Lange, 19, bought a dollarThe Dirt says 8 million people live in Los Angeles304 square foot home in Los Feliz, Los Angeles It has three bedrooms and two and a half baths

“Secured behind high redwood gates and monitored by cameras, the structure appears to be a one-story cottage off the street,” says the website. “In the outback, however, the mullet-style place falls down to three full floors”

Twain’s Son Takes a Small Step Toward a World-Class Real Estate Portfolio Twain’s has a luxury home in the Bahamas, a lakeside cottage in Canada and a villa in Corseaux, Switzerland, overlooking Lake Geneva. She previously owned properties in New Zealand and West Indies

Shania Twain

World News – CA – Shania Twain’s 19-year-old son buys $ 1 $ 8 million Los Angeles home