I tested the entry-level EVGA RTX 3060 XC Black graphics card which delivers high quality 1080p and respectable 1440p gaming

Nvidia wants you to replace your old GTX 1060 for 1080p gaming already, which is no surprise considering GPUs have been around since 2016

The company hopes its AI-controlled DLSS upscaling (for faster frame rates at a given resolution) will be more appealing in the new entry-level RTX 3060 than it has ever been in the meh RTX 2060 line it replaces, and it’s not a bad one Bet; DLSS had serious performance drawbacks with the Turing generation of GPUs, but the 30-series ampere silicon makes it worth it on occasion.Unfortunately, it’s not easy to buy a graphics card right now due to delivery bottlenecks, especially the RTX 3060 with an attractive starting price from 329 USD (299 GBP, approx 530 AU $) It starts shipping today, but good luck finding one in stock for a while

Due to the boom in cryptocurrency mining, there is a shortage in the graphics card market, Nvidia has tried to counter this on the RTX 3060 by putting a poison pill in the driver: if it is found that you are mining with Ethereum, the performance will be reduced for Mining work throttled Nvidia says this shouldn’t affect gaming

While this works (and I expect it to be bypassed quickly), the lack of graphics cards in general has driven prices up for available cards and GDDR6 memory so it’s unlikely to be RTX 3060-based Cards Can Be Sold For Less Than $ 350 There is also no Nvidia-branded Founders Edition card for the RTX 3060, and the Founders Editions are usually the only ones selling at starting price, as Nvidia controls pricing rather than card makers third party

We tested EVGA’s RTX 3060 XC Black, a dual fan base card with no overclocking that will likely be on the lower end of the RTX 3060 price range

Also, a lot still depends on how the shortage affects the price gap between this processor and its sibling, the RTX 3060 Ti, which in many cases delivers significantly better performance March announced an announcement that will likely be its own entry-level Radeon RX 6000 series GPUs

It’s not just the price that can make the RTX 3060 attractive – it’s smaller and has 170 watts of power compared to 200 watts (or more) of its sibling, which means it tends to use the smaller power supplies of older systems Compatible and fits in lower cooling cases You will likely get it in pre-built small or just over 1See $ 000 gaming PCs

The RTX 3060 has 12 GB of GDDR6 graphics memory, while the 3060 Ti and 3070 only have 8 GB and the 3080 has 10 GB, but it also has a smaller memory line than the others – 192 bits versus 256 bits or better – and I suspect it will probably use more memory as the data cannot be in and out of the data as quickly, however, the RTX 3060 also introduces Nvidia’s support for PCIe Resizable BAR technology, which is achieved by improving memory transfer speed , especially with large textures, can be compensated

The EVGA card I tested delivered excellent 1080p performance at high quality settings For many games it should shine at 1440p even without DLSS It was even stable with the Prerelease drivers Since photo editing is still CPU and memory-bound and not GPU-bound, it’s also a good mid-range choice for moderately intense image editing work that occasionally uses GPU-accelerated filters and AI (e.g. B. Photoshop’s neural filters)

RTX 3060

World news – CA – Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 is a solid graphics card if the price is right

Source: https://www.cnet.com/news/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3060-is-a-solid-video-card-if-the-price-is-right/