The founder of an influential Pakistani Islamist party created to protest any reforms to the country’s blasphemy laws passed away on Thursday, days after he led demonstrations against France, an official said

Khadim Hussain Razavi, 54, who had been leading the TLP Movement in Pakistan (TLP) since its inception in 2015, died in a hospital in the eastern city of Lahore after “contracting a fever,” according to TLP spokesperson Bir Ijaz Ashrafi

In recent days, Razavi led anti-French protests in the capital, Islamabad, demanding the expulsion of the French ambassador after French President Emmanuel Macron defended the right to criticize Islam as part of freedom of expression.

On the death of Maulana Khadim Hussain Razavi, I offer my deepest condolences to his family. We are God, and upon him we shall return

He built a TLP to protest the execution of Mumtaz Qadri, the bodyguard who murdered the governor of Punjab in 2011 after saying that Pakistan’s strict blasphemy laws must be reformed

Under Razavi’s leadership, TLP and its followers organized various protests, including violent demonstrations that wreaked havoc in several cities in 2018 after the Pakistani Supreme Court acquitted a Christian woman, Asia Bibi, of blasphemy charges.

Pakistani Minister of Religious Affairs Bir Nurul Haq Qadri said in a statement that the nation had “lost a great religious scholar,” while Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted his condolences

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Allama Khadem Hussain Razavi

World News – CA – Pakistan: The death of TLP President Khadem Hussain Razavi in ​​Lahore