The US. The Senate has resumed debate on the Republican challenge to Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election more than six hours after pro-Trump mobs attacked the Capitol and forced lawmakers to flee

The Senate slightly rejected the first formal challenge of Biden’s election victory in Arizona by 93 to 6

Three senators – Kelly Loeffler from Georgia, Steve Daines from Montana, and Mike Braun from Indiana – previously said they would no longer object to Biden voters

All three had previously joined Trump’s false claims of widespread electoral fraud to explain his defeat. Loeffler has only a few days left in office. She lost her race in the Georgia Senate on Wednesday against Democrat Raphael Warnock.

Republican Sen Josh Hawley says he will continue to object to the Pennsylvania electoral college results despite the violent breach at the Capitol

The Missouri Senator said he does not support violence, but the Senate should initiate legal process that includes his objections

The Senators had only just begun the formal process of confirming the votes when Trump supporters flooded the Capitol, forcing a stay of the trial and evacuation of the building

US. Vice President Mike Pence reopened the session, telling those who enforced the delay that they had not won

US. President-elect Joe Biden called the violent protests “an attack on America’s most sacred corporation: the conduct of the people’s business”

Biden’s conviction came after violent protesters broke through the Capitol on Wednesday afternoon and forced a delay in the constitutional process to confirm the president-elect’s victory in the November elections

Biden, who is from Wilmington, DelF, also urged Trump to immediately deliver a televised address urging his supporters to end what he called an “unprecedented attack” as pro-Trump protesters forcibly occupied the U. Capitol

Instead, Trump posted a video on Twitter reiterating false claims that the Nov. 3 Election was stolen He told his followers he knew how they were feeling, but that they “should go home in peace” and “respect our great people in law and order” “

Twitter immediately flagged the video as controversial and prevented it from being tweeted again Twitter later pulled the video down and left its own message with a link to its rules

During a rally on Wednesday near the White House, Trump swore he would “never admit” and urged the great crowd to march to the Capitol, where hundreds had already gathered under tight security

Protesters in the Capitol tore down metal barricades at the foot of the stairs and were hit by officers in riot gear

Some protesters tried to push past the police holding shields and officers could be seen firing pepper spray into the crowd to hold them back

Calling the riot, Biden said: “The scenes of chaos in the Capitol do not reflect real America, do not represent who we are

“I urge this mob to pull back and promote democracy,” said Biden. “At best, a president’s words can inspire, at worst they can incite”

Members of Congress in the Chamber of the House were urged by police to put on gas masks while other lawmakers were escorted by the Capitol Police Department Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Senators were escorted by staff and police >
Protesters could be seen marching through the stately statue hall of the Capitol, shouting and waving Trump banners and American flags

Protesters were able to break through the Senate Chamber. One stood on the podium and shouted: “Trump won this election”

Several dozen protesters roamed the halls yelling, “Where are they?” while others were in the visitor galleries

Republican lawmakers urged US President Donald Trump is due to act later in the day to de-escalate the protests

Kevin McCarthy, minority chairman of the House of Representatives, said he spoke to the president and told him to make a statement to “make sure we can reassure individuals.”””

Republican Congressman Mike Gallagher, a Trump supporter from Wisconsin, pleaded with the president during an interview on CNN, “Call it off! Call it off!”

He also posted a video where he said, “This is Banana Republic crap we’re just watching”

The White House said National Guard troops along with other federal security services were on their way to the Capitol to end the occupation

The Mayor of Washington, DC., Muriel Bowser, ordered a 6 pm ET curfew that should last 12 hours

After Biden’s speech, Trump posted a video continuing his lie that the election was stolen, calling the people on the other side “evil,” but telling his followers to go home

Twitter immediately flagged the video as controversial and prevented it from being tweeted again Twitter later pulled the video down and left its own message with a link to its rules

Republican Sen Mitt Romney accused Trump of instigating what is known as a violent “uprising” in the Capitol

Romney, a frequent critic of Trump, said in a statement that the violent violation was “due to the wounded pride of a selfish man and the indignation of his followers, whom he has deliberately misinformed over the past two months.” p>
The Utah Senator said those who continue to support Trump’s “dangerous game of chess” by objecting to the results of a legitimate, democratic election will forever be seen as accomplices in an unprecedented assault on our democracy “

Romney specifically mocked Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and other Republicans who want a “test” of the election results: “Please!” he wrote, “No Congressional-led audit will ever convince these voters, especially if the president continues to claim the election was stolen”

Before the suspension, Republican lawmakers presented their first official challenge to Joe Biden’s presidential election win at the joint session of Congress to officially ratify the election of the electoral college on Wednesday

In the house chamber, Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona, flanked by Cruz, rose to object to the typically routine confirmation of voters’ votes

The last attempt almost failed and was defeated by the bipartisan majorities in Congress willing to accept the November results. Biden, who won electoral college 306-232, is due to be inaugurated on January 20

Current Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who warned his Republican colleagues of this collegiate voting challenge, made a comment earlier in the day telling them that overcoming the presidential election would “harm our republic forever” “

Minutes before the start of the session, Vice President Mike Pence issued a statement stating that he had no authority to reject any votes that would make Joe Biden the next president

Pence said it was “my deliberate judgment that my oath to support and defend the Constitution prevents me from using unilateral authority to determine which votes should and should not be counted””

In the days leading up to the joint session, Trump put pressure on his vice president to kick voters from battlefield states who had voted for Biden

Despite Trump’s repeated allegations of electoral fraud, election officials and his former attorney general have stated that there are no problems of a magnitude that would change the outcome.All states have confirmed their results as fair and accurate by Republican and Democratic officials alike >

Arizona was the first of several states where Republican objections were raised when Congress read the election results alphabetically

Biden won Arizona by more than 10000 votes, and eight lawsuits against the results failed The state Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld the dismissal of an election lawsuit

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