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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said a contract was signed with Novavax to manufacture its COVID-19 vaccine in Canada, but the drug company has been unwilling to introduce doses for several months

The federal government has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Novavax to pursue options for manufacturing the COVID-19 vaccine at a new facility in Montreal that is under construction

While the Prime Minister calls this a “big step forward,” it could be months before this potential vaccine candidate is approved from Canada, let alone shipped to locations nationwide, because the National Research Council’s new bioproduction facility, which will be manufacturing will take place, should not be finished until July

As soon as the new plant is up and running, around two million cans will be produced every month If the Novavax vaccine is found to be safe and effective, “tens of millions” will be administered domestically, according to Trudeau

The federal government has signed a deal with the Maryland-based company to purchase up to 76 million doses of its vaccine candidate

Trudeau has also announced that a second company, Precision NanoSystems, is on track to manufacture vaccines domestically, but not before 2023

On Tuesday, the Prime Minister announced $ 251 million for the Vancouver-based biotechnology company which is building a $ 502 million bioproduction center “to manufacture vaccines and therapeutics to prevent and treat diseases such as infectious diseases, rare diseases, cancer and other areas of uncovered.” Demand, “said the government

According to the government, the project proposal has been reviewed by the Joint Organic Product Manufacturing Subcommittee COVID-19, and the planned completion date is March 2023, by which time the company could generate up to 240 million doses of its COVID-19 self-amplifying ribonucleic acid vaccine each year ( RNA) produce

This news comes as the federal government faced numerous questions about the lack of capacity to manufacture COVID-19 vaccines domestically and the reliance on other countries to supply the currently approved vaccines

“We knew there would be some hurdles along the way with unpredictability and increased demand for production,” said Trudeau. “That’s why we secured as many options as possible and that’s why we invested in vaccine development and manufacture here at home ”

With European manufacturers Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna both sending smaller shipments of their COVID-19 vaccines to Canada this week, exacerbating ongoing dose shortages across the country, the move to rely more on vaccine manufacturing offers a new one Way for the domestic vaccine supply

It remains to be seen, however, whether this new agreement will provide significant support to the federal government in its goal of getting all Canadians who want it vaccinated by the end of September

The Prime Minister also briefed on the existing investments by Canadian organic producers researching COVID-19 therapeutics

A vial containing the Novavax phase 3 coronavirus vaccine is for use in the study in St George’s University Hospital in London Wednesday, October 7, 2020 Novavax Inc said Thursday Jan 28, 2021 that its COVID-19 vaccine appears to be 89% effective based on early results from a UK study and that it also appears – albeit not as well – against new mutant strains of the virus that are found in that country and in South Africa circulate (AP Photo / Alastair Grant)

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Novavax vaccine

World News – CA – PM announces contract with Novavax to manufacture its COVID-19 vaccine in Canada

Source: https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/pm-unveils-deal-with-novavax-to-produce-its-covid-19-vaccine-in-canada-1.5291835