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A new mahjong company sparked a Twitter debate about whether or not it was cultural appropriation Users pointed out the high prices of its sets and the apparent obliteration of the game’s Asian legacy.The Mahjong line, which launched in November 2020, was founded by three white women who, according to their website’s About page, believed that all mahjong sets look the same, and “decided that the venerable game needed a respectful refresh”

What’s up? Colonizers Annie, Bianca and Kate discovered a new and improved tile game that was once known as mahjong and now reflects their individual style and fun, this is a textbook example of #cultural appropriation, so happy 2021 all pictureTwittercom / EYNpwmeRFR

The new company sells five mahjong sets that range from $ 325 for the “Minimal Lines” to $ 425 for the “Botanical Line” and the “Cheeky Line” to help customers choose one To help with the sets, The Mahjong Line offers a seven-question quiz to guide them towards a set that appears to be related to their answers

“I don’t think the problem is they re-skinned or created a custom deck,” commented one Twitter user. “I think the self important thing that came with it is it’s a one thing Creating custom theme, it’s quite another to take some aspect of the culture and whitewash it and then label it as something new and improved] ‘”

Twitter users who insulted The Mahjong Line’s decision that mahjong needs a “refresher” at all, as well as the brand’s apparent neglect of the game’s Asian heritage, apart from a throwaway line in the website’s FAQ: “Well ‘The whole madness of mahjong began hundreds of years ago in China, so they have that distinction fair and square “before moving on to the game’s arrival in the United States, and since The Mahjong Line uses the original figures and representations on the mahjong tiles scrubbing those who match the founders’ style preferences, the game can no longer preserve the game’s Chinese history

In an article in the Seattle Times about the history of the game in the US, author David Lachance quoted Gregg Swain, co-author of “Mah Jongg: The Art of the Game,” as saying, “Mah Jongg is the best Form Art Nobody Knows About Until Now What was amazing is that I learned so much about Chinese culture and history just by studying it. It took me to some fascinating places “

While there is a long history of non-Chinese importing and selling mahjong sets (including a set by Tiffany & Co) they have largely retained traditional Chinese characters with minute detail to aid those who cannot read them, such as: B. Arabic numerals in the corner The suits and symbols themselves refer to traditional Chinese currency, Confucian virtues and other motifs from Chinese culture

The time and place of the beginning of mahjong may be a matter of dispute, but the game we know as mahjong is known to be now in its 19th century Mahjong is a game for four players in which competitors use their tiles to create combos using a combination of chance and strategy

American expatriates in China were taken in by mahjong and brought the concept back to the U.S. The first American mahjong dealer was Abercrombie & Fitch, and the game was so popular that co-owner Eliza Fitch scoured shoppers in China for sets, who were able to bring them back to the store John Babcock helped cement Mahjong’s popularity in the 1920s by publishing Rules of Mahjong, commonly referred to as “the red book,” which simplified and explained the rules of the game in the In the 1930s, the game was associated with Jewish women as it helped bridge the link between Chinese and Jewish cultures. The use of mahjong tiles has also spawned a game, Mahjong Solitaire, which is a single player matching game / p>

On Tuesday evening, The Mahjong Line posted an apology on Instagram which you can read in full here, “We are always open to constructive criticism and we continue to hold discussions with those who want further insight into the traditions and roots of the game in Chinese and English American culture “reads part of the apology The company has disabled comments on all posts

Update: This story has been updated to include The Mahjong Line’s response to criticism of the brand and mahjong sets

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