Ontario has a total of 5 in the past two days839 new cases of the novel coronavirus reported, bringing the total number of COVID-19 infections in the province to 187998

The province released coronavirus data for two days on Saturday morning, No numbers were released on New Years Day

On Friday 2476 new cases and on Saturday 3rd363 new cases reported Saturday’s total marks the largest increase in cases in a day since the pandemic began
However, a health department spokesman noted that due to a data problem, cases were under-reported for Toronto Public Health for Friday and over-reported for Saturday

“Today there are 713 new cases in Peel, 700 in Toronto, 395 in the York area, 226 in Windsor-Essex County and 171 in Hamilton,” said Health Secretary Christine Elliott

A total of 160 applies526 cases resolved, that is 854 percent of all confirmed cases

In the past two days, 95 more deaths have been reported – 51 on Friday and 44 on Saturday – and the death toll in the province rose to 4625 increased

Almost 70600 additional tests were completed for Friday’s report, and more than 61400 were done for Saturday, the province said the positivity rate was 5.3 percent, respectively 6 percent

It is reported that 1003 people with the virus were hospitalized This is a decrease of 257 from Friday when that number was at 1However, the province found that more than 10 percent of hospitals failed to submit their daily bed count for Saturday’s report, which likely resulted in the number of hospital stays reported being less than it actually is

The province also notes that the number of cases publicly reported daily may not match the number of cases reported by the local health authority on a given day, local health units reporting when they first notify a case were This can be updated and changed as soon as information is available. Data can also be called up at different times

According to the Department of Long-Term Care, Ontario 2769 deaths reported among residents and patients in nursing homes, an increase of 20 There are currently 188 outbreaks in nursing homes

Starting at 8 p.m. on Friday, were 33 in Ontario191 COVID-19 vaccine doses given, an increase of 4305 compared to the previous day corresponds to

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