Schools in Alberta will open on Jan. In person again on January 11, learning how the government had planned ahead of the holiday season, says Premier Jason Kenney

“The decision to stop learning in class on 1 Resuming January 11 is based on a careful consideration of the importance of in-person schooling, “Kenney told a news conference Thursday,” as well as the latest evidence for cases that declined in all school-related age groups in December “

Kenney said current provincial restrictions, which are designed to slow the spread of the coronavirus, will remain in place for at least two weeks

“To make sure we take into account the very real possibility of an increase in cases as a result of the holidays, and given our case numbers, hospital stays, and positivity rate for tests remain high, Alberta’s current health is high, at least for more stay in place for two weeks, “he said

Schools play a key role in helping students with their emotional and mental health, he said

“At the start of the school year, families across Alberta made the choice that was best for their children and their family situation, whether or not to have their children attend class in person this year, while approximately 20 percent of families and students were at home wanted to learn, the majority of parents chose to study in school

“For younger children, home learning can often be challenging from an academic, social, and emotional perspective, especially for parents who have not made that choice”

Alberta reported 24 more deaths and 968 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, now there are 1 total in Alberta217 people died of the disease

There are 13 throughout the province298 active cases, with 871 people being treated in hospitals for the disease, 139 of them in intensive care beds

Laboratories have in the last 24 hours 14833 tests were performed and had a positivity rate of 64 percent

By the end of Wednesday, a total of 33864 vaccine doses administered

There was a reassuring trend in December to cut case numbers for all school-age groups following recent restrictions, the Prime Minister said While the test numbers decreased as expected during the holidays, the province continued to record a high positivity rate

“Let me just pause to put this into context because we’ve gotten used to high numbers in the last few months,” Kenney said. “But I remember that from May to late September a bad one Day would be a positivity rate of two percent, and in the last week we’ve seen about seven percent “

Although the number of active cases has decreased significantly since the measures were in place, Alberta still has more active cases, new cases and deaths than most other provinces on a per capita basis

“So we need to understand that we have made progress, but we are far from getting out of here””

In Alberta, the spread of COVID-19 has declined since restrictions were put in place in early December, said Dr Deena Hinshaw, Alberta’s chief health officer

But the spread of the virus is still very high and the province still makes an average of more than 1000 new cases a day, she said

“This is lower than the 1 observed on December877 7 but it’s still too high, “Hinshaw


Thursday marked the first time Kenney had joined Hinshaw behind the podium since December22 when he warned Albertans to stay vigilant over the holidays and spoke of the amazing tolls soaring for frontline health care

Since then, the province has been embroiled in an MLA travel scandal, making slow but steady progress in its vaccination campaign, losing three health care workers to the disease, and watching reported cases gradually decline

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