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CRISTIANO RONALDO has shown that he likes being booed by rival fans and finding it “boring” to play in empty stadiums

Fans at Juventus have not been able to see the Portuguese superstar and his team for several months

And while Ronaldo, 35, accepts current health protocols, he admitted that he was bored not playing in front of the crowd

At the Globe Soccer Awards in Dubai, he said: “For me, I have to be honest, playing in an empty stadium is boring in my opinion

“We, the players, respect all of protocol and health is of course the most important thing, but I don’t like it to be honest

“I do it first because I love soccer My passion is always soccer I play for my family, my children, my friends, the fans But I don’t like it, to be honest it’s so strange”

“When I touch the ball, ‘boo’ them, I like it I hope that in 2021 they can change the rules and we can see the stadiums full of people”

“It’s great when you see how the kids want to be like you,” said Ronaldo

“You cut your hair like me You want skills like me I see my son, 10 years old, and he wants to look like me and I say,” You have a long way to go to be like your father too be “said Ronaldo

“The future is the children I have four and I wish them all the best. When I see the children in Dubai, for example, they run and say ‘Siii’, that makes me happy because they show my efforts, my commitment and my hard work recognize

“I’m proud to see something like this, and it motivates me to keep going and going”

Ronaldo also reportedly gave up on the Globe Soccer Player of the Year award, which was voted for by fans on Robert Lewandowski

CR7 and his agent Jorge Mendes reportedly felt that the Poland international deserved more after his performances in 2020

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