That was Goal 1: Identify populations, that we need to protect over the long term, “Price said. However, the decline continued in the absence of data collected from creekwalkers, Fisheries and Oceans Canada B estimatesC. Salmon populations by counting fish in just a few locations in larger systems, taking aerial photographs and tagging fish in downstream locations, and building a population model based on how many further inland, however, the accuracy of these estimates can vary by as much as 50 percent, according to Price , and it is impossible to know what is happening to individual populations without monitoring the streams. Price added that the data without “boots on the ground” lacks critical context, “If we just scan and look at the spawning range of a system, and not literally going up the entire system, you don’t know if there are any blockages in the system or disease events or pre-spawn mortality because the water temperatures have been high or great predatory years, Price said that creekwalkers have irreplaceable knowledge of the spawning sites they visit year after year, which leads to this to a deeper ve Understanding of anomalies and fluctuations in salmon yields, which in turn affects fisheries management.For example, Stewart said there was an unexpectedly large early return of pink salmon to glacier-fed freshwater systems in the region in the past year, Fisheries and Oceans Canada decided to stop commercial fishing to open However, since the decision was not influenced by the knowledge of the creekwalkers, it resulted in a bug where many streams did not have enough fish to feed the populations. “Without the patrolmen out there, the department couldn’t see that this wasn’t in all Systems would be a continuous thing, “he said.” They actually overfished because they didn’t realize the secondary [return] that we call autumn pink isn’t coming. You need to have people on the ground to make good management decisions about fisheries and Oceans Canada declined an interview request and was unable to provide information. Price paid tribute to Fisheries and Oceans Canada for drastically curtailing commercial and recreational fishing in recent years, but added that rising data could only have positive effects “If we do had more information I would like to believe that we could have more informed E He said, “But right now we’re flying blind. When Stewart retired, the Kitasoo / Xai’xais First Nation began counting spawning salmon in around 15 of the 150 streams in his former surveillance area. They receive a small amount from fisheries and Oceans Canada and share their data with the department Larry Greba, Director of Fisheries at Kitasoo / Xai’xais, said they are trying to cover a handful of streams representative of other streams “In the absence of this information, you have no idea what to do with Stocks is going on, “he said.” Unfortunately, in some cases they seem to have died out – I hate to use the word We have a number of systems in the area that have done next to nothing, “But Greba said he would welcomed Fisheries Minister Bernadette Jordan to devote more resources to indigenous surveillance programs, and said her latest mandate letter from the Prime Minister that the Ent development of a Pacific salmon strategy offers a glimmer of hope”Other coastal states, including Heiltsuk and Gitga’at, have similarly started monitoring currents in the absence of fisheries and ocean programs in Canada. Fraser Los, communications coordinator for the Coastal Stewardship Network, told The Narwhal in an email, That efforts are under way to standardize data collection methods and ensure that they are compatible with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Los says the Coastal First Nations are working to digitize data collection as part of a regional surveillance system.Price agreed to coordinate the Monitoring methods is key, adding that expanding our knowledge of how many fish there are doesn’t have to be a huge investment “This is not rocket science It just takes those adventurous people who want to trample creeks and count fish” The federal and provincial governments have over the British Columbia Salmon Re storation and Innovation Fund, including some surveillance programs, allocated more than $ 140 million to salmon conservation programs BC. Parliamentary Secretary for Fisheries and Aquaculture Fin Donnelly said the province is determined to work with the federal government and the First Nations. “I think there is a realization that we need to do things differently,” he said. “We need to innovate He said the province has started funding indigenous guardianship programs to address the issue, citing $ 7 million investment in the Broughton Archipelago, where Minister Jordan recently decided to end open net pen salmon farms by 2022 He said the funding will include support for surveillance programs Biologist Alexandra Morton suggested creating a new leadership position at Fisheries and Oceans Canada to coordinate this collaboration “We need one Wild Salmon Director “While many populations are critically endangered, says e Morton that salmon can survive this chance”The ocean and rivers can still fish. People shouldn’t give up,” Stewart saw what was at stake last summer when he and his family anchored in a ‘gin-clear’ river, where he gets around 60 every year000 buddy and 60Saw 000 pink salmon return. He estimated only about 500 pals returned last year, “We’re watching this sow grizzly with two cubs and there are no pinks available yet so she’s chasing pals and I mean she’s chasing her. He giggled and said “She was pretty good at it, but added that there were probably another dozen grizzlies in the area, all trying to catch the fish.” Suddenly you don’t have enough mates in this system to keep the bears and future populations to look after pals, “he said,” the bears are getting what they can get and you hope like hell [the fish] that they got at least a few eggs in the gravel before they turned into bear protein, Matt Simmons, reporter for the Local Journalism Initiative, The Narwhal

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