The province has announced that the coronavirus variant was first found in the UK was recognized on P.i

Premier Dennis King and Chief Public Health Officer Dr Heather Morrison made the announcement during a briefing on Saturday

Morrison says it was found in connection with a case announced in February4 The result came back from the National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg on Friday evening

“Every time we hear about one of these COVID premieres, the news is hard to digest,” King said

The case is of a man in his twenties who had traveled internationally. He arrived in Charlottetown on February 1 on Air Canada Flight 8302 from Montreal

Morrison said the man did what was required by isolating himself, where he will stay once he arrives in the province.He does not have close contacts as he is isolated from others

Other passengers on this flight should also have been required to self-isolate as per public health requirements and were previously advised to be tested at the first sign of symptoms

On Saturday, Morrison said several passengers on the flight would be tested by mobile units on Saturday afternoon, the passengers tested this morning had negative results

“Out of caution, last night and today, we’re all tracking 1 evening flight from Montreal to Charlottetown on February 1,” said Morrison

As part of PE.IMorrison said many of these passengers had been tested as early as this week as travelers need to be tested like rotary workers

Four passengers on that flight have since left the province, but Morrison said they were advised to get tested

The paramedics who tested the positive case and the screeners at the airport were also tested and got negative results

“As of this writing, there is no evidence that the variant strain of COVID-19 has spread in our province,” said Morrison

All of PE.The positive COVID-19 samples will be sent to the Winnipeg laboratory for sequencing, and Morrison said the variant strain was detected in routine testing

“We have discussed with Nova Scotia, which at the moment has also sent its positive cases to the [national laboratory] They hope they can do some of the sequencing in Nova Scotia, “she said

“We may be able to use this ability in Nova Scotia, which will reduce post-startup turnaround time for sequencing. These discussions were actually going on before yesterday”

Morrison said it took about eight days for this result to return from Manitoba, and localized genetic sequencing in Nova Scotia would be faster as samples could be flagged as urgent

“Affected variants are of concern as we know they are more contagious than the original strain of COVID-19, it is estimated that the variants are between 30 and 80 percent more contagious, meaning that they lead to an exponential spread if they are not included “

The B117 variant was also the source of an ongoing outbreak in Newfoundland and Labrador, where hundreds of cases were announced this week

“With the introduction of the variant, we will be more determined to protect the islanders from these highly contagious COVID-19 strains,” said Morrison

The chief public health officer said the province is not currently changing any public health policy, but said detection of the variant confirms that the province’s surveillance strategy is working

“The UK Variant is COVID-19 Although it is a more contagious variant, it is a variant of the virus that we have been fighting against since day 1, “King said

“The best and only way to contain the spread is to continue doing what islanders have been doing for so long, which is to follow public health measures

“This is a great reminder for us not to take our happy and unique P.E.I situation for grantedAs we have seen in other provinces, things can change quickly “

Morrison said she also doesn’t think the arrival of the variant strains will affect the province’s vaccination schedule as the mRNA vaccines still have good coverage against B117

PE.Since the pandemic began, 114 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed, with two cases still active

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B117 variant

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