Danielle Michaud is assisted by Alvin Williams to fix the mistakes in the Raptors 126-114 loss to the Boston Celtics

Say so much about the Toronto Raptors and their sub-optimal start to the 2020-21 season: they’re not casual

The Raptors are in a 1-5 hole because a team that relies excessively on three pointers won’t rebound well, slips leads through their fingers like water, and can’t beat good opponents – their only win against the humble New York Knicks

To her credit, there has been no effort to sugar-coat it. Kyle Lowry called her fourth game of the season “must win”, the team has already benched Pascal Siakam – one of their best players – for disciplinary reasons Head coach lamented his squad and all before Toronto lost 126-114 to the Boston Celtics at the Amalie Arena on Monday night, leaving them penultimate in the Eastern Conference as they prepared for a four-game West Coast road trip

“Right now we have no prey to ourselves,” Lowry said. “Right now we have nothing to ourselves, do we? We’re just like the team the teams see: “Okay, let’s go out to eat” and that’s not a good feeling “

Booty, tenacity, conviction – choose your adjective, but the overwhelming takeaway from Raptor’s head coach Nick Nurse and leaders Lowry and Fred VanVleet was that this is barely two weeks into the season, this is a team without any of it / p>

It shows in the way double-digit leads turn into double-digit deficits – the Raptors have run at least ten in every game so far, but only made the deal once. Against the Celtics, Toronto was 17-5 in after four minutes Leadership – five of your first six threesomes hit that – and after the first quarter with 32:23

Shortly thereafter, they fell apart, a nine point lead at 12 minutes turned into a 61-46 halftime hole, and there was little expectation – internal or external – that they would climb out of a team that after every deficit in everyone Series that it played before the final two years ago won a championship can apparently not play from behind

“I don’t think we have that [belief],” Lowry said. “I’m just being honest. We’re coming down – and the coach said so – we’re four down and it looks like we’re 10 down , [or] we’re down 20 I don’t know how to change that. Winning helps and plays with I don’t know how many games we’ve lost If it’s a tough loss and a last-second shot, things are different But we’re losing games and we’re just done ”

VanVleet said, “It’s a tough man, it’s tough This game is going to break your heart, man. We get paid a lot of money and it gives me the highest heights in my life besides having kids, and…” the lowest lows … when things are going well it’s great when they are bad it hurts So I put my blood, sweat and tears in it and it matters to me so this stuff keeps me up at night, so it is tough It’s hard to be in this position, but we still have a long way to go ”

Nurse prides himself on being positive, but he’s not shy away from naming his players’ shortcomings lately – whether it was his tough love to knock Siakam off the ground before the end of a loss the Philadelphia 76ers, or in his pre-game comments on Monday, how disappointed he was with Matt Thomas and Terence Davis in their game

Turns out he was just warming up, after all, he had approached almost anyone who wasn’t named VanVleet – who led the Raptors fantastically with 35 points on the 13 of 20 shooting – or Lowry, who was 18 Had bullied points, five rebounds, five assists and two steals

Nurse continues to play line-up combinations – giving rookie Malachi Flynn a few good minutes for the first time this season, putting on an ineffective Aron Baynes in favor of Alex Len to start the second half while skipping Thomas’s offense in favor of Stanley Johnson’s size and defense, and then Thomas sat for most of the second half

“I think my bigger thing is that, if you want to be honest, he didn’t really do much out there, really, did he?” Nurse said of Flynn, who was 0 of 6 off the floor in 16 minutes, “And if you’re honest, Norm [Powell] hasn’t played very well this year. And [Davis] hasn’t played very well, And Matt [Thomas] hasn’t Well played Some of the other guys We need to play better man We need to get these guys to develop their skills I think they are better players ”

An 18: 5 run in the garbage time brought a Celtics blowout of 26 points to light in the fourth quarter

The Celtics hit a career high of 40 points in 30 minutes from their young superstar Jayson Tatum, and the Raptors bench was beaten by 55-17 points before garbage time began

There were some positives The Raptors made the free-throw line 38 times, by far the best season They forced 19 turnovers and only made 10 themselves But once again they were hit the offensive glass (12-8), fouled too much (Boston shot 34 free throws himself), allowing the Celtics to shoot 15-of-29 from depth. Overall, they were exceeded 56-37

It’s not always advisable for head coaches to disapprove of the benefits of half the squad, but if you don’t give your opinion as acting coach of the year in the first year of a new contract, you never will – and for the most part has Nurse always

“You know me, I don’t know my stats very well, but we gave up about 55 offensive rebounds,” he said before the game. “We just can’t keep hitting the glass because all the other good things, that you’re going to make, just be wiped out That’s why I’m looking for help, brother ”

Decryption began in the second quarter and, like so often this year, the Raptors stopped scoring They coughed a 5-of-24 period and could only watch the Celtics take control of half – and the game, As it turned out – with a 14-0 run towards the end of the second quarter took over, in which Boston scored a comfortable 15 -point lead into the break

It didn’t get any better after the break. By then, the Celtics flowed and smelled blood. Tatum built on his second quarter with 21 points, 12 more in the third, and Jaylen Brown – the Celtics’ best player so far this season – rolled along 16 punches to 19 points and just to rub it in, there was an impressive foray by a point guard taken late in the first round – but it wasn’t Flynn.Instead, it was Celtics’ Payton Pritchard who finished 26th Finished overall – three places ahead of Flynn – who was on his way to 23 points off the bench in one night in which Boston guards Kemba Walker (knee), Jeff Teague (ankle) and Marcus Smart (thumb)

Where are the raptors? You’re in trouble if the expectation is to fight for a title in the Eastern Conference and beyond

“I think we have to be tougher,” Lowry said. “I think we just have to get a little gritty, a little harder, a little nastier, and have a little bit of loot for us … And kind of kind of this west coast trip you know it has to be the beginning of something because it could be a really bad journey if we don’t – check out this first game and check out all of these games and see how we can get better ”

This is not where the Raptors thought they were – “uncharted waters,” VanVleet said – but the first step in solving a problem is to admit that it exists and to honor it the raptors got that part right

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World News – CA – Raptors topped another loss and are still looking for traction

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