A Temple University student said she suffered life-threatening heart disease weeks after recovering from a mild case of Covid-19

In a December 8 Facebook post, Madeline Neville writes that she returned to her family for Thanksgiving after being diagnosed with Covid-19 in late October

“I felt completely normal and was able to get my COVID experience behind me,” wrote Neville. “After all, I am a twenty year old girl in good health. I am the subgroup of the population who should be best equipped to deal with COVID “

Neville, who lives in Philadelphia and is now 21, said she tested negative before returning home, but soon afterwards she was hit by a second wave of symptoms

“I had such severe chest pain, shortness of breath, and a number of other terrible symptoms that came on suddenly and completely by surprise,” she wrote

In her post, Neville said she was eventually flown to a Philadelphia hospital where she was diagnosed with heart failure

Right, you heard me right, I had heart failure at the age of 20 I’ll say it again for the effect: heart failure, age 20

“I’ve been in the hospital for nine days, where every day I’ve had difficulty doing even the simplest of tasks like going to the bathroom and showering by myself, brushing my own teeth and hair, or even taking 10 steps”She wrote

Neville said her doctors told her she had myocarditis, a swelling of the heart muscle that has been linked to Covid-19

Recently, doctors have raised the question of whether athletes at risk of developing myocarditis need to do additional screening tests before returning to the game after recovering from the disease

When she returned home from the hospital in early December, Neville’s social media was full of posts from people upset about Covid Pennsylvania’s new statewide “mitigation efforts” announced by Gov Tom Wolf, who recently received his own positive diagnosis had shared

“People only said a select few things, discredited the virus and said anyone who thinks the states should close is stupid,” said Neville. “I saw one too many that night”

“I just felt like I was sitting on my story There was no point just keeping it to myself when I felt people had to hear it, “Neville said

When Neville spoke to NBC News on the phone Monday, she said that her condition was improving day by day and that during her last cardiologist appointment, she learned that her heart was working again

“The only concern is how inflamed my heart was and still is, they are concerned about the scarring, so they take me medication to prevent the scarring,” she said

When she first shared her story on Facebook in early December, Neville wrote that she hoped her story could serve as a “reality check” for some of her co-workers who “take their health for granted”

“I know I did,” wrote Neville, “I believed that my youth and health would allow me to get through any run with the virus relatively unscathed”

“As someone who was finished, I wish I had chosen inconvenience rather than endangering my health, I wish I had been more careful about my social interactions, around myself, my family, and mine, before I contracted COVID To spare friends the pain of uncertainty as to whether or not this disease would kill me “

“This has been my reality this week, and you can be assured that I just don’t care which restaurants are open more I’m just grateful to be home with my family,” wrote Neville


World News – A college student from California, Pennsylvania said she suffered heart failure at the age of 20 after a mild case of Covid

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