EDMONTON, ALBERTA – 7 AUGUST: Bo Horvat # 53 of the Vancouver Canucks celebrates after a goal to Alex Stalock # 32 of the Minnesota Wild during the third period in the fourth game of the Western Conference qualifying round prior to the 2020 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs at Rogers Place on Aug. August 2020 in Edmonton, Alberta (Photo by Jeff Vinnick / Getty Images)

With an aspiring young goalkeeper named Kaapo Kahkonen on the roster – and after Cam Talbot was already anchored on the roster and wanted to avoid a three-headed goalkeeping monster, the Wild Stalock relied on waivers to attract their taxi- Team for goalkeeper depth

But like the Hurricanes did to the Oilers earlier in the season with Anton Forsberg, the Oilers flipped the script and snatched Minnesota Stalock for the same reason – to be a third-string goalkeeper, Oh, the cruel mistress of surrender, for Taxi squad to go down

Not that the barometer was set very high, but Stalock will be a big upgrade for Dylan Wells, who is currently taking the seat by default Once Stalock has gone through its mandatory 14-day quarantine, Wells will be tossed aside and relegated to ECHL Wichita, His contract runs out after this season, so he’ll be gone forever after that

Stalock will be a solid acquisition both now and in the future – I’ll go into that in more detail on the blog later

Stalock is best described as an NHL substitute goalkeeper, the 33-year-old has never played more than 38 games in a season – a mark he hit last season for the injured Devan Dubnyk, with only 151 games in his During his career in terms of sv% he has had 2 elite years 944 and 932, 3 average years 910 * 2 and 902 and 3 mediocre years 846, 884 and 899, not counting the one game he played in his rookie season where he had a 1,000 sv% because there were only 9 shots in that game, most NHL level goalkeepers can stop nine shots in a game, which is just not enough to count a sample size, his GAA follows the same pattern in exactly the same seasons, since the actual numbers are in no way unexpected, I am not boring you by posting them

So it’s obvious he’s been suffering from inconsistencies, which is fine considering the minor role he’ll play with the Oilers, given the firepower the D has shown lately (despite the TO series) it is reasonable to assume that Minnesota’s D is inferior to ours, which will help mitigate its inconsistency

Certainly he’ll be a better option in this position than Wells, even better than Skinner. He may be only 33 years old, but with only 151 games on his résumé, he may still have enough gas to be well over 35 years old to become, albeit in a subordinate role

One of the best things about this deal is that Stalock will only be 785 for the next two seasonsEarned $ 000 so it doesn’t take up much spaceOf course, for this season, that amount will be prorated, which helps even more

Even better, the Oilers are very well prepared for the Seattle expansion project due to take place after this season

As you can see, the rules for the draft expansion stipulate that each NHL team must suspend a goalkeeper who is also under contract for the next season or be an RFA who has received a QO now that Mikko Koskinen has an M-NTC, it must be protected unless it does not (good luck with it) This is not a choice, it is mandatory

This means we already know the one goalkeeper the Oilers will protect in the expansion draft, until Stalock claimed it was much less certain how the Oilers would meet the requirement to expose a goalkeeper

After all, Mike Smith is a UFA after this season. Don’t be fooled by his recent performance, no goalkeeper is setting a new career in sv% at the age of 38 – this is just not sustainable

If they sign Smith again, there is a very high risk that the then 39-year-old goalkeeper will collapse with loads of NHL miles on his body This is not an ideal situation when you know his train partner will not be able to carry the team with the workload of a starter, which of course assumes that he will not be selected in the draft expansion – and why should he, if he goes to NHL- Standards is geriatric?

If you bring in someone from the outside prior to drafting the extension, there is a risk of engaging the newcomer knowing they cannot be protected, I suppose you have the option of a draft pick or a warm body to send to the Kraken not to take it but that would cost assets and make two transactions uncomfortable to make a trade / signature It would certainly make Holland seem stupid, a big fish goalkeeper in trade or in the free Landing Hand only to have it snatched away from Seattle for free Other than that, there’s one big name the Oilers should go after once the dust settles on the expansion draft – I’ll reveal that towards the end of the season

But by Stalock’s claim, the Oilers can avoid it all now, they can let Mike Smith run for no consequence and given the place they have to work in after this season – again on a blog on the street – they can finally get one Upgrade to find the position while simultaneously using stalock to meet the league requirement to leave a goalkeeper open

If Stalock is chosen in the expansion draft, it won’t be a big deal because, in the grand scheme of things, it won’t be difficult to replace

I wanted to devote an entire blog to this topic, but now that the real world has come up with a solution that isn’t necessary

In the meantime, the Oilers should be able to step up Mike Smith in the goalkeeping position once the dust settles on Seattle’s draft expansion

In the event of an injury to one of their goalkeepers, the Oilers now have a stable veteran to take over, which they didn’t have at the beginning of the season when Smith was injured in his first training session

Once again, Ken Holland did a great job pulling a rabbit out of his hat and solving a roster problem, we trust Ken

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