Prior to Friday night’s game between Ohio State and Clemson, Tiger’s head coach Dabo Swinney ranked the Buckeyes No. 1 an 11 team in the nation This decision irritated many followers of the team and led to countless jokes after a 49:28 blowout.Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe joined in, taking advantage of the now viral Twisted Tea argument to beat the Clemson head coach troll

Sharpe posted a video on social media showing the people from the Twisted Tea video at Circle K Swinney’s head was on the body of the person putting a can in their face while wearing an Ohio State helmet On the body of the man who landed the wild hit Meanwhile, Sharpe’s head was on the body of a person in the background. He started the video with a cigar in his mouth before switching to another expression after the hit

The original video, which emerged on Twitter, lasted just under two minutes and showed a man being slapped in the face with a can of twisted tea. He repeatedly shouted a racist bow and dared a black man to hit him, leading to the now viral collision resulted in The Twisted Tea Lover “Mr. TeaKO “, the man continued to suggest before pushing him away

Swinney unleashed a firestorm of jokes and memes before the college football playoffs began, ranking the Buckeyes as the eleventh-best team as he only played six games in the shortened 2020 season after losing on Saturday night, Swinney reiterated that the rankings were none A reflection of the talent level was he said it was just a decision based on the number of games

“They are a great team,” Swinney told ESPN, “[The leaderboard] had nothing to do with the state of Ohio. I said they were good enough to beat us, good enough to win the whole thing But I didn’t think in my survey that someone who didn’t play at least nine games wouldn’t put them in the top 10

“So I didn’t want to change that just because there was a chance we could play them, so I don’t regret it,” Swinney continued. “My only regret is that I obviously haven’t worked well enough for my team to finish But I don’t regret that at all “

While Swinney has continued to state that he thinks no less of Ohio State as a team, that hasn’t saved him from social media jokes, Sharpe and thousands of others had fun at his expense, from Saturday night all the way through >

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